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Steve has trouble turning his car off

Posted Friday, August 28, 2009, at 4:51 PM

Steve is a responsible adult. He is faithful, trustworthy, honest, thoughtful, reliable and steadfast. In his daily ministrations as the minister of a large church he works hard and is well loved and a good steward. However, he has a problem that he is open about. What is his problem? He has a propensity to leave his car running unattended while he attends to other things and upon that salient fact, this tale hangeth.

Many years ago when he had not been driving very long he parked his car and left the engine running. He thought someone had stolen it. The car had rolled down the drive across the street and stopped on the pitching mound of a baseball field. No one was injured. There was no property damage. The engine was still running faithfully. He slunk over to his car and quickly drove away fearing that his friends might see him and publicly ridicule him.

Time passed and now Steve is a college student. He brought his drop dead gorgeous girl back to her dorm and being a gentleman he walked her to the door with his car running at the curb. The Christian school did not allow him inside her dorm at that hour so they spent some time saying good night. Then she floated into the dorm on a cloud of love and he plodded to his dorm and to bed. His sleep was interrupted and groggily he answered knock. "Do you own a 1966 Ford, blue rustycar? "Yes, I do." "Did you park it in front of the women's dorm tonight?" "Yes, I did." "Are you aware that it is still parked, the keys in it and running?" "Oh no! Not again," he mumbled pulling on his clothes, he ran to the car hoping no one saw him. However, the word was out and you can imagine his embarrassment.

Steve is married, grown children living in suburban Indianapolis where he ministers to a large Christian church. He and his wife, the same girl who he dated and left the car running at her dorm, went to the Circle Center Mall. They spent two or three hours dilly dallying in the mall then returned to the car. He searched for his keys lamenting, "Do you have my keys?" "No, why?" "I was just hoping. Do you suppose I locked them in the car?" He had not. They were in the ignition with the car running. In anguish they got in and quickly drove away hoping that no one saw him.

Recently, Steve stopped at a gas station/convenience store and bought a Coca-Cola, a small bag of chips and a candy bar. Outside he looked and his car was gone. "Oh no, someone has stolen my car in the quiet suburbs?" His immediate response was to call the police but as he turned to go inside again, he glanced about and his car, that he had left running, had rolled across the drive and into the drive-thru window lane at Wendy's. It was still running. No one was injured and there was no property damage. He hastily drove away hoping that no one saw him.

Recently, Steve enrolled in a 12 step "just say OFF program."

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Your kidding me? My goodness!

-- Posted by jake2106 on Sun, Sep 6, 2009, at 10:29 PM

Very nice to read something that makes you chuckle!

-- Posted by concerned mom 2 on Sun, Aug 30, 2009, at 8:43 PM

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