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My broken toe should heal in a month

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012, at 2:07 PM

Last week I regaled you with my saga about the water softener repair, the tress we had to have removed, replacing the roof on the house and the incident with replacing the gas log in the fireplace with an electric log.

The saga continues.

Woe is me. Alas and Alack. I installed the Big Box electric log and it purred and glowed with fake fire. For about a minute then it shut off. This went on for about a day. I called the hotline for the company and explained the problem. Hotline lady, "What kind of opening are you using for the insert?" "The metal housing we used for the gas log." She opined, "The electric log will not work in that enclosure. The sensor reads the heat of the metal and shuts down. It is meant for a masonry enclosure." "Then I wasted my money. Why wasn't I told this?" "I can't answer that but you can get your money back."

Lately the refrigerator has been making a rattling, clattering sound when it stops. It sounds like three marbles in a plastic gallon milk carton. I called If We Can't Fix It Throw It Away & Daughters to assess the problem. "The refrigerator is 16 years old and the compressor is on life support. It may last three days or three months or who knows how long." "What would it cost to repair it?" "$5-600." "We will ride that horse until it drops." $45.

The eave or soffit of the garage is sagging, rotting on the west side. It has a security floodlight on the north end that may be the only thing holding it up. The old plywood material feels like a Kit Kat bar without the chocolate. I could get out my step ladder and rip the old soffit down and craft a new one, paint it then install it. There are only two reasons why I haven't done that. The first is that I am now at the graceful age of 14.6 lustra and I don't work very well up over my head especially trying to do a two-man job. The second reason is that I am now at the graceful age of 14.6 lustra, and I don't crawl under the house any more. Someone asked BW if I was handy and she demurred, "Well, at this age he is more feety. He can still do the easy part -- the talking."

And there is still that dryer vent thing. Why isn't there any heat/air coming out of the vent under the pergola? Where is it going? I know the dryer is working very well. So yesterday I called a Ford Guy [Fix Or Repair Daily] in the community. He is going to come out and give me an estimate on both jobs. I am so mad I could eat a railroad spike without mustard or bun.

In a fit of pique I kicked the water softener. Dr. Lotta Bucks said my broken toe should heal in about a month. $90.

Vandeventer grew up north of Calvertville on a farm and graduated from Worthington High School and Indiana State University -- four times. He can be reached at Goosecrick@aol.com or (317) 839-7656. Write him at 6860 Sunrise Drive, Plainfield, Ind., 46168.

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