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It's Fair Time in Greene County!
Posted Friday, July 11, at 8:44 PM
Pre-fair events have been going on for some time, but Friday evening was a big night for all of the 4-Hers who've been working on their projects this spring - Check-In time for projects was from 4-8 p.m. Then on Saturday, Check-In begins for all of the animal entries and the Greene County Fair will be in full swing Saturday morning and continue throughout this next week. The schedule is below - have a night out at the fair and enjoy!...

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Take a Stand. Help Greene County's SART Fight Back
Posted Friday, April 11, at 10:46 PM

Back in the day, when LPD Chief Troy Jerrell started out as a brand new patrol officer, his first big case involved a man accused of the confinement and sexual assault of more than one woman. The suspect was arrested, convicted and went to prison. Sometimes we like to think bad things don't happen here, but they do...

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Nick's story is one of the reasons we do what we do
Posted Friday, March 14, at 10:57 PM

Sometimes the story behind a story is just as interesting, or important, as the story that appears in the paper. That's the case with a recent story, which turned into another story, by Nick Schneider. Most of the time, we can't tell those backstories, or tell everything we know, but on this one, I can...

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Prayers for Cheri's quick recovery
Posted Tuesday, January 21, at 10:05 PM

There was a story about Cheri Campbell in the paper a few weeks ago. See Serving Greene County: Cheri Campbell has been helping others at GCSD for over 25 years She's the community liason at the Greene County Sheriff's Department. To say Cheri is an inspiration to me, and to many others, is an understatement...

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Rain, Snow or Blow
Posted Wednesday, January 8, at 7:51 AM

When Boyd Rawley was in charge of some events put on by the V in Worthington, specifically the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Worthington Park, and the weather forecast didn't look good, I'd ask him if there was an alternative plan in case it had to be canceled...

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Applause for the snow plow operators
Posted Tuesday, December 10, at 10:57 PM

This is going to be a long winter, and according to the calendar, it's not even started yet. That's over a week away. I used to love winter... chili soup and steaming hot food on the stove, watching the squirrels and birds at the feeders, furry boots, big sweaters, hot chocolate, basketball games, a fire in the fireplace, and the beauty of new-fallen snow especially when it twinkled in the moonlight...

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The best recipes are Hand Me Downs, with memories
Posted Saturday, November 16, at 8:27 AM

What's your family's favorite old-time hand-me-down recipe? What dish did your grandma cook up with a pinch of this and a dash of that, the one you can't forget, the one everyone loved, the one that never produced any leftovers? I'd like to get my old recipe column started again...

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Shooting range project update
Posted Monday, November 4, at 4:31 AM

After the stories about the need for improvements to the shooting range used by Greene County's law enforcement officers came out in the paper, citizens started responding. Nicole Stahl of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office said one donation arrived in the mail with a note -- the donor said "I am for anything that helps keep our officers safe."...

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Frost will soon be on the punkin'
Posted Friday, October 11, at 8:21 PM

Just before Christmas, the Evening World always published the editorial "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." "When the Frost is on the Punkin'" is my tradition for fall, the time of year when poems by James Whitcomb Riley come to mind - this one and "Little Orphant Annie" at Halloween. My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Gilbreath, used to read these to her class every year. Riley, by the way, was a Hoosier, and a newspaper man...

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There's more good people to write stories about than there are bad
Posted Friday, September 13, at 10:22 PM

The best stories don't make the news. The best stories are about everyday people who live their life trying to do the right thing, who do extraordinary things that are not front page material, who never really get recognition. Two ladies reminded me this week how much I enjoy listening to people talking about their personal history, and writing people stories...

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A story behind every name on the Wall
Posted Friday, August 9, at 6:44 AM

The Moving Wall is going to be at the Owen County Fairgrounds all weekend. The Moving Wall is the half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It's been traveling the country since 1984. It was built after a Vietnam veteran who visited the Wall in Washington wanted to do something to make sure those who were unable to visit Washington could still see and experience the Wall. Actually, there are now two Moving Walls that travel the country...

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Turn your porch light on for National Night Out
Posted Friday, August 2, at 7:50 PM

On Tuesday evening, turn your porch light on for National Night out. Several years ago when the newspaper in my little town asked everyone who supported the local police officers to turn their porch lights on for National Night Out, the streets were lit up from one end to the other...

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Our newsroom is hot!
Posted Friday, July 12, at 5:33 PM

Our newsroom is hot. Really hot! Beside the fact that we are churning out the local news, the air conditioner went on the fritz this week. It's not bothered me at all. Usually I wear long sleeves and sweaters in here or else I freeze. I never go to work without a supply of winter clothes. ...

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Happy 90th Birthday Aunt Betty!
Posted Friday, May 31, at 4:50 PM

Happy 90th Birthday to my Aunt Betty! Betty Hale, daughter of Ike and Gladys Kruger, is my dad's little sister. There was just the two kids, growing up in a house so big, a child could get lost. Maybe that's why they got along so well -- plenty of space. ...

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Remembering Memorial Days past
Posted Friday, May 24, at 2:29 PM

The official name of our late May holiday may have changed to Memorial Day, but it didn't matter much to my grandparents. They always called it Decoration Day no matter what the calendar said. Decoration Day was the day to decorate family graves with flowers, and for my grandparents, spend the morning making the rounds to three different cemeteries to pay respects. ...

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Thanks to Vernon Burgess for some special memories
Posted Friday, May 17, at 10:08 PM

It's a small world, especially in a small town. I've been thinking about Vernon Burgess this week, asking family members how he's doing since he's been under the weather. Vernon is 93 now. I've heard stories about Vernon all my life - I grew up in Worthington, he lived on a farm just outside town. The reason I heard about Vernon was because Vernon used to be my mother's boss, and he was a good one...

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Mother's Day. Make sure you wear the necklace.
Posted Friday, May 10, at 6:10 PM

Sunday is Mother's Day. In the United States, it's always the second Sunday in May. The date was set by Anna Jarvis, the woman who campaigned to make it a national holiday, which happened in 1914. There's differing opinions about where the apostrophe should or should not go. ...

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GCSD Deputy O'Malley makes a difference
Posted Friday, May 3, at 5:39 PM

James O'Malley is a road deputy for the Greene County Sheriff's Department. He started working there in the jail and became assistant jail commander before transitioning to work as a full-time deputy. He's currently assigned to work with the detectives on criminal investigations...

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Dispatching at the Greene County Sheriff's Department
Posted Friday, May 3, at 5:12 PM

Kelly Portteus is a full-time dispatcher at the Greene County Sheriff's Department. She also works as a part-time dispatcher at the Linton Police Department. Linton dispatches their own calls, but emergency calls to the Greene County Sheriff's Department (GCSD) and all of the other departments in the county are answered by a GCSD dispatcher...

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Lives in Boston have been changed forever
Posted Friday, April 19, at 2:30 PM

It's time to write the weekly column and on this particular morning, the entire city of Boston is basically hunkered down and shut down while an army of police officers searches for one 19-year-old suspect. I've not turned on the television. I'm reading twitter feeds and listening to the Boston PD scanner traffic -- can you imagine working as a dispatcher in Boston during this past week?...

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