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Worthington flood victims meeting Wednesday

Posted Tuesday, June 17, 2008, at 10:21 PM

Here's a couple of quick items about the recovery effort in Worthington...

There will be a meeting for Worthington flood victims Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall of the Municipal Building. Besides people who have had their homes or businesses damaged by the flood, various people involved in the recovery effort will be there to report on what's being done and answer questions. Kathy Stahl, who is helping coordinate the informal meeting, said it's an opportunity for everyone to update each other on who is doing what, clear any misunderstandings, and it's a time for those needing assistance with clean-up to make contacts and find out what's available at this time. Anyone who has been impacted by flood damage is invited to attend.

And here's a need - volunteer crews in town are running short on a flood clean-up necessity -- gloves. They need those long farm gloves that offer chemical protection. Rubber gloves and heavy work gloves could also be used. If anyone could donate some of these, they could be dropped off at the Municipal Building / WJVFD Fire Station.

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There are "one stop" Flood disaster relief centers set up in Terre Haute and Spencer. All the state and federal agencies are set up in both locations, plus they have clean up kits and other supplies.

-- Posted by Renee71 on Wed, Jun 18, 2008, at 4:09 AM

I hope this meeting mends some fences between the townspeople and the Worthington town council! A lot of folks I've spoken to are not very happy with the council and how they have responded to the flooding. I know that there is one man who lives north of town who brought his tractor into town to help the Baptist Ministry volunteers load debris and appliances, etc. into dumpsters. Which by the way, the dumpsters were hard to come by. I know that certain town council members were not happy that "junk" had to be put on the sides of the road until dumpsters were brought in. Give me a break! Where else would they like it to be put? I mean excuse them for inconviencing the council like that! Also, I think it's a shame that the town would not allow equipment (being used downtown to redo sidewalks on the triangle) to help in the removal of debris. God bless that man and his tractor!!

-- Posted by Worthington5 on Mon, Jun 23, 2008, at 4:07 PM

Just a quick response to Worthington5: although my heart goes out to the people affected by the flood, what is it that they expect the Town Council to do??? The Town Council did not build their homes in an area that is low-lying and close to a river. Yes, we have not had a flood like that in nearly 100 years, but flooding is ALWAYS a possibility when you live near a river.

Also, the equipment being used for the downtown renovation is not owned by the town. This equipment is owned by private contractors hired to do the renovation work. The Town Council has no authority to re-direct the equipment to the clean-up effort.

-- Posted by luv2read on Thu, Jun 26, 2008, at 4:52 PM

Perhaps, the Town council did not direct the flood victims to build their houses in a low lying area. However, it is expected for the Town council to deploy all resources necessary to combat such a crisis. Telling victims it's not the council's fault that they got flooded and not offering every possible resource in a timely manner is "Katrina". Yes, the council has no authority to redirect equipment they don't own, but they can accept the help offered by that contractor. Finally, the whole point of 5's comment was town resources and rallying points. Provide the necessary resources to move the trash to the rallying point by the sewer works, rather then pick on the victims by telling them they have to get it moved. One volunteer, who is donating his time, fuel and equipment is to be praised and held in the highest regard, not directed to work even harder to make up for the Council's inadequate disaster planning. Anyone who lived through this disaster and it's aftermath would be remiss by not offering their sincerest thanks to the WPD and fire departments. My thanks to you and the clean up volunteers as well as the local businesses who offered help in whatever form.

-- Posted by Baldman88 on Mon, Jun 30, 2008, at 11:47 AM

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