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Where's the extra cash for the mattress?

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2009, at 1:23 PM

Depressed about the depression?

The continuous drumming in the news about how bad it is and how bad it's going to be can get you down.

It's not my depression anyway.

Some commentator said this economic problem is all because Americans have been living too high on the hog. He should have said "some" Americans. Not this one.

One pundit says we're supposed to cut back and prepare for hard times. You go ahead and cut back, buddy - I've always been cut back.

Somebody else says we're not supposed to stuff money in mattresses and should get out there and spend. I wish I had money to stuff in a mattress.

One evening in one short news spot, I heard advice to get busy saving at least six months worth of living expenses and then came the comment that consumers just have to start spending their money in order to turn the economy around. Make up your minds.

Walking through the house another evening, I heard Campbell Brown say a spot was coming up about how the current problems on Wall Street had reached all the way to Indiana. That caught my ear so I got a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch.

The special spot was about this guy who worked on Wall Street but lost his job and had to cancel his $90 a month membership at a Wall Street gym. He took his retirement, severance or whatever and was just staying at home -- which was a house in Connecticut that didn't look like any houses around here.

Since he wasn't going to work anymore, he was saving over $300 a month it had been costing him to ride the train into the city every day.

And then he decided that he'd have to cancel his $400 a month landscaping service (you must be kidding!) and would have to mow the lawn himself.

The way this story "reached all the way to Indiana" was that he could no longer afford to make his thousands of dollars a year donation to Notre Dame.

If they were trying to make me feel sorry for the guy, or show me how people had been negatively affected by the Wall Street layoffs, it didn't work.

The best advice I've heard, or seen, so far about the economic depression, recession or whatever they're calling it this week, I read on a sign in front of a plumbing business in Switz City ... it said to refuse to participate!

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Amen! Hasn't most of Greene County been in a recession/depression for many years now? The rest of the country is just 'leveling out' with us. Was this a good time to have been poor to start with? Seems like it. Welcome America to how most Greene Countians live everyday; mowing their own lawns, finding 'free' ways to exercise (no option here!) living on a budget and doing without.

It sickens me that so many local charities are hurting so badly due to lack of donations, when people like this guy are/were sending 'thousands' to his alma mater. Maybe when the country 'recovers' they'll think about where their donations are more needed and do more good? One can hope!

-- Posted by STILLHOPEFUL on Thu, Mar 12, 2009, at 8:36 PM

I agree I refuse to participate. In fact there are many of us that can make a difference just by not participating. I am not going to plug my business by name but, I own a small business I work from home and I realized that no matter how large or small my sales are I am creating income for my family and others famlies. Some one has to create the products I sell, package them, ship them, pay the shipping people, the people that purchase pay me and then the money I make goes into my community that also pays people like grocery stores, fast food, ..... we all can make a difference just buy doing our part and turning off the tv.

-- Posted by gccitizen on Wed, Mar 11, 2009, at 9:04 PM

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