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I like Greene County just the way it is

Posted Tuesday, June 16, 2009, at 11:11 AM

It seems to be human nature to take things for granted and also to complain and zero in on every little thing that's wrong rather than every little thing that's right. We do it in our personal life, we do it in our county life.

As I drive across Greene County every day, many times my mind is thinking about problems and things that are bothering me. I should spend more time singing oldies and counting my blessings.

I say fall is my favorite time of the year but spring is the time when nature reminds me how lucky I am to be living in Greene County.

It's so beautiful in May and June -- when everything greens up and gets lush, this place is a jungle compared to Texas -- Indiana is alive! Yes, we have corn, you betcha, just try growing corn in Nevada.

Corn fields and coal mines, Shakamak State Park and Greene-Sullivan State Forest, ponds and lakes, creeks and cricks, hills and hollers, White River when it's up and White River when it's down, and the people that live here all define Greene County.

Most counties are just one thing -- flatland or hilly land, or city space, or country space, or coal country, or industrial town, or military base place, but Greene County's lots of things.

People debate about economic development and every thing that's wrong with Greene County but not much time talking about what's right.

We're definitely lucky because of the scenery but the best thing about Greene County is the people. Sometimes it's not so comfortable when everyone knows your business, but there's other times when you're thankful that people do know who you are and they don't just walk on by when you need help.

Here's a letter that was sent to the Worthington Town Council recently -- it's a little reminder of how the simplest things we do for each other around here are actually a bit extraordinary and not available everywhere.

To the Worthington Town Council:

I am visiting my mother, Mary Louise Shouse, and was recently reminded of why I'm glad all my relatives come from Worthington. Last Saturday evening, I stupidly locked my car keys in my trunk. Donald Richardson of your police department, his assistant Jason, and Norman from B & L came to my assistance. They were prompt, courteous, efficient, and successful in rescuing my car keys.

I have lived in New York City and its surrounding area for over forty years, and I doubt that I would have received such willing assistance there. New York has a lot of cultural advantages and is a very exciting place to live, but somewhere along the line the "help your neighbor" ethic got lost in the shuffle.

My thanks to my three knights in shining armor for their willing assistance and my congratulations to the town of Worthington for hiring excellent help!


Louise Karp

When I was waiting to get on the elevator in the courthouse one day last week, I heard someone coming down the hallway humming a tune -- yes, they were singing in the courthouse! When the hummer came around the corner and saw me, he gave me a big wave and said, "Welcome to Bloomfield!!!" It was Red Oliphant.

The next time I feel like complaining, I'm going to try to remember how blessed I am to be living and working in the community of Greene County people.

I kind of like Greene County just the way it is.

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I lived in Greene County most of my life and there is somethings that I don't understand. You can't go to the park to play, because you aren't using park facilities, but you can sit on the park benches all day long and watch the traffic or walk around the park all day long without any problems and also, before I forget it, you can sell all the vegetables and fruits that you want to. But heaven forbid the kids want to play in the park. You can't do aerobics in the pool but the kids can steal at the pool and no one does anything about it. I think if there were more adults at the pool this wouldn't happen as much. If there were more things for the kids to do in Linton there wouldn't be as much vandalizing and there wouldn't be as many kids on the highways getting into wrecks and in trouble. Also whose stupid idea was it to put the skate board park out of the city. The PARK is where it should be. Also why is the drain system so bad at the park? All you have to do is drill a hole down about 100 feet and all the water would fill up the mine shafts. How well we know this, because the town will soon be falling into the mine shafts anyway. Yes, I can't understand all of this happening in Linton and they are still getting grants to build more housing for the handicapped and elderly, but have they thought to check out the underground mines to make sure that the housing is safe?

-- Posted by jaykengreg on Thu, Jun 18, 2009, at 12:31 PM

phredsays: True, that may have been the way in the past, but there's no reason an educated person cannot be an entrepreneur in this digital day and age.

As for the uneducated and unskilled, I see MANY jobs available for them in this area...if they actually want them (instead of living off of welfare).

-- Posted by per moenia urbis on Tue, Jun 16, 2009, at 4:36 PM

"If people would live and work here, then those tax dollars might be spent on improvements for here. Don't expect to give most of your life's taxes to another community, and just wish this one were better."

If there were jobs not being filled in various fields, that might be a valid comment. However many people (educated, skilled, and even unskilled) feel they have no choice but to leave and find employment elsewhere given the lack of jobs in this area for the past (too many) years (to count). But when they move back, their tax (and spending) dollars will be more than welcome in this area.

-- Posted by phredsays on Tue, Jun 16, 2009, at 2:49 PM

"I left here to make a living but when I retired the first thing I did was relocate here."

"I also wish we had a place to go for swimming that caters to older people."

If people would live and work here, then those tax dollars might be spent on improvements for here. Don't expect to give most of your life's taxes to another community, and just wish this one were better.

-- Posted by per moenia urbis on Tue, Jun 16, 2009, at 12:00 PM

Greene County IS a wonderful place to live. I live here by choice. I have lived here off and on my entire life as have my parents, grand parents and great grandparents. Sure I left here to make a living but when I retired the first thing I did was relocate here. I like small town living and the blights of drugs and poverty are now worldwide and not just indicitive to this area. For retirees it is a good place as the cost of living is cheaper than bigger communities. I also wish we had a place to go for swimming that caters to older people. A YMCA would be super. Maybe in the future. I would like to see Linton Park reestablish having water exercises in the evenings for adults. As our community ages, that would be a real asset to all the senior citizens and young women who want to manage health. I see a lot of growth in local government and the police departments. It is no longer a sleepy little Mayberry of sorts. There is a lot of opportunity here - one must take advantage of what is offered. Meet people with similiar interests. Volunteer at several agencies who want help. Life is too short to knock your hometown and belittle everyone else. Get out there and do something about your concerns! Greene County has come a very long way in my life time and I plan to remain here!

-- Posted by pooka1 on Tue, Jun 16, 2009, at 11:52 AM

Well, Louise, I do believe they were being nice to you, but in Linton, when my car keys got locked in, I had the police there, but I had to call a locksmith! I guess it's all on how you look at things. Not to mention, the ladies cannot do water aerobics anymore at the pool, so I've found out that you can at Sullivan Pool at the park there, $7 a week, 5 days a week, and it is a lot of fun. Not only kids like the pool, but adults need it too. I was at my wits end for pool therapy for my arthritis and I saw it in Sullivan's paper (because I work over there). It's a great group of ladies and we have a wonderful time! Thank God for Sullivan Pool for allowing the ladies to do aerobics! What would be really cool is if Linton would build a YMCA with a pool like the little bitty town of Spencer has. I know we could afford it, it's just not important to our illustrious leaders (sarcasm involved). Personally, I am glad to not be from Greene County. Unhappily, I have to live here or never see my children and grandchildren. There are pros and cons to everything. I do love Greene-Sullivan Forest, except the roads need to be worked on and the lakes are nasty. Not like when I moved here 10 years ago. Louise, you just haven't been here long enough. God bless you anyhow.!

-- Posted by frustrated48 on Tue, Jun 16, 2009, at 11:36 AM

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