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Co-workers provide birthday surprise before IU game

Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009, at 3:04 PM

Happy Birthday to my twins, Kermit and Virginia!

Has it really been 17 years?

When my own birthday comes and goes, it's just another day. But when the birthday of a kid rolls around, that's another story.

My years go by one after the other, but when the years of my youngest ones start stacking up, it's a wake-up call ... oh my goodness, it's going much too fast!

So here comes my story of the week.

This year, their birthday fell on Tuesday. There was all the regular everyday stuff to do plus we all have a part-time job we work together and we were scheduled to work that night. (Yes, I moonlight.)

So the party's yet to come. The menu includes pizza and a DQ ice cream cake with candles, etc. shared with friends sometime over the weekend.

My moonlighting and their part-time job is at IU Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall where we're busy being ushers or ticket-takers at every football and basketball game.

The Hurryin' Hoosiers played Maryland on Tuesday night.

About a month ago, Kermit came flying in towards my desk, basketball schedule in hand, and said, "Mom! Did you know they've scheduled a basketball game on our birthday?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Well, what are we going to do about that?" said Kermit.

I thought about saying something smart like, I'll give Coach Crean a call and let him know we have a conflict. Or, do you want Mommy to bring cupcakes, Koolaid and party hats for all the ushers?

Instead, I just said, "We're going to work."

That's one of those cold, hard facts of growing up.

So the twins knew there was a little celebration fun planned for the weekend but I kind of felt bad because all day Tuesday was one big hustle to get stuff done and get to Bloomington on time. And we knew we wouldn't get home until very late -- not much of a birthday.

It was just another busy day, until we walked into Assembly Hall.

All the people who work at the games gather in the bleachers for a briefing before each game and during the meeting -- Surprise! The boss called out the kids' names and asked them to stand.

I had no idea this was coming, but then all of the ushers and ticket-takers, all dressed in their black and white uniforms with the red ties, sang Happy Birthday to Kermit and Virginia inside Assembly Hall.

How sweet! I can't say that crew will win any choral awards, but it was still sweet. It was just a little thing really. I doubt if the twins realized it but I knew it was one of those unpredictable moments they're going to remember for the rest of their lives.

It turned out to be a special day after all.

Anna is a staff writer at the Greene County Daily World and can be reached by calling 847-4487 or by sending an e-mail to indianarose@fastmail.us .

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Anna Rochelle is editor of the Greene County Daily World and can be reached by sending an email to indianarose@fastmail.us or by calling the office at 812-847-4487.