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Moonlight walks in the snow? I'm ready for spring!

Posted Wednesday, December 9, 2009, at 11:31 AM

Maybe the hornets that built their nests low this year were worried about the wind. Not sure which is worse -- winter wind or winter snow. Both were a bitter pill this week.

The snowbird phenomena never made much sense to me in earlier years. Why would anyone want to leave Indiana and miss taking a walk through sparkly snow on a moonlit night? I'm all over that. I've reached the age where I'm ready for spring before winter gets started.

* Of interest to my hometown folks, a well-known former resident of Worthington, Audrey Freeman, passed away last Friday, Dec. 4, after a brief illness.

Audrey was 95 years old and was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her husband was the late J. Robert "Bob" Freeman.

Remember Freeman's Sausage Cupboard?

Audrey leaves behind her sons Dennis of Fairfield, Ohio, and Jack of Houston, Texas, and her brother, David Hunter of Bloomfield.

The family is planning a memorial service at a later date at the Mount Healthy Christian Home in Cincinnati.

* On the home front, the combination of pizza and ice cream was better than I thought ... DiGiorno plus "Georgia Mud Fudge." That's grocery store pizza and an ice cream cake from the DQ that works well for pecan and chocolate lovers. Highly recommended. By me. I should ask for a commission from the DQs for that plug, or maybe just a mud fudge blizzard.

* Ran into Joe Hays down at Vest's Marathon awhile back -- since the Devils Tea Table story came out in the paper. He said he'd gotten several calls from people who read about the picnic and wanted to go on the next one! Joe said they'll be doing another outing to the Tea Table next year sometime.

* Here's a joke that was told this year on the trek up to the Table.

(Oh, and for the benefit of those railroad people who get very upset about people on the tracks and once sent me a big packet of railroad safety "stay off the tracks" public service information after I published a picture of me at age 3 and my dad on top of the Viaduct, I know people are not supposed to be on railroad tracks. Dangerous. Private property. Keep off. Never ever walk on railroad tracks or the Viaduct. Now back to the joke.)

Two drunks are walkin' up the railroad track and one says to the other one, man, these stairs are really gettin' to me.

They keep walkin' on up the track and then the other one says, "I can handle the stairs OK, but what I don't get is why they made the handrails so low."

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