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It's the season for big decisions

Posted Friday, January 8, 2010, at 5:21 PM

There's always something that's "in season."

The holiday season is over and the snow season has begun.

There's also another season happening right now -- one that doesn't affect everyone, but one that can be very important, and intense, for those it does.

For those seeking one of several local elected positions, it's the season to decide whether or not you're going to throw your name in the hat.

The offices that will be on our ballots this year include the Greene County Prosecutor, Auditor, Recorder, Coroner, Clerk, Sheriff, Assessor and one Commissioner's seat.

And, four seats on the County Council including District 1 (Beech Creek, Highland, Richland and Fairplay townships), District 2 (Center, Jackson, Taylor, Cass, Washington and Grant townships), District 3 (Jefferson, Smith, Stockton 2 and Wright townships), and District 4 (Stafford and Stockton 1 and 3-7).

Also, township trustees and boards, precinct committee people, state senators in District 39 and 48 and state representatives in District 45, 60 and 62 will all be on the ballot.

Several seats on school boards will also be up for grabs -- in Bloomfield, two seats in District 1 and one seat in each of District 2 and 3; in Eastern, three seats -- Beech Creek, Center and Jackson townships; in Linton, a seat each in District 1 (city), District 2 (township) and District 3 (at-large); in Shakamak, one seat each in District 1 (Lewis Township), District 2 (Jasonville), District 3 (Wright Township); and in WRV, one at-large seat plus one seat each in District 2 (Stafford Township), District 4 (Fairplay and Cass townships) and District 6 (Jefferson 2).

That's a lot of individuals, and their families, doing a lot of thinking.

The big election will, as always, come in November and that's a long time from now. But several candidates will first have to conquer opposition in a primary election and that will be on the first Tuesday in May.

In order to run, one has to file a piece of paper declaring one's candidacy and that's done in the Voter Registration Office in the Greene County Courthouse.

I understand that to file, there's actually not just one piece of paper, but several forms to fill out which are all available in the Voter Registration Office.

There will be a one-month season to file. It begins on Wednesday, January 20, and it will end at 12 noon on Friday, February 19. File by that deadline and you're in the race. Miss it and you're out of luck -- there are no extensions, exceptions or grace periods.

That deadline, six weeks from now, makes this a season for big decisions..... First, should you run? And then, what color should your tee-shirt be?

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