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Thank you for sending in your storm photos

Posted Wednesday, June 23, 2010, at 4:43 PM

It may rain every day in the Pacific Northwest but around here, we prefer our rain to come less frequently. A thunderstorm a day doesn't help much when you need to mow the grass or bale some hay.

The rainy days got old last week -- some came with wind, some with hail, some with too many raindrops and some at inconvenient times like when I was on the road trying to get somewhere on time.

But there was one that was more notable than the others. Though it didn't produce nearly as much damage, thank goodness, as others we've had, the way it looked when it rolled into the county caused many a family to head to the basement, if they had one.

I've seen green skies and black clouds and a tornado but I've never seen such a line of mean-looking clouds as what we had last Tuesday.

Because it was so unusual, here at the paper we put out an invitation for pictures from our readers and before the evening was out, people responded with snapshots of the storm approaching every corner of the county. We even got a video.

I want to thank all of you for sending those in, including a reader named Anthony DiLorenzo who sent in several great shots from the Goose Pond area. They were taken from an iPhone and sent to my e-mail address. Unfortunately, for a reason that I do not know, they ended up in the spam folder of my e-mail program and I did not discover them for a week! Guess I'll have to check my spam more often.

So I'm including one of those lost pics in this column and will be posting all of them up online.

The fact that the shots were sent from an iPhone makes this a good time to talk about sending in pictures of incidents that happen in the future.

One of the best wreck pics (that might not be the right way to word this because no wreck pic is a good pic, nevertheless wreck pics do make it into the paper and some are of better quality than others) that I've seen was taken by a wrecker driver with his cell phone. He e-mailed it in, it was posted up online and appeared in the paper the next day. It was an excellent picture of a truck that had gotten itself in an unusual precarious position down in an icy ditch.

The quality of pictures that can be taken with a cell phone has been getting better every year. And I think everyone at the GCDW appreciates getting pictures for stories from readers. So keep us in mind the next time you're at a happening event or in the middle of a storm, with a cell phone or any other digital camera -- your picture might or might not make it into the paper, or you just might be in the right place at the right time to be able to grab a great shot to share with all of Greene County.

Update: The DiLorenzo photos have all been added to the "Tuesday's Storm Photos" post at http://gcdailyworld.com/story/1642704.ht...

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