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Why can't we focus on good things?

Posted Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at 2:17 PM

The news online lately has been one disturbing thing after another. There's that constant drone of talk about the healthcare crisis, jobs and the economy.

Then there's the bunches of birds and fish and other various forms of wildlife that have died in mass in places here and there around the globe.

And as if the Tuscon shootings were not enough, there's been an alarming number of law enforcement officers shot in the last few week.

But one little item caught my eye, not because it is good news so much as just unusual.

Out of the clear blue, a grand piano appeared on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay off the coast of Florida.

It didn't just wash up there and upright itself in a perfect high spot where it won't be underwater during high tide. But how did it get there?

People on land can see the piano, but nobody has claimed credit and how it got out there is a mystery.

News reports say it probably weighs at least 650 pounds and couldn't have been taken out in a rowboat.

And it doesn't appear that it's going to just float away for awhile, or disappear.

All of the law enforcement agencies in the area, the fish and wildlife folks, and the Coast Guard, say they are not going to remove it, unless it would become a navigational hazard -- and so far it's not.

I am thinking that it would have been a lot less trouble for the person who needed to get rid of their grand piano if they had just delivered it to my door.

Still, it's kind of nice to see some people still have a sense of humor and are willing to go the extra mile to bring a smile.

Too bad the national news media doesn't see how much good it would do for the morale of our country to see a picture of a piano sitting in Biscayne Bay, and other non-violence-related pictures, instead of constantly flashing that mug shot of Jared what's-his-name and his insane-looking grin -- once was enough.

Anna is a staff writer at the Greene County Daily World and can be reached by calling 847-4487 or by sending an e-mail to indianarose@fastmail.us .

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Anna I agree with the negative news and my 2011 New Year's resolution was just not to absorb it. If it is negative I am going elsewhere. I am choosing not to support the negativity. Also please look at http://www.happynews.com/ for a change of pace on news. Keep pointing out the positive and the funny, as this world could sure use it in the media (print and video).

-- Posted by bhobbs on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 2:37 PM

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Anna Rochelle is editor of the Greene County Daily World and can be reached on Facebook or by sending an email to indianarose@fastmail.us.