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What's on your list of small pleasures?

Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at 11:25 AM

I recently read a list of small pleasures one can enjoy. Reading through the list made me smile, because many of them are small pleasures I enjoy. So, I'd like to share some of those with you and add some of my own.

* The way babies smell

* The funny things kids say

* The first signs of spring

* Finding a few forgotten dollars in your pocket

* Movie theatre popcorn (with extra butter!)

* Laughing

* A bubble bath

* An afternoon nap

* Sleeping in on your day off

* Hearing your favorite song on the radio (and singing as loud as you can)

* Curling up with a good book

* Staying in your pajamas all day

* Fresh, crisp sheets

* The cold side of the pillow

* Sunshine

* New friends

* Old friends

* Kissing someone you love

* Old photographs

* A genuine compliment (giving or receiving)

* Seeing the white "W" flag flying over Wrigley Field after a win by the Chicago Cubs.

What's on your list of small pleasures?

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Movie Popcorn buttered at the halves..

Waking up from a nights sleep and feel rested

Cold glass of ice tea at Mom's house.

I miss a cup of hot coffee with Grandpa.

Great article,

-- Posted by gary g on Sun, Mar 28, 2010, at 8:26 PM

Our Grandkids

-- Posted by family farms on Sun, Mar 28, 2010, at 8:39 PM

At the moment? Peace and quiet :) Hmmmm. . . what else? Hearing my kids say 'I love you Mommy', watching them have fun, rocking my babies to sleep, first cup of coffee in the morning, going barefoot outside, a few minutes alone with my husband, talking to my Mom on the phone. Lots more but that's a start :)

-- Posted by acutabove on Mon, Mar 29, 2010, at 11:32 AM

Cuddling with my kids, waking up to look at the alarm and seeing I still have time to sleep, smell of fresh cut grass, napping on the couch, the crack of a bat hitting a ball, the sounds of rain hitting the roof.

-- Posted by speechless on Wed, Mar 31, 2010, at 7:51 AM

Too bad you don't see that W flying all that often! Go Cards!

-- Posted by THE END on Fri, Apr 2, 2010, at 2:28 PM

Taking my kids out for breakfast before school, bike riding, giving something to someone and not expecting anything in return, fountain sodas, riding in the car with the windows down, candle light, sitting by a fire on a cloudless night, the feeling when your car is clean inside and out, being married to my best friend.

-- Posted by Jill Fougerousse on Wed, Apr 14, 2010, at 10:21 PM

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