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Tell me about your proposal ...

Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011, at 2:24 PM

Ah, Valentine's Day. I think it's a holiday that most people either love or hate. For me, Valentine's Day isn't a big deal -- it's just an excuse for my husband and I to have a date night. I don't need flowers or chocolate -- I just want time with my Valentine; a dinner where we can actually eat my meal without worrying about kids throwing food on the floor or spilling drinks on the table; a table for two instead of our usual six.

Valentine's Day makes me think of wedding proposals as so many seem to occur around the holiday.

Do you have a romantic proposal story? A funny one? A unique one?

I'd like to think that my "proposal story" is all of the above.

One sunny Saturday morning in May 2002, my then-boyfriend picked me up and said we were going to take a drive. I had nothing planned for the day, so I agreed without knowing where on earth we were going. We drove for a while, and a while longer. When I would ask him where we were going, he wouldn't give me an answer. Eventually, I figured out we were heading toward Chicago. I was a bit confused, because I knew the Chicago Cubs weren't in town that weekend. Why would I want to go to Chicago if it wasn't to see a game?

Once in Chicago, we parked in front of Wrigley Field and headed toward the Harry Caray statue, then located at Sheffield Avenue and Addison Street. Once we were in front of the statue, Wes got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box. People stopped at nearby stop lights began honking and hollering. Wes had started his proposal, which I'm sure he had practiced in his head most of the drive up there. I got so flustered with all the attention we were drawing and sort of drug him to a less visible side of the statue. My actions in turn flustered him and he forgot what he was going to say. I told him "just give me the ring."

Looking back, I totally screwed up his plans, but to me, the proposal was perfect. To many girls getting engaged outside a baseball stadium in front of a statue of a legendary broadcaster would be horrific ... to me, it was just perfect.

As we were pulling away from Wrigley Field, my dad called my cell phone. He asked me where I was and what I was doing. I happily announced that I was in Chicago and had just been proposed to. His words were, "did you say yes?" When I responded, he said, "Good. If you would've said no, I would've told Wes to leave you in Chicago." Obviously, my dad was pleased with my decision.

Tell me about your proposal ...

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Good story Halea! My proposal story isn't quite as cool, but the marriage has more than made up for it :) It's been quite an adventure so far! Happy Valentine's Day!

-- Posted by acutabove on Fri, Feb 11, 2011, at 9:27 AM

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