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Flushing for FUNds

Posted Wednesday, May 9, 2012, at 8:51 AM

If you've seen a blue toilet in front yards in Jasonville and Linton lately, rest assured people are not inventing a new outhouse, it's simply a fundraiser for the Shakamak's 10 & Under competitive baseball team.

The team has qualified for the Ripken Experience, which is a week-long tournament (June 17-22) in Myrtle Beach, SC. Funds raised will go toward tournament entrance fees.

"We were basically looking for a creative way to raise money," said Brandi Cox, who has spearheaded the fundraiser.

For $5, you can "Flush A Friend", which means the toilet will be placed in their yard. "Potty Removal" is $10. For $15 you can be a "Potty Flusher", which means having the potty removed and moved to a friend's yard. Want to protect yourself from the potty landing in your yard? "Potty Insurance" is $20. "Potty Poopers" are those who are unable to make a donation. To participate, contact Cox at 798-1392 or send her a message through the "Tales of the Traveling Potty" Facebook Page.

"I have created a FB page, "Tales of the Traveling Toilet" which tracks the activity of the toilet. Every time I move the toilet, we take a picture and post it, letting people guess where it might be," Cox said.

So far, the fundraiser has been successful.

"It has been fun, and we have had a good response from the public. I often hear 'Hey, where is that toilet going next?' Our 'Victims' have been great sports (they usually call me laughing) and we really appreciate their support," Cox said.

In case you're wondering, the potty has made an appearance in my yard. I was ever so happy to pass it along to a friend's yard. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival in her yard.

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