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Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2014
It was nice to call Red a friend
Posted Thursday, September 25, at 3:44 PM
When you hear of a person's passing, you often are bombarded with memories, stories and whether or not the person was liked or disliked. In the case of Marcus "Red" Oliphant, it was no different. Red was the kind of man who drew attention to what he felt was right or wrong. He never shied away from making his point known. He also never shied away from letting you know if you did something right or wrong in his mind...

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Nice to see school upping the ante in bullying cases
Posted Wednesday, August 27, at 10:06 AM

It's really nice to see the positive steps being taken by the Linton-Stockton School Corporation when it comes to bullying. At their last meeting on Monday night, the board had the first reading of a new addendum to the school's current bullying policy...

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Where are we really headed with this budget thing?
Posted Monday, August 18, at 8:15 AM

As I sat at Tuesday's pre-budget hearings for the Greene County Council, I began to wonder where are we really headed. Not so much at the county level, but more at the state level. As I talked with council president Ed Cullison both before and after the session, I get a sense that Greene County is headed down a slope that I'm sure most other counties face. One that includes a plethora of rules, regulations and mandates by the state of Indiana forcing more and more cuts to county budgets...

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There sure are a lot of hard working people in Linton
Posted Wednesday, August 6, at 9:55 AM

This might be overstating the obvious, but there are certainly a lot of hard working people in Linton. No matter where you look you see them. Whether it's Jeff down at Francisco de Borgia's Coffee shop who always seems to bring service with a smile or the lady at Walmart last night who had been off work for six days and was lamenting about the first day back...

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Change is a part of it
Posted Tuesday, July 8, at 10:57 PM

Change is a part of life and work In case you haven't noticed, there's been a few changes since my last column. The most glaring comes in my transformation from sports to news. Yes, that's right, the old fat sports writer is now the old, fat staff writer...

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Hazlewood goes out like a champion
Posted Tuesday, June 10, at 1:18 PM

BLOOMINGTON -- When she stepped off the podium at the Robert C. Haugh Track and Field Complex on the campus of Indiana University Friday night, Linton-Stockton senior Micaela Hazlewood closed the final chapter in her high school track career. She finished the day with two medals -- both for sixth place finishes in the discus and shot put -- and the promise of a college career and the dreams of an Olympic moment...

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Here's the baseball sectional bits and pieces
Posted Friday, May 23, at 6:12 PM

Well, just like I promised here is look at some of the tidbits relating to the 2014 48th IHSAA Baseball State Tournament Series, as the IHSAA calls it. And with a little of their help, I now give you all the need-to-know stuff about this year's tourney...

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Here's a few softball tidbits for the tourney
Posted Wednesday, May 21, at 7:45 PM

You may find these types of columns either helpful or very annoying, depending on your outlook. Just as I do for the boys and girls basketball tournament, I will provide readers with some interesting tidbits on both the softball and baseball tournaments...

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Hoosier Hysteria of another sort, maybe
Posted Wednesday, May 14, at 4:28 PM

You may or may not want to believe this Mr. and Mrs. basketball fan, but the state of Indiana is becoming more than just a basketball state, this season at least. For those of you not familiar with college baseball, Indiana is going to be hosting at least two major tournaments with a third looming on the horizon...

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History or not, it's still pretty neat, even for a Sox fan
Posted Friday, May 2, at 6:40 PM

While browsing the world wide web on Friday, I ran across an interesting bit of baseball history. It seems that the British Canadian Pathe Press recently discovered -- and subsequently posted to You Tube -- a clip of just over four and a half minutes from the 1919 World Series...

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So Pineda is the latest, but certainly not the greatest
Posted Tuesday, April 29, at 7:14 PM

When the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees get together you can bet there will be some kind of an uproar -- and this year is no exception. Pitcher Michael Pineda has become the latest to spark controversy in the series considered by some -- mostly Yankee fans, Red Sox fans, ESPN and Fox Sports broadcasters -- to be the greatest rivalry in baseball...

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Hope springs eternal once again
Posted Monday, March 31, at 6:30 PM

Well, it's time to let hope spring eternal once more. Yup, it's spring and this week is the official start to spring sports. I know, I know the high school basketball season just came to an end and the NCAA Final Four is looming over the next weekend...

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Many thanks to many good folks
Posted Thursday, March 27, at 1:11 PM

I want to take this time and this forum to step away from the usual banter and fodder about sports or the effects they may have on someone. Instead I would like to extend some thanks to many people, most of whom have never met or have never talked to me...

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Edmondson guiding Eels to semistate
Posted Friday, March 21, at 9:59 AM

Many times in this business you get a chance to meet someone who makes an impression on you. Wow, that's really deep you say. In the case of Clay City boys basketball coach Vance Edmondson, it's not an exaggeration. Vance and I go back to my days working in Sullivan when he was the Golden Arrows baseball coach...

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Here's the scoop on the latest round
Posted Thursday, February 27, at 2:59 PM

Before I begin my annual overview of the boys state basketball tournament, I'd like to add my thanks to a couple of people who have helped me along since I joined the sports writer arena here in Greene and surrounding counties. As we bid farewell to the Union Bulldogs there are four people who have been a big help to me and all I consider to be friends...

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It's almost girls hoops time, here's the numbers
Posted Tuesday, February 4, at 3:14 PM

Well, it's almost time again for the Indiana High School Athletic Association to crown a girls basketball state champion. This year's field includes a record 402 schools and 5,480 student-athletes. It's the first time in what is now the 39-year history of the girls big dance...

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The world's game comes to Greene County, at last
Posted Friday, January 10, at 11:17 AM

For those of those of you who may not be aware, there's a new game in town -- well, in Switz City at least. Thanks to the efforts of Matt Settles, among others, the White River Valley Wolverines have added soccer to the athletic program. While many of you will balk at this inclusion of the world's most popular sport, just bare with those of us who enjoy the "beautiful game" and think it's a great sport...

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State titles are rare enough, but unbeaten...
Posted Wednesday, January 8, at 1:46 PM

In the history of high school boys basketball there have always been two standards -- unbeaten and state champions -- and both often cross the same plane. Finishing the regular season with an unblemished mark is truly an amazing feat and over the past few years it's been a really difficult chore...

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Well, another year's upon us
Posted Tuesday, January 7, at 2:59 PM

Like the headline says, another year is upon us. Another chance for our student-athletes to shine in the Greene County Invitational, the middle and closing stages of the winter sports season and finally the postseason. As we open the door on 2014 and shutter and seal the memories of 2013 behind us, I thought it would be appropriate to gaze into the crystal ball that all sports writers possess. ...

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Doesn't anyone even listen to themselves
Posted Monday, December 16, at 4:26 PM

It's not like I haven't addressed this issue before, but I feel the need to speak my peace once again. My job affords me the chance to meet many people -- it also affords me the chance to listen to those same people that I meet. While for the most part, it is at the very least a pleasant experience, there are also times those same situations border on sad or even embarrassing...

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