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The memories of winter past and fear of the future (03/17/15)

It's really amazing how far behind I can get (03/10/15) 1

Williams you ought to be ashamed of yourself (02/11/15) 1

Be thankful for the kind of life we have here (02/05/15)

Where do we go when our heroes have finally left? (01/09/15)

Always try to keep what's important in mind (12/11/14)

I remember when the best reality TV was the evening news (12/04/14) 1

Break out the butter, here comes the holiday syrup (11/25/14)

Whatever happened to Randolph Scott is a mystery that continues to this day (11/17/14) 1

The brotherhood exists always, not just on Veteran's Day (11/07/14)

My View from the Cheap Seats Halloween is more than just candy (10/24/14)

It was nice to call Red a friend (09/25/14)

Nice to see school upping the ante in bullying cases (08/27/14)

Where are we really headed with this budget thing? (08/18/14) 1

There sure are a lot of hard working people in Linton (08/06/14)

Change is a part of it (07/08/14)

Hazlewood goes out like a champion (06/10/14) 2

Here's the baseball sectional bits and pieces (05/23/14)

Here's a few softball tidbits for the tourney (05/21/14)

Hoosier Hysteria of another sort, maybe (05/14/14)

History or not, it's still pretty neat, even for a Sox fan (05/02/14)

So Pineda is the latest, but certainly not the greatest (04/29/14)

Hope springs eternal once again (03/31/14) 1

Many thanks to many good folks (03/27/14)

Edmondson guiding Eels to semistate (03/21/14)

Here's the scoop on the latest round (02/27/14)

It's almost girls hoops time, here's the numbers (02/04/14)

The world's game comes to Greene County, at last (01/10/14) 4

State titles are rare enough, but unbeaten... (01/08/14)

Well, another year's upon us (01/07/14)

Doesn't anyone even listen to themselves (12/16/13) 1

Three is a magic number...sort of (11/20/13)

Long road ahead for Stamm (11/05/13) 2

It's football sectional time once again in Indiana (10/23/13)

Here's the numbers for volleyball (10/23/13)

Buckle your seat belts, this could be a dandy (10/08/13) 4

Miners baseball inducts two into hall (09/30/13)

Everybody's got one, so why not me (09/26/13)

Difference is good, indifference is better (09/19/13) 1

The journey has just begun (09/10/13) 1

WRV junior high doing its part (09/04/13)

WRV is quietly making a comeback thanks to Davis (08/29/13)

What? Union can get a grand, but I can't get a Twinkie? (08/13/13) 2

Hate to see you leave Trevor, but good luck (08/08/13) 4

The world's game came and it was spectacular (08/02/13)

The World is coming to Indy...it's game that is (07/29/13)

It's not as easy as you think (07/19/13)

Some odds and ends for you to ponder (07/03/13)

With the end of spring comes a long journey (06/13/13) 1

Records fell at SWIAC track (05/08/13)

Why has sport become such a magnet? (04/17/13) 1

McBride reflects on Cardinal trip to state finals (03/19/13) 4

Sparks Plugs offer plenty for Miners to digest (03/13/13)

Here's all of the nuts and bolts for the boys (02/21/13)

Lakers were the final team left standing (02/20/13) 1

We shall see what happens now (02/14/13)

Here's the facts and figures for the girls tournament (01/29/13)

Who's your wife, mistress and friends in sports? (01/09/13)

Another honor for Scottie and it's a big one (12/20/12)

Oh those basketball differences, how they can be diverse (11/01/12) 1

It was a great run for EGHS seniors (10/29/12) 1

Watson carries on the tradition (10/04/12)

Things seem to be progressing nicely (09/20/12) 1

So why do they wear a uniform anyway? (08/07/12)

Let the games begin (07/26/12)

How many sports writers does it take? (07/24/12)

It's a dead issue folks, time to move on (07/11/12)

New crop of stars coming to South Bend (06/29/12)

Few achieve the last rung of the championship ladder (06/13/12)

Here's my point of view for what it's worth (05/01/12)

Changes in track sectionals leaves questions (03/27/12)

Here's to hoping we can carry the banner (03/26/12)

The memories just keep adding up (03/14/12)

With the tournament comes the tidbits (02/03/12)

Here's some semi-useful food for thought (01/12/12)

It's holiday tourney time again (12/20/11) 1

Lady Wolverines making strides forward (12/07/11)

Redemption comes in all forms (11/28/11) 4

More tidbits for your gridiron appetite (11/16/11)

Lady T-Birds truly deserved a state finals trip (11/07/11) 1

Plenty of nuts and bolts for the gridiron tourney (10/13/11)

The Land of Oz won't be the same (09/27/11)

Welcome to the real world Colts fans (09/20/11) 2

More college gridiron history for your inspection (09/14/11)

Get ready college football fans, here we go (08/30/11) 2

McKinney feels tennis sectional just got better (08/11/11)

Beware there's something among us (08/09/11) 1

The beginning is near sports fans, be aware (07/26/11) 1

It stinks being born on a Monday (07/25/11)

It's been an interesting series of events (07/18/11) 1

Just another league lost in time (07/13/11) 1

Defunct leagues still leave a trace (06/29/11) 1

Daytime racing set to return to the Action Track...finally (06/21/11)

T-Birds and coach reach first peak together (06/15/11)

Show basketball coming to Greene County for a good cause (06/10/11) 2

I guess it's time to say thank you to many (06/03/11) 1

The beginning of the end is here -- and it's not the apocalypse (05/25/11)

Some records are meant to be forever (04/29/11) 1

Does anybody else feel overwhelmed? (04/26/11) 1

IU offers new outlook, gearheads have plenty to savor (04/11/11)

Here's some college football nuts and bolts (04/06/11)

It's state finals time again and the field is interesting (03/23/11)

My how things have changed quickly with the NCAA (03/15/11) 2

Bulldogs romp is still a favorite memory (03/10/11)

Another week, another search for material (02/28/11) 2

Here's more food for tournament thought (02/24/11)

It was a good opening run for Stevens (02/10/11)

Just a few tidbits to wet your girls hoops appetite (02/05/11)

I guess I've done just about everything at a game, now (01/27/11) 1

Being unbeaten is no guarantee of a title (01/20/11) 1

I know it's early but never too late to plan ahead (01/12/11)

T-Birds still look for improvement despite record (01/06/11) 1

Why not a baseball and softball tourney? (12/14/10) 9

'Tis the season to go bowling (12/07/10) 1

We do have plenty to be thankful for as sports fans (11/23/10) 2

This year's SWIAC boys race should be wide open (11/17/10) 1

Didn't we just finish football season? (11/12/10) 5

It certainly was a busy week for this old reporter (10/28/10)

So many celebrations, so few sports writers (10/19/10)

Miners left out of title chase...again (10/11/10)

This is truly the best part of the season (10/07/10)

It was an amazing finish for T-Birds (09/23/10) 1

So you call yourself a sports fan? (09/16/10) 1

Ingram doing an unusual double for Eastern Greene (09/09/10) 3

Fougerousse taking over reigns of Miner baseball (08/30/10) 3

Stepping further into the 21st century is a new trick (08/12/10) 2

Media day offers few surprises for Big Ten fans (08/04/10) 1

The calm before the storm is nearly over sports fans (08/02/10)

Getting back to the diamond was nice (07/29/10)

The movies are a great conversation starter (07/22/10) 5

NCAA turning a negative into something positive (07/14/10) 2

My addiction has few boundaries thanks to technology (06/30/10) 1

What an amazingly strange world it would be (06/25/10)

So what are you going to do now? (06/15/10) 1

t's certainly been enjoyable and busy lately (06/08/10) 2

Miners induct new class into Hall of Fame (05/19/10)

IHSAA making a few changes (05/14/10)

Does it really matter who's No. 1 right now? (05/05/10)

OCC women's hoops will definitely have a local flavor (04/29/10) 2

Baseball regional coming to Linton (04/08/10) 4

It was a long and glorious ride for TRC (03/24/10) 2

A writer's wish list for spring (03/17/10) 2

It's certainly been an eye-opener (03/15/10) 1

Four ladies among the state's hoop leaders (02/25/10) 2

A writer's ode to the sport he loves (02/19/10) 2

Hoops isn't the only happening this month (02/10/10)

It's amazing how the price of a Super Bowl has grown (01/28/10)

Bet you didn't know you got a history lesson? (01/13/10) 1

What kind of sports fan are you? (12/17/09) 2

High School hoops really are better in Indiana (12/14/09) 9

Get ready high school hoops junkies, your time's comin'. (12/02/09)

If only there were BCS busters (11/24/09) 1

Replay comes to Hoosier Hysteria (11/20/09)

Linton-Stockton Miners teaching lessons (11/12/09) 7

What's really in a nickname? (11/05/09) 6

Morin building quite a legacy at Shakamak (10/28/09) 1

Halt inducted into Rose-Hulman Hall of Fame (10/19/09) 7

There's a progression to everything (10/14/09) 2

WRV coaches looking to improve skills (10/06/09) 1

WRV trio among state's volleyball leaders (10/01/09)

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