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What's really in a nickname?

Posted Thursday, November 5, 2009, at 4:50 PM

When you browse through the list of nicknames for schools throughout the state of Indiana, you run across some that are rather bland and some that aren't so bland.

One day while searching through the Indiana High School Athletic Association Web Site, I ran across a list of nicknames. It was a list that included the top 10 names.

Sitting at the top of the list is Panthers which is sported by 19 different schools. That one edged out Warriors (18), Eagles and Tigers (17), Bulldogs (14), Cougars and Trojans (12), Knights (11), Wildcats (10) and finally Braves and Patriots (9).

I threw those in just so you couldn't say that I didn't try to mention the most common.

What you may or may not be familiar with are those unique monikers, you know the ones that have some bearing or meaning to only one school -- and thus only one nickname like it in the state.

Some are just a derivative of the school's name -- such as the Cloverdale Clovers -- while others are more of a play on the name of a school such as the Indianapolis Washington Continentals or the Frankfort Hot Dogs.

I'm not really sure this qualifies directly under this category, but I certainly find the name interesting -- the Rising Sun Shiners. See what I mean?

Another category of nicknames comes from a reference to the school or town's natural assets, such as the Shoals Jug Rox or the Shakamak Lakers (just to keep it on the local level) or Linton-Stockton Miners.

And let's not forget what I consider to be one of the most unusual nicknames in all of high school sports -- the Hobart Brickies -- which is named for a local industry and may well be the only one like it in the country.

Then there are those with some sort of tie to a historical reference. That list includes many whether they be real, inferred or just naturally went along with the school's name.

One of the best examples I found for that reasoning was in the Oracles of Delphi. For those of you who don't know that comes from I believe Greek Mythology.

Another good historical reference -- and obviously related to what sounded good in relation to the school's name -- was the Plymouth Pilgrims (which are also referred to as the Rockies, which also sounds good).

Just for the record, I did graduate from Vincennes Lincoln High School and just for the record the nickname Alices isn't what most people believe.

It's not based on historical reference ala "Alice of Old Vincennes". Instead it is based on the historical record of sports writers in the 1920's.

That's when coach Adams led the Vincennes High School Buccaneers to the 1923 state title. Yes, that's right the Buccaneers, I researched it in high school and found proof in editions of the Vincennes Sun.

After Vincennes advanced to the state championship, much to the surprise of the members of the media covering the event, they were dubbed as "Alices in Wonderland."

The moniker stuck and sometime in the mid 1970's the nickname was officially adopted. My memory isn't that good as to when in the 70's, but take my word for it.

Now let's concentrate on the local teams for a while and where they actually stand as far as being either unique or unusual.

Bloomfield joins four other schools -- East Chicago Central, Seton Catholic, Southport and Washington Catholic -- in being named after the famous red bird.

Eastern Greene and North Central (Farmersburg) have the distinction of being the only two teams in Indiana to be nicknamed Thunderbirds which sets up an interesting footnote.

The two schools meet each year in most every sport, so shouldn't the team that does the best overall get a trophy for being the top T-Birds in Indiana?

Linton-Stockton and White River Valley carry their nicknames solely. No other school in the state sports Miners or Wolverines, while Union (Dugger) joins the aforementioned 13 other schools to be called Bulldogs.

If you took all of the nicknames in the state and formed some kind of pseudo-tournament, who would prevail?

You can begin by eliminating most of the 10 most common among themselves.

Panthers, Cougars, Wildcats and Tigers would surely fight each other to see who gets to chew up the Bulldogs.

Surely a Knight could slay any of those before facing off against either a Brave, Patriot or Trojan. And since the Knights were more of the most noble fighters in history, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt and award them a win by default. (Hey it's my tournament so I can declare who I want the winner).

Throw in the other unusual or distinctive names and I'd guess you'd have a battle that rages on for days until finally a Comet or a Caveman battles a Marauder or a Marksman and ends up bagging a Mustang.

This could go on for days...

See ya next time.

Rick Curl is a sports writer at the Greene County Daily World. He can be reached at (812) 847-4487, ext. 12 or at rcurl@gcdailyworld.com.

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dont count out the affect of an arrow....a golden arrow at that!!! lol

-- Posted by TDavid on Fri, Nov 6, 2009, at 12:36 AM

Epsom Salts was always my favorite, although my Dad was an Elnora Owl. Plus I always found it hard to watch a basketball game with the Plainville Midgets without laughing.

-- Posted by simmons on Fri, Nov 6, 2009, at 6:06 AM

I'm hoping this will all paste over, but this is a fun list to read through...

Acton Redbirds -- blue and red - Franklin Central

Adams Twp. Tigers -- blue and gold - Twin Lakes

Advance Osceoleons -- purple and gold -Western Boone

Akron Flyers -- black and gold -Tippecanoe Valley

Alamo Warriors -- red and white - Southmont

Albany Wildcats -- red and white -Delta

Albion Trojans -- blue and white -Central Noble

Alfordsville Yellow Jackets -- yellow and white - Barr-Reeve

Algiers Owls - ??? -Pike Central

Alquina Blue Arrows -- blue and white - Connersville

Ambia Wildcats -- blue and gold - Benton Central

Amboy Pirates -- purple and gold - Oak Hill

Amo Aces -- blue and white - Cascade

Anderson St. Mary's Gaels -- blue and gold - Anderson & Highland

Anderson Madison Heights Pirates - black and red - Anderson & Highland

Andrews Cardinals -- red and white - Huntington North

Arcadia Dragons -- black and gold - Hamilton Heights

Arcola Aces -- green and white - Carroll

Arlington Purple Breezes & Wildcats -- purple and white - Rushville

Ashboro Shamrocks -- green and white - Clay City

Ashley Aces -- blue and red - DeKalb

Atlanta Cardinals -- red and white - Hamilton Heights

Atwood Greyhounds -- maroon and white - Warsaw

Auburn Red Devils -- black and red - DeKalb

Aurora Red Devils -- red and white - South Dearborn

Avilla Panthers -- blue and white - East Noble

Bainbridge Pointers -- purple and gold - North Putnam

Banquo Indians & Ghosts -- red and white - Huntington North

Battle Ground Tomahawks -- black and gold - Lafayette Harrison

Baugo Twp. Jimmies -- maroon and white - Jimtown

Beaver Dam Beavers -- blue and gold - Tippecanoe Valley

Bedford Stonecutters -- red and white - Bedford North Lawrence

Belle Union Panthers -- blue and gold - South Putnam

Bellmore (Union Twp.) Golden Eagles -- black and gold - Rockville

Bentonville Trojans -- red and white - Connersville

Berne Bears -- blue and white - South Adams

Bicknell Bulldogs -- black and old gold - North Knox

Bippus Tigers -- blue and gold - Huntington North

Birdseye Yellow Jackets -- black and gold - Forest Park

Blackhawk Chieftans -- red and black - Terre Haute South

Bloomingdale Bulldogs -- purple and white - Turkey Run

Bloomingdale Academy Immortals -- purpel and gold - Turkey Run

Bloomington Panthers -- purple and white - Bloomington North & South

Boggstown Panthers -- blue and white - Triton Central

Boston Terriers -- blue and gold - Richmond

Boswell Blackhawks -- black and gold - Benton Central

Bourbon Comets -- blue and white - Triton

Bowers Blackshirts -- black and gold - North Montgomery

Bowling Green Pioneers -- ??? - Clay City

Boxley No nickname -- black and orange - Sheridan

Brazil Red Devils -- red and white - Northview

Brewersville Hornets - ??? - Jennings County

Bridgeton Racoons -- black and gold - Riverton Parke

Bright Panthers -- blue and white - East Central

Brighton Wildcats -- black and gold - Lakeland

Bringhurst ??? -- ??? - Carroll

Bristol Pirates -- black and orange - Elkhart Central

Bristow Purple Aces -- purple and gold - Perry Central

Brook Aces -- purple and gold - South Newton

Brookston Bombers -- gold, black and orange - Frontier

Brookville Greyhounds -- green and white - Franklin County

Brownstown Bears -- black and gold - Brownstown Central

Brownsville Lions -- black and red - Union County

Bruceville Hilltoppers -- blue and red - North Knox

Bryant Owls -- blue and white - Jay County

Buck Creek Cobras -- black and red - Lafayette Harrison

Buffalo Bison -- black and old gold - North White

Bunker Hill Minutemen -- green and white - Maconaquah

Burket Hawks -- purple and gold - Tippecanoe Valley

Burlington Polar Cubs -- purple and white - Carroll

Burnettsville Bees -- red and white - Twin Lakes

Burney Panthers -- purple and white - North & South Decatur

Burns City Bees -- ??? - Loogoottee

Butler Windmills -- green and gold - Eastside

Butler Twp. Tomahawks --blue and white - Maconaquah

Butlerville Bulldogs -- red and white - Jennings County

Cadiz Spaniards -- purple and white - Shenandoah

Cambridge City Wampus Cats - red and blue - Cambridge City

Camden Red Devils -- red and white - Delphi

Campbellsburg Warriors -- red and gray - West Washington

Carlisle Indians -- red and white - Sullivan

Carrollton Cardinals -- black and red - Carroll

Carthage Blue Raiders -- blue and white - Knightstown

Castleton Comets -- blue and gray - Lawrence Central

Cayuga Indians -- purple and old gold - North Vermillion

Center Spartans -- purple and white -Wapahani

Center Twp. Blue Streaks -- blue and gold - Knox

Central Wildcats -- green and white - Madison

Chalmers Cardinals -- red and white - Frontier

Chandler Panthers -- purple and white - Castle

Charlottesville Eagles -- blue and white - Eastern Hancock

Chester Center (Keystone) Indians -- purple and gold - Southern Wells

Chester Twp. Panthers -- blue and white - North Manchester

Chili Polar Bears -- black and white - North Miami

Chippewa Indians -- red and white -- red and white - Northfield

Chrisney Wildcats -- black and orange - Heritage Hills

Cicero Red Devils -- red and old gold - Hamilton Heights

Clarksburg Knights -- black and red - North Decatur

Clarks Hill Hillers -- red and white - McCutcheon

Clark Twp. Lions -- blue and white - Whiteland

Claypool Knights -- black and orange - Warsaw

Clayton Cardinals -- black and red - Cascade

Clay Twp. (Howard County) Brickies - ??? - Northwestern

Clay Twp. (Miami County) Indians -- red and gray - Maconaquah

Clear Creek Bulldogs -- red and white - Huntington North

Clear Spring Purple Warriors -- purple and gold - Brownstown Central

Clifford Panthers -- purple and white - Hauser

Clinton Wildcats -- black and old gold - South Vermillion

Clinton Twp. Yellow Jackets -- black and gold - North Putnam

Clinton Twp. Trojans -- purple and gold - South Central

Coalmont Cardinals -- red and white - Shakamak

Coal City (Jefferson Twp.) Colts -- blue and white - Owen Valley

Coal Creek Central Bearcats -- black and red - North Montgomery

Coesse Indians -- black and red - Columbia City

Colfax Hickories -- blue and white - Clinton Prairie

College Corner Trojans -- red and gray - Union County

Columbus Bulldogs -- blue and white - Columbus North & East

Concannon Cannons -- blue and white - West Vigo

Concord Twp. Tigers - ??? - Eastside

Converse Bordermen -- red and white - Oak Hill

Cortland Eagles -- black and gold - Seymour

Cory Apple Boys -- black and gold - Clay City

Corydon Panthers -- black and old gold - Corydon Central

Cromwell Spartans -- black and white - West Noble

Cross Plains Wildcats -- blue and white - South Ripley

Culver Indians - red(later maroon)and white - Culver Community

Cutler Wildcats -- black and gold - Carroll

Cuzco Bear Cubs -- black and white - Northeast Dubois

Cynthianna Annas -- blue and gold - North Posey

Dale Golden Aces -- black and gold - Heritage Hills

Dana Aggies -- purple and white - South Vermillion

Darlington Indians -- red and white - North Montgomery

Dayton Bulldogs -- black and gold - McCutcheon

Deacon Demons - ??? - Cass

Decatur Yellow Jackets -- purple and gold - Bellmont

Decatur Catholic Commodores -- green and gold - Bellmont

Decker Aces -- navy and old gold - South Knox

Decker Chapel Panthers -- scarlet and white - South Knox

Deedsville Trojans -- green and white - North Miami

Deer Creek Crickets -- maroon and white - Carroll

Demotte Indians -- red and white - Kankakee Valley

Depauw Blue River Echos -- blue and gold -North Harrison

Deputy Warriors -- red and white - Madison

Derby Warriors -- black and gold - Perry Central

Desoto Panthers -- purple and gold - Delta

Dillsboro Bulldogs -- blue and gold - South Dearborn

Dover Blue Devils -- blue and gold - Western Boone

Dubois Jeeps -- blue and silver -Northeast Dubois

Dugger Bulldogs -- black and old gold - Union

Dunkirk Speedcats -- green and white - Jay County

Dupont Hornets -- black and red - Madison

Dyer Indians -- blue and gold - Lake Central

Earl Park Cardinals -- cardinal and white - Benton Central

Eaton Norsemen -- purple and gold - Delta

East Chicago Roosevelt Roughriders -- purple and white - East Chicago Central

East Chicago Washington Senators -- maroon and white - East Chicago Central

East Tipp Trojans - red and grey - Lafayette Harrison

Economy Cardinals -- red and white - Hagerstown

Eden Flyers -- black and gold - Greenfield Central

Edwardsport Powers -- green and white - North Knox

Elberfield Hornets -- black and red - Tecumseh

Elizabeth Pirates -- purple and old gold - South Central

Elkhart Blue Blazers -- blue and white - Elkhart Central

Elletsville Golden Eagles -- black and gold - Edgewood

Elnora Owls -- red and white - North Daviess

English Red Raiders -- black and red - Crawford County

Epsom Salts -- blue and white - North Daviess

Ervin Twp. Eagles -- blue and gold - Northwestern

Etna Green Cubs -- purple and white - Triton

Etna Twp. No nickname -- black and gold - Columbia City

Evansville Lincoln Lions -- purple and gold - all Evansville Schools

Evansville Rex Mundi Monarchs -- blue and white - Evansville Mater Dei

Everton Bearcats -- purple and old gold - Connersville

Fairbanks Trojans -- blue and gold - North Central

Fairland Hornets -- red and white - Triton Central

Fairmount Quakers -- black and gold - Madison-Grant

Fairmount Academy ??? -- ??? - Anderson Highland

Fair Oaks Cherokees -- blue and white - Kankakee Valley

Fairview Yellow Jackets -- black and white - Connersville

Farmersburg Plowboys -- purple and gold - North Central

Farmland Wildcats -- blue and white - Monroe Central

Fayette Central Chiefs -- green and gold - Connersville

Fayetteville Lions -- blue and gold - Bedford North Lawrence

Ferdinand Crusaders -- blue and gold - Forest Park

Fillmore Cardinals -- black and red - South Putnam

Fishers Tigers -- red and white - Hamilton Southeastern

Flat Rock Cardinals -- cardinal and white - Southwestern

Flint Arrows -- ??? - Prairie Heights

Flora Badgers -- blue and gold - Carroll

Folsomville Eagles -- blue and red - Boonville

Fontanet Beantowners -- red and white - Terre Haute North

Forest Bobcats -- black and gold - Clinton Central

Ft. Branch Twigs -- black and gold - Gibson Southern

Fortville Demons -- purple and gold - Mt. Vernon

Ft. Wayne Central Tigers -- blue and white - Several Ft. Wayne Schools

Ft. Wayne Central Catholic Fighting Irish -- green and white - Luers & Dwenger

Fountain City Little Giants -- black and old gold - Northeastern

Fowler -- Bulldogs -- black and gold - Benton Central

Francesville Zebras -- black and orange - West Central

Francisco Owls -- blue and white - Wood Memorial

Freedom Aces -- red and white - Owen Valley

Freeland Park Rockets -- black and red - Benton Central

Freelandville Fighting Dutchmen -- blue and white - North Knox

Freetown Spartans -- blue and white - Brownstown Central

French Lick Red Devils -- red and white - Springs Valley

Frichton Eagles -- purple and white - South Knox

Fulton Bulldogs -- black and red - Caston

Galveston Cardinals --red and blue - Cass

Gary Edison Blazers -- green and white - Lake Station

Gary Emersion Tornados -- gold and gray - Mann, West, & Wirt

Gary Froebel Blue Devils -- blue and flame? - Roosevelt & West

Gary Tolleston Blue Raiders -- blue and white - Gary West

Gas City Tigers -- maroon and white - Mississinewa

Gaston Bulldogs -- blue and white - Wes-Del

Geneva Cardinals -- black and red - South Adams

Gentryville Pirates -- green and white - Heritage Hills

Georgetown Bearcats -- green and white - Floyd Central

Gilboa Twp. Wildcats -- purple and gold - Tri County

Gilead Wildcats -- purple and white - North Miami

Gill Twp. Rockets -- red and white - Sullivan

Gings Wildcats -- red and white - Rushville

Glendale Indians -- gold and white - Washington

Glenn Pirates -- black and white - Terre Haute North

Glenwood Indians -- black and old gold - Rushville

Goldsmith Gold Bugs -- black and gold -Tipton

Goodland Trojans -- blue and gold - South Newton

Gosport Indians -- purple and gold - Owen Valley

Grandview Greyhounds & Yellow Jackets -- gold and purple - South Spencer

Granville-Wells - black and white - Rockets - Western Boone

Grass Creek Panthers -- black and gold -Caston

Gray Redbirds -- red and white - Jay County

Graysville Greyhounds -- red and white - Sullivan

Greene Twp. Aces -- green and white - Turkey Run

Greene Twp. Bulldogs -- ??? - Part to South Bend Schools & part to Glenn

Greenfield Tigers -- black and gold -Greenfield Central

Greensfork Demons -- black and gold -Hagerstown

Greentown Beavers -- green and white -Eastern

Green Twp. Tigers - green and white - Monroe Central

Griffin Tornadoes -- red and white - North Posey

Grovertown Rams -- green and gold - Oregon-Davis

Guilford Wildcats & Quakers -- orange and black - East Central

Hamlet Tigers -- black and gold - Oregon-Davis

Hammond Tech Tigers -- brwon and old gold - Other Hammond Schools

Hancock Central Panthers - black and red - Greenfield-Central

Hanging Grove Hornets -- ??? - Rensselaer Central

Hanna Panthers & Fishermen -- black and white - South Central

Hanover Bulldogs -- navy and white -Southwestern

Hardinsburg Bearcats -- green and old gold -West Washington

Harlan Hawks -- blue and gold - Part to Leo & Woodlan

Harrisburg Hornets -- green and white - Connersville

Harrison Twp. Cardinals -- cardinal and white - Wes-Del

Hartford City Airedales -- black and gold -Blackford

Hartford Twp. Gorillas -- red and white - South Adams

Haubstadt Elites -- blue and white - Gibson Southern

Hayden Haymakers -- blue and white - Jennings County

Hazleton Lions -- black and gold -Princeton

Helmsburg (Jackson Twp.) Tigers -- blue and white - Brown County

Heltonville Blue Jackets -- royal blue and white - Bedford North Lawrence

Hillsboro Wildcats - black and gold/scarlet and blue - Fountain Central

Hillsdale Hilltoppers -- blue and gold - South Vermillion

Hoagland Wildcats -- blue and white - Heritage

Holland Dutchmen -- red and white - Southridge

Holton Warhorses -- red and white - South Ripley

Honey Creek Honey Bees -- blue and white - Terre Haute South

Hope (Hawcreek Twp.) Red Devils -- blue and red - Hauser

Hopewell Tigers -- blue and gold - Franklin

Houston Pirates -- ??? - Brownstown Central

Howard Twp. Hornets -- black and gold - Northwestern

Huntertown Wildcats -- black and gold - Carroll

Huntingburg Happy Hunters -- black and red - Southridge

Huntington Vikings -- black and red - Huntington North

Huntington Catholic Ramblers - black and light gold - Huntington North

Huntington Twp. Bearcats -- purple and gold -Huntington North

Huntsville Redmen -- red and white - Union

Huron Beavers -- black and gold - Mitchell

Hymera Shakamaks -- black and old gold - North Central

Idaville Green Streaks -- green and white - Twin Lakes

Indy Attucks Tigers - green and gold - Other Indy schools

Indy Chartrand Rams - green and gold - Roncalli

Indy Marshall Patriots - red, white and blue - Other Indy schools

Indy Scared Heart Spartans - red and gray - Roncalli

Indy Shortridge Blue Devils - blue and white - Other Indy Schools

Indy Wood Woodchucks - purple and gold - Other Indy Schools

Ireland Spuds - green and white - Jasper

Jackson Center Jaguars - black and gold - Southern Wells

Jackson Central Eagles - red, white, and blue - Hamilton Heights

Jackson Twp. Rockets - black and white - Western Boone

Jackson Twp. Cardinals - cardinal and tan - Clinton Prairie

Jackson Twp. Tigers - black and gold - South Decatur

Jackson Twp. Stonewalls - green and white - Eastern

Jackson Twp. Panthers - maroon and white - Chesterton

Jackson Twp. Bulldogs - orange and black - Union City

Jackson Twp. Spartans - ??? - McCutcheon

Jamestown Little giants - red and white - Western Boone

Jasonville Yellow Jackets - blue and white - Shakamak

Jefferson Red Devils - scarlet and old gold - Winchester

Jefferson Center Tigers - blue and red - Columbia City

Jefferson Twp. Warriors - blue and red - South Adams

Jefferson Twp. Yeomen - green and white - Eastbrook

Jefferson Twp. Tigers - blue and orange - Northridge

Jefferson Twp. Spartans - green and white - Huntington North

Jefferson Twp. Yankees - red, white, and blue - Tipton

Jonesboro Zebras - black and red - Mississenewa

Kempton Pirates - purple and gold - Tipton

Kendallville Comets - crimson and gold - East noble

Kennard Leopardcats - green and white - Knightstown

Kentland Blue Devils - navy and gray - South Newton

Kewanna Indians - blue an white - Caston, Rochester, and Winamac

Kingman Black Aces - black and orange - Foutnain Central

Kingsbury Kings - black and gold - LaPorte

Kirkland Kangaroos - green and gold - Adams Central

Kirklin Travelers - green and gold - Clinton Central

Kitchel (Harrison Twp.) Cowboys - blue and gold - Union County

Klondike Nuggets - blue, gold and white - Lafayette Harrison

Kniman ??? - ??? - Kankakee Valley

Kokomo Haworth Huskies - navy and gold - Kokomo

L&M Braves - black and white - White River Valley

Laconia Aces - columbia blue and white - South Central

Ladoga Canners - green and gold - Southmont

Lafayette Central Pirates - black and red - Homestead

Lafontaine Cossacks - blue and white - Southwood

Lagrange Lions - red and white - Lakeland

Lagro Comets - black and red - Northfield

Laketon Tigers - black and gold - Manchester

Lakeville Trojans - blue and old gold - LaVille

Lancaster Center Lancers - red and white -Huntington North

Lancaster Central Bobcats - green and white - Norwell

LaOtto ???? - ??? - Kendallville

Lapaz Vikings - blue and yellow - LaVille

Larwill Trojans - purple and gold - Whitko

Laurel Panthers - red and white - Franklin County

Lawrence Lions - red and white - Lawrence Central

Leavenworth Rivermen & Wyandottes - black and gold - Crawford County

Leesburg Blue Blazers - blue and white - Warsaw

Leiters Ford (Aubbeenaubee Twp.) Tigers to Braves - blue and gold - Culver

Leopold Leopards - green and white - Perry Central

Letts Bearcats - red and white - South Decatur

Lewisville Bears - purple and white - Tri

Lexington Minutemen - red and white - Scottsburg

Liberty Lancers (also went by Warriors) - scarelt and white - Union County

Liberty Center Lions - blue and gold - Chesterton

Liberty Center Lions - red and white - Southern Wells

Ligonier Red Raiders - green and scarlet - West Noble

Lima Orioles - black and orange - Lakeland

Lincoln Railsplitters - black and gold - Cass

Lincolnville Gold Bugs - purple and gold - Southwood

Linden Bulldogs - black and gold - North Montgomery

Linlawn Pirates - blue and gold - Southwood

Little York Wildcats - red and gray - Salem

Lizton Blue Blazers - blue and white - Tri West

Loogootee St. Johns Eagles - green and white - Loogootee

Losantville Red Devils - red and white - Union

Lovett Pirates - black and orange - Jennings County

Lucerne Lions - black and gold - Pioneer

Luce Twp. Red Devils - red and white - South Spencer

Lynn Bulldogs - red anad white - Randolph Southern

Lynnville Lindys - black and gold - Tecumseh

Lyons Lions - black and gold - White River Valley

Mace No Nickname - ??? - Southmont

Mackey Aces - blue and white - Wood Memorial

Macy Yellow Jackets - blue and gold - North Miami

Madison Twp. Tomcats - navy and white - Jay County

Madison Twp. Panthers -blue and white - Penn

Manilla Owls - green and white - Rushville

Marengo Cavemen - black and gold - Crawford County

Marco Bears - black and gold - White River Valley

Marion Bennett Trojans - blue and yellow - Marion

Marion Twp. Panthers - red and white - Jennings Coutny

Markle Eagles - black and orange - Huntington North

Markleville Arabians - purple and white - Pendelton Heights

Marshall Bobcats - black and gold/red and white - Turkey Run

Masonic Home Craftsmen - scarlet and gray - Franklin

Mathews Minutemen - purple and gold - Eastbrook

Maukport Pilots - black and gold - Corydon Central

Maxwell Lions - purple and gold - Greenfield Central

Mays (Center Twp.) Tigers - black and gold - Rushville

McCordsville Pirates - black and gold - Mt. Vernon

McKinley Presidents - red, white, and blue - Winchester

Mecca Arabs - red and white - Riverton Parke

Medaryville Black Horses - black and gold - West Central

Mellott Derbies - red and white - Fountain Central

Mentone Bulldogs - green and white p Tippecanoe Valley

Merom Beavers - navy and white - Sullivan

Metea Hornets - black and red - Caston

Metz Mohawks - red and white - Angola & Hamilton

Mexico (Jefferson Twp.) Bulldogs - black and white - North Miami

Michigan City Elston Red Devils - red and white - Michigan City

Michigan City Rogers Raiders - blue and gold - Michigan City

Michigantown Ganders - red and white - Clinton Central

Middlebury Middies - blue and white - Northridge

Middletown Cossacks - red and white - Shenadoah

Midland Middies - red and white - Shakamak

Milford Trojans - ??? - Wawassee

Mill Creek Creekers - blue and orange - LaPorte

Millersburg Millers - black and gold - Fairfield

Millersburg Wildcats - purple and gold - Castle

Milltown Millers - blue and white - Crawford County

Milroy Cardinals - red and white - Rushville

Milton Sharpshooters - maroon and gold - Cambridge City

Modoc Indians - ??? - Union

Mongo (Springfield Twp.) Dragons - ??? - Prairie Heights

Monitor Commodores - blue and gold - Harrison

Monmouth Eagles - black and gold - Bellmont

Monon Railroaders - blue and white - North White

Monroe Bearcats - ??? - Adams Central

Monroe City Blue Jeans - blue and white - South knox

Monroe Twp. ???? - ??? - Salem

Monroeville Cubs - black and white - Heritage

Monterey Fliers - red and white - Culver

Montezuma Aztecs - purple and gray - Riverton Parke

Montgomery (Barr Twp.) Vikings - black and white - Barr-Reeve

Monticello Tioga Indians - red and white - Twin Lakes

Montmorenci Tigers - black and gold - Benton Central

Montpelier Pacers - blue and gold - Blackford

Monument City Greyhounds - purple and gold - Huntington North

Montpelier-Harrison Twp. Pacers - navy and white - Blackford

Montpelier Spartans - navy and white - Blackford

Mooreland Bobcats - black and gold - Blue River

Moores Hill Bobcats - purple and white - South Dearborn

Moral Twp. Hawks - black and orange - Triton Central

Morgantown Trojans - purple and white - Indian Creek

Morgan Twp. Raiders - royal blue and white -North Harrison

Morocco Beavers - black and gold - North Newton

Moscow ???? - ??? - Rushville

Mt. Auburn Rangers & Blackhawks - black and red - Southwestern

Mt. Ayr Ayrdales - black and gold - North Newton

Mt. Comfort Buccaneers - green and white - Mt. Vernon

Mt. Olympus Mountaineers - navy and white - Princeton

Mt. Summit Eagles - red and gray - Blue River

Mullberry Berries - blakc and gold - Clinton Prairie

Muncie Northside Titans - navy and red - Muncie Central

Napolean Bearcats - black and gold - Jac-Cen-Del

Nappanee Bulldogs - blue and white -North wood

Nashville Yellow Jackets, Broncos & Hornets - black and gold - Brown County

Needham Bulldogs - purple and white - Franklin

Needmore (Marshall Twp.) Hilltoppers - purple and old gold - Bedford North Lawrence

New Amsterdam Rivermen & Indians - red and white - Corydon Central

New Augusta Red Devils - red and white - Pike

New Berry River Rats - ??? - White River Valley

New Bethel (Wanamaker) ???? - black and old gold - Franklin Central

Newburgh Wildcats - navy and old gold -Castle

New Carlisle Tigers - black and orange - New Prairie

New Goshen (Fayette Twp.) Falcons - blue and gold - West Vigo

New Lebanon Tigers - black and orange - Sullivan

New Lisbon Tigers - black and old gold - Tri

New London Quakers - blue and gold - Western

New Marion Panthers - black and gold - South Ripley

New Market Purple Flyers - purple and white - Southmont

New Middletown Rangers - black and white - Corydon Central

New Palmyra Raiders - ??? - North Harrison

New Paris Cubs - purple and gold - Farifield

New Point Little Giants - gold and blue -North Decatur

Newport Tigers - red and white - North Vermillion

New Richmond Cardinals - blue and red - North Montgomery

New Ross Blue Jays - blue and white - Southmont

New Salem Eagles - blue and crimson - Rushville

New Salisbury Tigers - royal and white - North Harrrison

Newton No Nickname - ??? - Fountain Central

New Waverly Scarlets & Wildcats -black and gold - Cass

New Winchester Warriors - red and white - Danville

Nineveh Bluebirds & Eagles - navy and gold - Indian Creek

Noble Twp. Knights - blue and white - Pioneer

Noble Twp. Pirates - blue and gold - Southwood

North Bend ???? - ??? - Culver

North Central Tigers - royal blue and white - North Harrison

North Dearborn Vikings - ??? - East Central

North Liberty Shamrocks - green and white - Glenn

North Madison Tigers - royal and white - Madison

North Manchester Trojans - blue and gold - Manchester

North Salem Blue Devils -blue and white - Tri West

North Vernon Panthers - light blue and white - Jennings County

North Webster Trojans -red, white ,a nd blue - Wawasee

Oakland City Acorns - green and white - Wood Memorial

Oaklandon Oaks - green and white - Lawrence Central

Oaktown Oaks - green and white -North Knox

Odon Bulldogs - blue and white - North Daviess

Oil Twp. Oilers - green and white - Perry Central

Onward Red Coats - blue and red - Cass

Oolitic Bearcats - blue and gold - Bedford North Lawrence

Orange Tigers - black and orange - Connersville

Orland Tigers & Trojans - black and gold - Prairie Heights

Osgood (Center Twp.) Cowboys - green and white - Jac-Cen-Del

Ossian Bears - red and white - Norewll

Otterbein Red Devils - red and white - Benton Central

Otter Creek Otters - purple and gold - Terre Haute North

Otwell Millers - blue and white - Pike Central

Owensburg Indians - ??? - Eastern

Owensville Kickapoos - black and gold -Gibson Southern

Oxford Blue Devils - blue and white - Benton Central

Paragon Panthers - green and white - Martinsville

Paris Crossing Lions & Pirates - black and old gold - Jennings County

Parker Panthers -purple and white - Monroe Cnetral

Patoka Wrens - red and gray - Princeton

Patricksburg Bulldogs - red and white - Owen Valley

Patriot Trojans - red and white - Switzerland County

Pekin Muskateers - purple and gold - Eastern

Pendleton Irish - green and white - Pendelton Heights

Pennville Bulldogs - black and gold - Jay County

Perry Central Midgets -purple and gold - Lebanon

Perrysville Eagles - purple and old gold - North Vermillion

Petersburg Indians - red and white - Pike Central

Petrolium Panthers - blue and white - Southern Wells

Pierceton Cubs - red and white - Whitko

Pimento Peppers - blue and orange - Terre Haute South

Pine Twp. Eagles - red and blue - Benton Central

Pine Village Pine Knots - blue and white - Seeger

Pinnell Purple Dragons - purple and white - Western Boone

Pittsboro Burros - red, black, and white - Tri West

Plainville Midgets - purple and gold - North Daviess

Pleasant Lake Spartans -red and white - Angola

Pleasant Mills Spartans - black and white - Adams Central

Pleasantville Blue Streaks - blue and white - Union

Poling Yellowjackets - purple and white - Jay County

Portland Panthers -purple and gold - Jay County

Poseyville Posies - black and white - North Posey

Prairie Creek Gophers - purple and white - Terre Haute South

Prairie Twp. Aces - purple and white - Tri Central

Princeton Lincoln Lions - blue and white - Princeton

Pulaski Yellow Jackets & Warriors - blue and gold - Winamac

Quincy Aces - blue and old gold - Cloverdale

Raglesville Rockets - blue and gold - North Daviess

Raleigh Sir Walters - black and white - Rushville

Raub Hornets & Ramblers - blue and gold - South Newton

Redkey Wolves - royal and white - Jay County

Reelesville Indians - red and white - South Putnam

Remington Rifles - black and gold - Tri County

Reynolds Rangers - blue and white - North White

Richland Center Wildcats - black and red - Rochester

Richland Twp. Red Devils - red and white - Fountain Central

Ridgeville Cossacks - black white -Winchester

Riley Cossacks - purple and white - Terre Haute South

Riverdale Comets - gray and green - Eastside

Roachdale Hawks - red and white - North Putnam

Roann Indians - maroon and white - Northfield

Roanoke Stonewalls - green and white -Huntington North

Rock Creek Aces - black and red -Huntington North

Rockcreek Center Dodgers - blue and gold - Norwell

Rockfield Indians - purple and gold - Delphi

Rockport Zebras - blue gold - South Spencer

Roll Red Rollers - red and white - Blackford

Rolling Prairie Bulldogs - blue and white - New Prairie

Rome Romans - black and orange - Perry Central

Rome City Romans - ??? - East Noble

Romney Pirates - purple and white - McCutcheon

Rosedale Hot Shots - black and gold - Riverton Parke

Round Groave Bulldogs - black and gold - Tri County

Royal Center Bulldogs - black and orange - Pioneer

Royerton Redbirds - black and red - Delta

Russellville Bees - purple and white - North Putnam

Russiaville Cossacks - red and white - Western

St. Bernice Hornets - black and red - South Vermillion

St. Joe (Concord Twp.) Tigers - red and white - Eastside

St. Paul Blasters - red and white - North Decatur

Salem Center Cardinals - red and white - Prairie heights

Saluda Lions - red and white - Southwestern

Sandborn Blue Jays - royal and blue - North Knox

Sand Creek Twp. Indians - blue and white - South Decatur

Sandusky Blackhawks - black and white - North Decatur

San Jacinto Bearcats - black and old gold - Jennings County

San Pierre Bulldogs - maroon and white - North Judson

Saratoga Warriors - red and white - Winchester

Scipio Tigers - green and white - Jennings County

Scircleville Ringers - red and white - Clinton Central

Scottland Scotties - black and white - Bloomfield

Scott Bulldogs - blue and red - Westview

Scott Center Bulldogs - blue and white - Angola

Selma Bluebirds - blue and white - Wapahani

Selvin Wildcats - Black and orange - Tecumseh

Shadeland Peppers - green and white - McCutcheon

Sharpsville Bulldogs - purple and gold - Tri Central

Shawswick Farmers - purple and gold - Bedford North Lawrence

Shelburn Panthers - red and white - North Central

Shipshewana Indians - dark red and black - Westview

Sidney Wildacts - black and orange - Whitko

Silver Lake Ramblers -blue and red - Warsaw

Smithville Skibos - red and white - Bloomington South

Solsberry Hornets - purple and gold - Eastern

Somerset Shamrocks - green and white - Southwood

South Bend Central Bears - orange and royal - SB Adams

South Bend Jackson Tigers - navy and white - SB Riley

South Bend LaSalle Lions - red and black - SB Schools

South Bend Wilson Presidents - green and yellow - SB Washington

South Milford ???? - ??? - Prairie Heights

Southwestern Wildcats - red & white - McCutcheon

South Whitley Bulldogs - blue and white - Whitko

Spartanburg Tomcats - purple and gold - Randolph Southern

Spencer Cops - blue and white - Owen valley

Spencerville Red Raiders - red and white - Eastside

Spiceland Stingers - black and gold - Tri

Springfield Twp. Cardinals - red and white - Franklin County

Springfield Twp. Indians - red and white - Michigan City

Springville Cardinals - blue and gold - Pike Central

Spurgeon Cardinals - black and red - Pike Central

Star City Stars - blue and white - Winamac

Stauntan (Posey Twp.) Yellow Jackets - blue and gold - Northview

Stendal Aces - Pike Central

Stewartsville Owls - blue and gold - North Posey

Stilesville Tigers - blue and gold - Cascade

Stillwill Vikings - purple and gold - LaPorte

Stinesville Quarry Lads -blue and red - Edgewood

Stockwell Warriors - blue and white - McCutcheon

Stoney Creek Blue Devils - royal and white - Monroe Central

Straughn Indians - red and white - Tri

Sugar Creek Twp. Crickets - blue and gold - Clinton Central

Sulpher Springs Bluebirds - blue and white - Shenandoah

Summitville Goblins - black gold and white - Madison Grant

Sunman Tigers - purple and gold - East Central

Swayzee Speedkings - purple and gold - Oak Hill

Sweetser Braves - navy and white - Oak Hill

Switz City Tigers - blue and white - White River Valley

Syracuse Yellow Jackets - blue and gold - Wawasee

Talma Tigers - gold and ? - Tippecanoe Valley

Tampico Bobcats - black and gold -Brownstown Central

Tangier Tigers - blue and white - Turkey Run

Tefft (Kankakke Twp.) Tigers - black and gold - Kankakee Valley

Tennyson Tigers - red and white - Boonville

Terre Haute Garfield Purple Eagles - purple and white - Terre Haute North

Terre Haute Gerstmeyer Black Cats- black and orange - Terre Haute North

Terre Haute Normal Young Sycamores - blue and white - Terre Haute North & South

Terre Haute Schulte Golden Bears - Terre Haute North & South

Terre Haute Wiley Red Streaks - red and white - Terre Haute South

Thorntown Kewasakees - blue and white - Western Boone

Tippecanoe Police Dogs - black and gold - Triton

Tobinsport Pirates - blue and white - Perry Central

Topeka Bears - purple and old gold - Westview

Trafalgar Redbirds - red and white - Indian Creek

Trinity Springs Little Sulphers - red and white - Shoals

Troy Trojans - green and old gold - Tell City

Tunnelton Indians - red and white - Bedford North Lawrence

Twelve Mile Milers - blue and white - Caston

Tyner Redmen - red and white - Glenn

Union Eagles - green and white - Princeton

Union Center Badgers - black and white - Norwell

Union Mills Millers - maroon and white - South Central

Union Twp. Cardinals - black and red - Eastern

Union Twp. Sharpshooters - blue and white - Huntington North

Union Twp. Ramblers - blue and gold - Franklin

Union Twp. Tigers - blue and gold - LaPorte

Union Twp. Unionites - green and white - Perry Central

Unionville Arrows - red and white - Bloomington North

University (I.U.) Univees - red and white - Bloomington North

Upland Yeomen - red and white - Eastbrook

Urbana Speed Kings - green and gold - Northfield

Valley Mills Comets - blue and white - Decatur Central

Vallonia Redbirds - maroon and white - Brownstown Central

VanBuren Aces - blue and white - Eastbrook

VanBuren Twp. Wildcats & Bearcats - black and red - Brown County

VanBuren Twp. Blue Devils - blue and white - Northview

Veedersburg Green Devils -green and white - Fountain Central

Velpen Leopards - green and white - Pike Central

Vernon Blue Devils - blue and gold - Jennings County

Vernon Twp. Vikings - purple and gold - Mt. Vernon

Versailes Lions - red and white - South Ripley

Vevay Warriors - forest and red - Switzerland County

Wadena Indians - blue and gold/purple and white - Benton Central

Wadesville Red Devils - red and white - North Posey

Wainwright Mustangs - blue and white - McCutcheon

Wakarusa Indians - purple and gold - purple and gold - NorthWood

Walkerton Indians - blue and red - Glenn

Wallace Peppers - purple and gold - Fountain Central

Walnut Grove Wolves - purple and old gold - Hamilton Heights

Walton Warriors - green and white - Cass

Wanatah Midgets - black and red - LaCrosse, South Central, Westville

Ward-Jackson Flyers - black and red - Winchester

Warren (Salamonie Twp.) Lightning Five - blue and white - Huntington North

Washington Center Wildcats - red and white - Columbia City

Washington Clay Colonials - purple and gold - South Bend Clay

Washington Twp. Hatchets - royal and old gold - Cass

Washington Twp. Warriors -purple and white - Clinton Prairie

Waterloo Cardinals - ??? - Connersville

Waterloo Wildcats - old gold and black - DeKalb

Waveland Hornets - purple and white - Southmont

Wawaka Warriors - purple and old gold - West Noble

Wayne Twp. Tigers - blue and white - Union City

Waynetown Gladiators - red and white - North Montgomery

Wea Indians - gold and purple - McCutcheon

Webster Pirates - black and orange - Northeastern

West Baden Sprudels - purple and white - Springs Valley

Westland Bears - red and white - Eastern Hancock

West Lebanon Clippers & Pikers - gold, purple and white - Seeger

West Middleton Broncos - black and green - Western

West Newton ???? - ??? - Decatur Central

Westphalia Wildcats - green and white - North Knox

West Point (Wayne Twp.) Cadets - red and black - McCutcheon

Westport Warriors - blue and white - South Decatur

West Terre Haute Bobcats - purple and gold - West Vigo

West Twp. Bulldogs - brown and yellow - Plymouth

Wheatfield Red Devils & Shockers - red and white - Kankakee Valley

Wheatland Jeeps - black and red - South Knox

White River Little Giants - red, white, and blue - Princeton

Whitestown Panthers - blue and white - Lebanon

Whitewater Bears - green and white - Northeastern

Whitewater Twp. Elkhorns - black and orange - Franklin County

Wilkinson Bulldogs - blue and white - Eastern Hancock

Williams Bulldogs - black and white - Bedford North Lawrence

Williamsburg Yellow Jackets - blue and gold - Northeastern

Williamsport Bombers - black and red - Seeger

Windfall Dragons - red and white - Tri Central

Wingate Spartans - blue and old gold - North Montgomery

Winslow Eskimos - purple and gold - Pike Central

Wolcott Wildcats - gold and purple - Tri County

Wolcottville Bulldogs - blue and white - Lakeland

Wolf Lake Wolverines - black and gold - Central Noble

Woodburn (Maumee Twp.) Warriors - blue and white - Woodlan

Worthington Ramblers - purple and white - White River Valley

Yankeetown Yanks - black and gold - Boonville

Young America Yanks - red, white, and blue - Cass

Zenas Warriors - purple and old gold - Jennings County

Thanks to Harley Sheets and Dr. James Mast for allowing use of this researched/copyrighted material.

-- Posted by EggMan on Fri, Nov 6, 2009, at 9:05 AM

Those are schools that were lost due to consolidation.

-- Posted by EggMan on Fri, Nov 6, 2009, at 9:06 AM

That's cool EggMan!!! Glad we didn't miss the Pleasantville Blus Streaks!!!

-- Posted by alwaysinterested on Fri, Nov 6, 2009, at 9:46 AM

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