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Beware there's something among us

Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2011, at 11:47 AM

It has come to the attention of this reporter that certain facts pertaining to the arrival of fall sports have been hid and obscured by members of an elite, fringe society.

A society so secretive and reclusive that only now have its membership roles been unlocked and made available, at great risk to their own existence, by a former member of that society.

While I am not at liberty to reveal the name of my source, for the aforementioned reasons, I can tell you that the source had to wrestle with not only their emotions, but their conscience as to whether or not to reveal this society and all of their beliefs.

While it will become apparent that those members of the society still in existence are few and have only a limited amount of power they once had, they are still a dangerous, yet seemingly harmless group on the outside. But inside they seek to control the minds and actions of not only their closest enemies, but nearly everyone to be associated with sports.

Yes, my dear readers, it's time for you too, to become aware of the dealings of this group. A group so sadistic and so mongering in their ways that it is frightening to know what they've managed to do over the last several decades.

While they are limited in number, there's at least two at every sporting event, not only in Greene County, but throughout the world itself.

They appear to mingle with the common man, sip wine with the elite and walk among the ordinary with the easiest of demeanor.

This group that hides in plain sight can not only not be trusted, but they continue to hold power despite slipping into obscurity with shrinking numbers.

The are both silent and vocal, hidden and in the open. This group, comprised of like-minded men and women, seek only a place where they can leave their mark without notice.

What may be even more horrifying for you, the ordinary sports fan, is that one might be sitting as close as your own dinner table or at the table next to you in a bar, restaurant or even in the classroom.

Yes they have but one thing in common, to destroy the very thread that we stand for as sports fans, sports journalists and believers in victory.

At least that's the common train of thought among sports fans.

This group has been around since the beginning of sport itself. They've managed to pry and poke their way into every sport known to mankind. They've even altered the outcome a time or two.

Again, that's the common thinking of most sports fans.

Shockingly these evil-doers are allowed to change the course of a game without hesitation or baring any semblance of remorse.

Another common thought among sports fans.

And you talk about gall, they even have the belief that they are a needed part of sport. What's more galling is the fact that they think they're even necessary for sport itself to exist .

I don't know about you I personally would like to see this secret society, this group of dastardly villains reveal themselves so we as sports fans can decide what to do next.

Just the mere thought of their powers overwhelm even the most avid and knowledgeable sports fan. So much that as a fan I must admit they're a needed part of the game.

Yes, perhaps I have been brainwashed, ever so slightly, by some of them. I call many of them friends, and to make matters worse, I've even been among them willingly and knowingly.

Let me say this in my defense -- and the defense of this secret society so reviled and disdained by many of you -- the guys wearing the striped shirts ain't that bad.

Just a reminder from an old official, the guy blowing the whistle, throwing the flag or making the call is just like you.

With one exception, he has the desire to make sure that all the games played are done so in a fair and consistent manner.

The guy (or woman) in the striped shirt has the integrity and intelligence to be an official and if you want to criticize him or her, put yourself in their shoes.

You go out there every night, make sure the games are played fairly and consistently, asking only that you be given a little something for your trouble.

And I know this to be a common thread among the officials that go out there and don't get thanked, if you think you can do a better job, then get your license and do it.

In fact, I -- and many officials -- would encourage you to get your license and officiate. It really is an important role in sports.

Take it from someone who stood in the trenches and kept control of the situation in the past, please think before you become critical of the officials, they're human just like you.

And for any of my officiating friends out there, please take this column in the spirit it was intended.

To make the rest of the world aware that officials are not the bad guys, they just dress like them. (in black get it, like in the movies)

And just for the record, the main reason yours truly doesn't officiate anymore is more because of job and health restrictions. Not a fear of being called a bad name by a fan in the stands -- what's your excuse?

Rick is a sports writer for the Greene County Daily World. He can be reached by telephone at (812) 847-4487 ext. 20. He can be reached by email at rcurl@gcdailyworld.com.

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Thanks Rick!

-- Posted by baseballman on Thu, Aug 11, 2011, at 7:11 AM

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