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You can meet interesting people shopping

Posted Monday, December 17, 2012, at 12:48 PM

My family members have their own "method of madness" when it comes to Christmas shopping.

My brother is a last-minute shopper. The last week we have gone from here to there looking for a specific item.

We've met some interesting people. After carrying on some fairly lengthy conversations, we found that one fine group of Dyers, who live near Freedom, are related to the very kind family who resides outside Worthington.

Really not that surprising as both families have faith in the goodness of others. They allow folks to wander their shops/sheds looking for gifts with little supervision. We finally know where he can purchase the idea gift for his better half.

Some people in our family don't "shop" at all. Cash and gift cards appear to fit most ages and our always appreciated. A few members have developed a "scrooge-like" attitude and shun gift-giving. Bah Humbug!

Personally, I do most of the shopping for our immediate family. I use a good mix of small stores, the internet, and if I have to, larger stores. I have to let the holiday spirit take over, usually around the first week of December.

Then I hit the streets and pavements. I certainly try to put a lot of effort into my choices. I'm like my mom in that respect. I take notice of family members' needs and wants. Most of the time, I like to gift people with "wants" at Christmas with a smattering of "needs."

My great niece, Emma, has asked for a puppy for Christmas for many years. In our family, that is an understandable request as we seem to be genetically predisposed to love dogs. The search for the perfect puppy began a few weeks ago. Of course, utilizing humane shelter pets was a no brainer.

Our Christmas celebration for the Fulford side is on Dec. 23. Can not wait to see what Santa brings Emma!

Throughout the process I've emailed my nephew Wade (Emma's dad) sharing what I consider to be must-have information about pet ownership. I have very high expectations for all dog owners. You supply food, water, playtime, a safe and comfortable environment, health care, and lots of love. In return, you get adoration, respect, and oodles of love. One might apply these practices to raising children also.

Finally, a past memory shared with me from my dad, Owen. As I've stated before, when we were little, our family and most families we knew had little money. However, mom always made sure we received a very special gift from Santa every year. One year, my very young mother went to a nearby field and gleaned corn to earn some extra cash for Christmas presents. This was no easy task as it was really cold and the field muddy. But, mom was determined to help buy her two little ones the perfect little gift.

I didn't know anything about this until a few years ago. It was the best Christmas story I've heard in a good while.

Hope your holidays are joyous.

Tawni is a former teacher at Linton-Stockton Elementary School and can be reached by email at tawniprudhomme@gmail.com .

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