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Food Sensitivities: Could you have them?
Posted Thursday, February 7, at 7:40 AM
Food sensitivities are a little known big problem. Affecting the immune system and inflaming the body, food sensitivities may impact 20-30% of the population, degrading their quality of life. If you suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS, heartburn, arthritis, headaches, depression, chronic rhinitis, burning mouth/tongue syndrome, skin problems, hives, chronic fatigue, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or autoimmune diseases, you might have food sensitivities causing or exacerbating symptoms. ...

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Tips for enjoying holiday nourishment without weight gain
Posted Friday, December 14, at 10:40 AM

Holiday parties are often associated with tempting treats and weight gain. While weight gain does indeed happen if one isn't careful, parties can actually be a healthy way to enjoy fun, nourishing foods. So, how does one keep it healthy and fun? Dips like hummus, salsa, and guacamole. For an extra nutritional boost, eat them with vegetable sticks rather than crackers or chips...

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"Where do I start?"
Posted Thursday, November 15, at 8:11 AM

"Where do I start?" is a common, exasperating question among those wanting to lose weight or simply improve eating habits. People have various challenges in their daily lives, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but here are five ideas: avoid weakness, reduce sugar, eat real food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and control portions...

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Jump on the bandwagon!
Posted Sunday, September 16, at 10:00 AM

Are you on the latest diet bandwagon? Are you tired of unsafe ingredients and questionable processing methods? Do you want more information about your food? If so, you're part of the healthy food movement. What do healthy food movement consumers want? They want to clearly understand what's in their food. ...

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What can be substituted for lunch meats?
Posted Wednesday, August 15, at 4:35 PM

Do you know mothers who do backflips while packing fun, kid-appealing lunches that their children gobble up? And their kids even respond, "You're the greatest mom! I appreciate all you did to feed me healthy." That's certainly not the case in my house. ...

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Sticky Situation: Detecting Added Sugars
Posted Monday, July 23, at 9:03 AM

How much added sugar do you consume? If you're an average American, you consume around 24 teaspoons per day--about a cup and 384 calories. To burn that much energy, most people would need to run three to four miles! This added sugar, while making your food and drink sweeter, may be inflaming your body and brain...

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"Naturally fat free"
Posted Tuesday, June 12, at 11:04 AM

"Naturally fat free"--that's a common advertisement for sugar. But sugar in our diet may lead to more fat in our body. In fact, sugar may play a larger role than dietary fat in causing obesity and high cholesterol. Sugar has also been blamed for diabetes, food addictions, cavities, fueling some cancers, and inflammation...

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Nourishing the busy body
Posted Friday, April 20, at 8:11 AM

Who has time to cook? It's hard to find time when there's housework, yardwork, busy work, and plain old work. Kids take a little bit of work too. Or maybe it's social media, golf games, or grandkids taking up your time. Whatever we do, we'll have more energy to keep up if we're well nourished...

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Cake for breakfast. Really?
Posted Tuesday, February 14, at 9:58 AM

Can eating cake with breakfast be part of a healthy diet? It depends on how you define diet. Some define "diet" as a four-letter word for deprivation. To deprive themselves, dieters often avoid all things sweet. Deprivation usually only works for so long, then, in a moment of weakness, many dieters cave. Caving often leads to unneeded feelings of failure...

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Resolve to Tweak
Posted Wednesday, January 11, at 7:50 AM

Did you resolve to lose weight and eat healthier this year but not know where to start? Most start by cutting back on -- or eliminating -- sodas, sweets, and snacks. But what other changes can you make? Start by changing your own recipes. A few small tweaks can create nutritious, delicious dishes with less sugar, fat, and processed flours but more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. ...

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The skinny on holiday eating
Posted Tuesday, November 15, at 10:24 AM

January 1, 2012: What will your bathroom scale read? For the average American, the scale will read a few pounds heavier than it does now. But you think, "No big deal, my New Year's Resolution will be to lose weight." Unfortunately, many Americans never lose that last holiday pound. ...

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One day kids will eat it
Posted Friday, October 7, at 7:38 AM

I need to get something off my plate. My children are not a dietitian's delight. Kate, a one year-old vegetarian, prefers carbohydrates, cheese, and fruit. I know exactly which foods she dislikes when I'm picking them up off the floor. Almost three, Charlie eats, but only if he pleases. Lilly will usually eat, after much complaining. Thankfully, their father will eat anything!...

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Do you need to take food to work?
Posted Friday, September 2, at 11:55 AM

Are your co-workers bad for your health? Tuesday morning, following the holiday weekend, a fellow co-worker or two may show up with high calorie leftovers from their weekend celebrations. Fully aware that they certainly don't need the extra calories, these co-workers bring leftovers to work trying to spread the pounds thin...

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Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, oh my!
Posted Friday, August 19, at 7:25 AM

Do you remember the chocolate milk at school? Chocolicious! Some schools now serve strawberry and vanilla flavored milks too. My nephew tried strawberry milk for the first time at school this week. He's hooked. Terri Neighbors, a local school Food Service Director, tells me that the majority of today's students prefer chocolate and other flavored milks over white milk. She's even seen students pouring chocolate milk into their breakfast cereal!...

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Vegetable or grain?
Posted Friday, July 29, at 8:39 AM

Some call corn a vegetable, but farmers like my dad refer to it as a grain when feeding cattle. Well shucks, who is right? The answer depends on when corn is harvested. Farmers typically feed livestock field corn, fully mature and dry. Dry corn is considered a whole grain...

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Incorporating wheat and other whole grains in your diet
Posted Monday, July 25, at 9:04 AM

Last week's blog, "The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead" focused on wheat. Although the most commonly consumed grain in the western diet, wheat isn't the only edible whole grain. Other whole grains include brown rice, popcorn, corn, oats, barley, rye, and buckwheat. With these options (and more), most people can easily consume the recommended three servings of whole grains per day...

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The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead
Posted Monday, July 25, at 9:03 AM

An old wives tale claims, "The whiter your bread, the sooner you're dead". Just a tale, or is it true? Bread gets its color from the bran in the wheat, but during the milling process grain companies remove the bran and germ, leaving "white" flour behind. But it's more than just color that's lost, the milling also removes the B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid), iron, fiber, phytochemicals (plant chemicals that have disease protecting properties), and antioxidants...

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Zucchini, the unsung fruit
Posted Friday, July 8, at 11:29 AM

My dad warns not to leave car doors unlocked during the month of July. If you do, zucchini may appear in the backseat. Zucchini is one of the easier fruits to grow, and many people grow it in abundance. If you notice, I called it a fruit -- which it is -- although it's cooked and treated as if a vegetable...

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Keep the fireworks in the sky
Posted Friday, July 1, at 10:07 AM

Trichinosis! The word alone takes away my enjoyment of eating pork chops at Fourth of July picnics. A disease caused by roundworms, trichinosis can be transmitted through undercooked pork. But trichinosis can easily be avoided. The USDA recently published new recommendations for cooking whole cuts of pork. ...

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Confessions of a dietitian
Posted Friday, June 24, at 8:18 AM

In my house, when it comes to sweets, we lack willpower. More specifically, our weakness is baked goods. Before children, Ed and I would nearly finish an 8"x 8" pan of brownies in an evening. Now that we have children, we have them to help us! But, like most parents, we tell the kids no more brownies, while we sneak them...

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