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Go ahead -- indulge a little!

Posted Thursday, June 2, 2011, at 11:31 AM

Many people believe losing weight requires a "diet" -- a four letter word for deprivation. Some foods people deprive themselves of are carbs, such as chips, soda, chocolate, and sweets.

What happens in a weak moment when people are hungry or have an intense craving and cave in? When they cave, some people are able to eat a small portion and satisfy their desires. Other people, when they cave, eat like they will never eat again; leading to feelings of failure. Some people try to laugh it off and use the moment of weakness as an excuse to binge for the entire day.

After caving in, especially if they do so for an entire day, many people have trouble resuming their diets. Unfortunately, others never restart because the thought of deprivation makes them want all foods even more.

As a Registered Dietitian, I define "diet" as all the foods a person eats, whether healthy or not. A diet may be medically indicated as with gluten free and diabetic diets. Diet is also part of a person's lifestyle whether underweight, normal weight, or overweight. If consuming large quantities of junk food is a person's weakness, then, yes, one should do some lifestyle (diet) clean up while continuing to enjoy favorite foods in moderation.

By enjoying all foods in moderation, including occasional junk foods, we can ensure no food becomes glorified. Take a few minutes to think about the foods you really miss when you go on a "diet." Then, give yourself permission to treat yourself to a small portion on a daily or weekly basis as a reward for eating a healthier diet. You may find yourself more satisfied and not overindulging.

When a person knows it is OK to have their favorite foods, the food loses its power over them, making goals easier to achieve.

So, go ahead -- indulge a little! It just may be the healthiest part of your diet.

From Worthington, Tracey is a Registered Dietitian. She currently lives in Arlington, Va., with her husband, Ed and three children, Lilly, Charlie, and Kate. She can be found on Facebook at Tracey Linneweber, RD. The information contained in this blog is not meant to substitute for your physician's advice.

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Congratulations on your weight loss success, but more importantly improving your health and happiness! Thank you for sharing. I hope you will be an inspiration for others. Social situations and food pushers are difficult for everyone. That happens to be one of my future blog topics. In the meantime, remain firm!

-- Posted by TraceyLinneweber on Wed, Jun 8, 2011, at 9:45 AM

From last June through December, I, male age 50, went on a diet and exercise effort and lost 45 pounds. I went on the diet to get healthier and to monitor cholesterol also. Although I had a strong willpower to avoid those troublesome, attractive food snacks, I allowed myself one reward meal a week. This gave me something to look forward to while watching the scales all week.

My success formula included fruits and vegetables with lean meat primarily. I tried to avoid bread, other than croutons on the salads and fat free pretzels. I relied heavily on yogurt for dessert, as well as sherbet. One thing I refused to give up was my favorite soft drink in moderation.

Regarding exercise, I walked, rode my bike and swam regularly. My waist went from a 42 to 36 inch before I slowed down. Now, I am much happier while avoiding most fattening foods.

My biggest conflict remains with those social situations and obligations where snacks and junk food are offered and encouraged, and hosts who simply don't understand "No thanks," when politely refusing the desserts and food everyone else is eagerly consuming...

-- Posted by LITERATI on Tue, Jun 7, 2011, at 2:47 PM

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