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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
God's Discipline vs Man's Discipline (05/29/15)

Steady my heart (05/14/15)

Next time you look, see yourself as God sees you (05/14/15)

Remember Easter isn't over just yet (05/14/15)

Saved lives, changed lives come only from Christ (03/13/15)

Be Confident in Who God has Created YOU to Be (02/20/15)

Trust seems like such a complicated ordeal (02/20/15)

Flesh vs. spirit is often an internal battle (02/06/15)

True Success is measured in many ways (01/23/15)

The time is certainly ripe for a miracle (01/09/15)

What can I really expect from God? (12/26/14)

Are you running the right kind of race? (12/26/14)

Be mindful when it comes to gender boundaries (11/07/14) 2

When Evil Prevails you just have to keep faith (10/31/14)

The Sinful Christian has many tough decisions (10/24/14)

The Heart-Shattered Life (10/14/14)

The Christian Argument for Tolerance (09/22/14) 4

Resurrection Day (09/17/14)

He Will Turn it All Around (08/29/14)

Incased in Grace (08/22/14)

The Ultimate Love Story (08/15/14)

Mending Broken Hearts (08/04/14)

A Call to Unworldliness (07/25/14)

Walk on the Ocean (07/18/14)

Fleeting "love" can never fully gratify (07/11/14)

Kicking over the money tables (07/04/14)

The Problem with the Message of Prosperity (07/03/14)

Light In A Dark World (06/29/14)

Wrestling in the Spirit (06/15/14)

Drowning in His Presence (06/01/14)

Keeping Up With Appearances (05/23/14)

Who Shall You Follow? (05/16/14)

Praises of the Heart (05/09/14)

Faith like a Child (05/02/14)

Pride and Prejudice (04/25/14)

A Treacherous Heart (04/11/14) 2

Spiritual Bullies (04/04/14) 2

The Cleft of the Rock (03/21/14) 3

Prosper Even as Your Soul Prospers (03/14/14)

Life is Beautiful (03/07/14)

Champions of Faith (02/28/14)

Comparison, the thief of contentment (02/21/14)

Toxic relationships (02/07/14)

Gathering with the Brethren (01/31/14)

The Stolen Seed (01/24/14)

God vs Idols (01/10/14) 1

Spiritual Slumber (12/06/13)

Radical Christianity (10/11/13)

Choosing love over fear (10/04/13) 2

Why We Need the Holy Spirit (09/20/13)

Walking in a Spirit of excellence (09/06/13) 1

The Gift of Forgiveness (09/05/13)

Assumptions of the Accuser (08/23/13) 1

Refraining from lying lips (08/16/13)

Not forsaken (08/02/13)

A culture enticed by sexual impurity (07/26/13) 3

Joy made perfect in Christ (07/12/13) 1

God is omniscient (07/01/13) 2

Dance as though no one but God is watching (06/21/13) 2

God's Justice (06/14/13) 4

Don't get lost in spiritual giftings (05/24/13)

Separation of Close Friends (05/17/13)

Reconciliation (05/10/13) 2

Flattering Titles (05/03/13)

Healing Shame (04/26/13)

God Does Not Relent from Showing Kindness (04/26/13)

The Justice of God's Grace (04/12/13)

God vs America (03/29/13) 2

Satan has the ability to mask himself (03/01/13) 2

A Fraudulent Faith (02/22/13)

Scribes and Pharisees (02/15/13)

Assumptions (02/08/13)

God's Victory Over Affliction (02/01/13)

Moving with a Heart of Compassion (01/29/13)

Arise and Shine (01/29/13)

An Invitation to Abundant Life (01/11/13)

Trusting God Through Brokenheartedness (01/04/13) 2

The Empty Tomb (12/14/12)

Does God Still Heal? (12/07/12) 2

The Heart of a Courageous Lion (11/30/12)

A Thankful Heart of Praise (11/16/12)

Bearing Good Fruit (11/02/12)

One Nation Under God (10/26/12)

Fatherless Generation (10/18/12)

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities (10/12/12)

God's strength can renew us in our daily walk (09/28/12)

The Wounded One (09/20/12) 2

Hope Through Persecution (09/14/12) 2

Be bold when witnessing God's accounts (09/07/12) 2

The Double-Minded Man (08/31/12)

Do Good to Please God (08/24/12)

Dancing Before the Lord (08/17/12)

Drunkenness and Gluttony Leads to Poverty (08/10/12)

God's mercy and grace is greater than sin (07/27/12) 2

Through scripture we can receive a clearer picture (07/27/12) 1

A Submitted Heart (07/13/12)

The idea of worship is to humble ourselves (07/06/12)

A random act of kindness helps others, you (06/22/12)

Be a good steward of God's resources (06/15/12)

Don't let others discourage you from your destiny (06/08/12)

Self-pity can be one of the most damaging mindsets (06/01/12)

Don't envy when you see the wicked prospering (05/25/12)

"More Than a Pretty Face" (05/18/12)

It's tough to be positive in a negative world (05/04/12)

How do you react to others' successes? (04/27/12)

Believers should learn to walk in humility (04/20/12)

The Lord Alone Satisfies (04/13/12)

What is so good about "Good Friday?" (04/06/12)

Do Not Judge (03/30/12) 2

As Christians we should walk in graciousness (03/16/12)

God is faithful to complete the good work (03/09/12)

The next time you look in the mirror, see yourself as God sees you (03/02/12)

Choose to overcome an offense by loving, forgiving (02/24/12)

We can enjoy constant fellowship with God (02/17/12) 2

Through scripture we can receive a clearer picture (02/10/12)

The idea of worship is to humble ourselves (02/03/12)

Walking in the Favor of God (01/27/12)

Reading the Bible (01/20/12) 2

We feeble human beings need a Savior (01/13/12) 3

The Folly of Not Trusting God (01/06/12) 1

Every individual within the church is valuable (12/30/11)

Coping with Rejection (12/23/11)

The Lord comforts those who fear (12/16/11)

Combating Fatigue (12/09/11)

Tim Tebow vs. Goliath (12/02/11)

Our hope is in a God who keeps His promises (11/18/11)

Discouragement (11/18/11)

Gossip (11/11/11)

Dissension in the Family (11/04/11) 1

"Giants in the Land" (10/28/11)

Covered Bridge Festival in full swing (10/19/11)

Deborah: A Leader of God's People (10/14/11)

Behaving Wisely (09/30/11)

The reflection of God in the mirror (09/21/11) 2

Beyond the Prisoner's Bars (09/09/11)

Disciplines of Discipleship (09/02/11)

God Relents from Doing Harm (08/19/11) 2

Don't be hurt by the ugly P word ... Pride (08/12/11) 2

Overcoming a Critical Spirit (08/05/11) 3

Spiritual Parenting (08/05/11) 2

Shameless Persistence (07/25/11) 4

For the "Working" Class (07/16/11) 2

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