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Moving with a Heart of Compassion

Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2013, at 11:36 AM

"And when the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said to her, 'Do not weep'.

And He went forward and touched the funeral bier, and the pallbearers stood still. And He said, 'Young man, I say to you, arise [from death]' "!

(Luke 7:13-14, Amp)

Jesus was moved with a heart of compassion everywhere He went. When He saw the widow woman who was awaiting her (only) son's burial, He met with her face to face. Knowing that He would receive judgment and criticism for touching a dead body (which would be considered ceremonially unclean), He continued to show compassion to the woman who was experiencing deep pain and sorrow. He wasn't there to condemn or hurt her, HE was there to help her (regardless of man's ritualistic views or religious laws).

I wonder how many of us believers would omit what God has purposed us to do because of fear of rejection or fear of what other religious leaders may say, think, or do? Jesus was confident in knowing who He was and didn't hesitate in helping a widow woman in need. When He approached her He consoled her by simply saying, "Do not weep." We can imagine that at that instant, she saw His eyes of love and compassion towards her and was INSTANTLY healed. Healing her emotional pain would have been enough, but being moved with compassion, Jesus did the unthinkable and asserted His authority over death by bringing the young boy back to life.

Believers can use their privileges to help and encourage others or to condemn others, creating further damage. An individual who lacks compassion can ruin friendships, cause misunderstandings and put a wall between brothers and sisters. We have all been guilty of being insensitive at times, however, we must be mindful that what we say and do can damage and cause divisions (especially if you are a minister or church leader). A lot of critical statements are quite often unnecessary and probably better left unsaid.

In many cases the damage that is had is so deep that it takes a long time to heal, and in some cases people never heal. But we know that if we belong to Jesus, He can heal us as we surrender it to Him. Nothing is impossible for God to heal. If He can heal a widow woman and a dead boy, HE can certainly heal your every need too!

There are so many believers carrying around hurts from past experiences (some that stem from childhood). Although it is painful, Jesus can heal and set you free from the affects of negative, hateful words and experiences.

If you are struggling with the pain of having negative, abusive and hurtful things said or done to you, will you give it over to God today? Let Him heal you and place His love in your heart toward those who have hurt you.

Often negative words can come back echoing in our minds - but refuse to listen. One helpful thing you can do is to find out from the scriptures what GOD says about you, and in turn, see the love God has for others and move with a heart of compassion.

Christina is the founder of Relentless Love Ministries and lives in Linton. She is an active speaker, guest lecturer, and published author. For more information, questions, or comments, email chollensbe@mac.com .

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