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Resurrection is a reason to rejoice (04/17/14)

Looking for love in all the wrong places (04/04/14) 1

This, that, and some other things (03/24/14) 3

Football in Bloomfield and letters to vets (03/17/14) 2

Come on spring, I'm done with winter (03/11/14)

There's a lot to learn from eagles (03/03/14) 1

County school districts should consider consolidation (02/21/14) 13

Husbands, love your wives; wives, love your husband (02/14/14) 2

A trip down a snowy memory lane (02/07/14)

Roe vs. Wade is simply the wrong choice (01/24/14) 2

It's better to get it right than get it first (01/17/14) 2

Open letter to political candidates (01/10/14)

Indiana weather is full of changes (01/03/14)

A time for reflection and a fresh start (12/27/13) 1

The Good News of Christmas Day (12/23/13)

727 months 19 days (12/13/13)

Axe keeps a watchful eye on the sky for all of us (12/06/13)

Santa gives more than gifts (12/02/13)

Thankful by the grace of God (11/25/13)

What makes you happy? (11/18/13) 1

Declining enrollment comments are laughable (11/05/13) 53

Law enforcement needs your help (10/25/13)

Passing it on and healing up (10/14/13)

Who will be Eastern's bridge over troubled waters? (09/30/13) 1

County officials have tough job with budget (09/09/13) 1

Bloomfield man has idea that could protect students and teachers (08/27/13) 2

Start of the school year brings back memories (08/12/13)

4-H program has an economic impact in the county (08/05/13)

USS Indianapolis survivors to gather; story has a local twist (07/29/13) 1

Greene County 4-Her is an inspiration (07/23/13)

Greene County 4-H Fair opens Friday night (07/08/13) 1

We have a lot to be thankful for (07/01/13)

Education statistics troubling; Supermoon worth the wait; and a walk of faith (06/24/13) 2

Ride Solution offers an alternative when the gas pump prices get you down (06/17/13)

Carnegie Center has a lot to offer (06/03/13) 2

Much can be learned from Neve's birthday party (05/20/13) 1

Thanks to all of our mothers (05/13/13)

Volunteer firefighters deserve our praise (05/06/13)

There's plenty to like about Duck Dynasty and that's a fact, Jack!!! (04/29/13) 2

It's only a number (04/25/13)

Love overpowered fear of flying (04/22/13) 1

Bike adoption project's goal is to help many kids (03/25/13)

Is this consolidation one that needs to be talked about? (03/18/13) 1

Ruby goes south to research for an upcoming book (03/13/13) 1

Marsh Madness keeps getting better; excellent festival this year (03/04/13) 10

Local car enthusiasts give back (02/25/13)

Flower gesture by Linton mayor on Valentine's Day should be an inspiration to others to follow this random act of kindness (02/20/13)

Movie will offer good, family fun (02/11/13)

Interim WRV Superintendent is qualified for the job (02/01/13)

Long Hunters offer interesting story for visiting author (01/28/13) 1

40th year of Roe v. Wade offers hope for continuing trend of fewer abortions (01/21/13)

Locally organized benefit for Sandy Hook Elementary a success (01/15/13) 1

Grandma's way was best (01/07/13)

Another school shooting calls us to pray for victims, families, survivors (12/17/12) 8

Santa just adds to the Christmas holiday (12/10/12)

Decriminalizing 'pot' is not a good idea (12/03/12) 13

School vouchers having little impact locally (11/26/12)

Five grains of corn tell story of Thanksgiving (11/19/12)

She ran a good race; now is the time for her rest (11/12/12) 2

Vote! It is very important (11/06/12) 2

Stealing from 4-H youngsters is really low (11/05/12) 2

I was the among the first group of 18-year-olds to vote (10/29/12) 2

Campaign ads are out of control (10/22/12) 3

Uland had a big part with the hospital project (10/15/12)

Apple Cider returns as part of Apple Festival (10/08/12)

Autumn feel means it's time for Apple Festival (10/01/12)

It's not OK to smile in some states (09/24/12)

'Therapy putty' is same as my childhood toy (09/17/12)

Reaction to records request a bit baffling (09/10/12) 33

Visitor's center is just what we need (08/20/12)

Smoking policy lacking at local hospital; smoke shack still not moved at courthouse (07/30/12) 6

Cafe closure creates big void in Newberry (07/25/12) 1

Vital link to 4-H family passed away (07/16/12)

Drought and flash flood warning in the same day ---- must be Indiana weather (07/09/12)

Remember the importance of Independence Day (07/02/12) 9

Linton Freedom Festival sponsored Classic Cruisers celebrate 20 years (06/25/12)

Kitty takes a long ride to new home (06/18/12)

Americans keep hitting the highway and guzzling fuel (06/11/12) 1

Idea of starting a high school football program gets the boot at WRV (06/04/12) 42

Memorial Day holds a special, personal meaning (05/26/12)

2012 graduates, the future is yours ---- Seize it, but enjoy the trip (05/21/12)

Sticks, stones AND words hurt (05/14/12) 3

As the years accumulate, life has new meaning (05/07/12)

I really don't want or need six cats (04/30/12) 1

Misfortune with no fortune in my fortune cookie (04/23/12)

Self-defense law could pose problem to law enforcement (04/02/12) 1

Getting dirty is not such a bad thing (03/26/12)

Lawmakers put teeth into Open Door law (03/19/12) 1

Do you think your job is bad? Look around it could be worse (03/12/12) 2

Out-of-state shooting is real tragedy for many victims (03/05/12)

Local Guardsmen deserve our admiration (02/27/12)

Victims showed much bravery (02/22/12) 4

Board president pleased with direction of hospital's expansion/renovation project (02/06/12)

Uncertainty at NSA Crane, but WestGate Academy Conference Center moving forward (01/30/12)

Yesteryear outdoor fun seems to be lacking in current plugged-in times (01/23/12)

Time to start thinking about Marsh Madness (01/17/12) 1

Public is better off knowing the facts (01/09/12)

Family is the best present of all (12/19/11)

Christmas about much more than the hustle and bustle (12/12/11)

The twinkle in the eyes of the children tell the story of Indiana Rail Road's Santa Train (12/05/11)

Time zones evoke coal bucket full of ire among many Hoosiers (11/28/11)

There's much to be thankful for (11/21/11)

It's time for I-69 naysayers to let it go (11/14/11) 6

Bath salts have become a problem for local law enforcement (11/07/11) 1

Slow down in the construction zones...police are watching (10/31/11)

Joe Lucas turned out OK after his 10 lashes with leather whip (10/24/11) 5

Weldon dies in crash Sunday; Waggoner remembers Indy track wreck that he walked away from (10/17/11)

Thoughts on texting; I-69 in the fast lane (10/11/11)

Would you sign your online comment with your real name? (10/04/11) -1

Recycling bins are not trash cans. (09/19/11) 2

Rare shorebird spotted at Goose Pond FWA (09/12/11) 1

Plenty of life lessons learned at the fishing hole (08/29/11) 1

The little things can make you happy (08/22/11) 4

Reunion time: Still proud of my high school/hometown after 40 years (08/08/11) 2

Paddling questioned by some, but my Mom was a believer (08/01/11) 8

A sad reminder of a big problem (07/25/11) 4

Hog wrestling at the fair is a lot of fun (07/18/11) 8

Elimination of cursive penmanship instruction is a step back for education (07/11/11) 9

Learning trip to Florida being organized for students from area schools (06/27/11)

Fleming paints with his camera (06/13/11) 2

Area comes through in time of need (06/06/11) 1

Grandkids make 'Pops' proud: Lemonade sales go for a good cause (05/23/11) 1

Small town living is a priceless commodity (05/16/11) 5

Angell did a lot for community; poor voter turnout (05/09/11) 4

Get out and vote Tuesday; the good candidates need your support (05/02/11)

Another birthday: I'm 40 with 18 years experience or 14.444 measured in Celsius (04/25/11) 1

Flu bug, Lucky Charms and nearly $4 a gallon gasoline provides for interesting week (04/15/11)

Harris, Clark shows/events ran their course; legacy left of helping local students (04/08/11)

Alarm clock not ringing ushers in a bad morning start (03/25/11)

Talking straight about House Demo walkout (03/19/11) 31

Eventful week spurs questions and speculation (03/11/11) 5

Mayor Tom Jones: Man of vision and love for his hometown of Linton (03/06/11) 4

Mother believes justice done in special ed teacher slapping court case (02/25/11) 2

Abortion bills keep moving along (02/18/11) 6

4-H program teaches many life lessons; volunteers and members welcome (02/11/11)

Super thoughts on a 'I don't really care' Super Bowl Sunday (02/07/11) 2

Groundhog weather and frozen Hoosiers (02/05/11) -1

Good news from the groundhog hole (02/03/11)

UPDATED at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday - Winter storm watch blogging from the South Newberry Bureau (02/02/11)

Slain Indy police officer opens eyes of local law enforcement community (01/28/11) 2

Roe vs. Wade --38 years later; Ubelhor files pro-life bill in the General Assembly (01/21/11) 44

Singing down the highway doing 55 (01/14/11) 4

Email provides humble reminder we are still at war (01/07/11) 1

New Year's resolutions go in one year and out the other (01/01/11) 1

"Keeping Christmas" (12/23/10) 2

Snowballs, sledding and snow ice cream spark fond memories (12/17/10) 1

Zoning: It's time to make a decision (12/10/10) 13

Facebook helps keep people connected (12/03/10) 6

Tipton continues to serve his country (11/26/10)

Plenty of reasons to be thankful (11/24/10) 1

It's not our place to judge, even with rap Christian music (11/23/10)

Veterans are worthy of our praise and deserve a big 'thank you' (11/12/10) 4

Time to move on after the election (11/05/10) 11

Linton bank robbery still considered a 'cold case' (10/29/10) 2

Don't let our chance to ban the use of tobacco products in public places go up in smoke (10/23/10) 51

Department of Education wants parents of school children actively involved (10/15/10) 54

Breast Cancer Month should serve as a time of prayerful thanks and education (10/08/10) 3

Accident victim left her mark as a caring person who liked to help others (10/01/10) 5

Proposal offered by GCEDC leaves some questions unanswered (09/24/10) 8

Conditions at dog rescue mobile home reported to be improving (09/17/10) 6

County budget hearings a lesson in making lemonade (09/10/10) 8

Hunt doesn't allow her hearing disability to slow her down (09/03/10) 3

Thank God, prayer before governmental meetings in Greene County is not unusual (08/27/10) 13

'Z-word' monster pushed off the back burner (08/20/10) 56

Camping memories are priceless (08/16/10) 3

My heroes wear combat boots (08/16/10) 13

How difficult is it not to be rude? (08/06/10) 11

Attention complainers, whiners, downers, agitators, dividers and those filled with negativity (07/30/10) 46

WestGate at Crane Tech Park visionary passes; jobs picture keeps improving (07/23/10)

There's a local touch to state-wide food price survey (07/16/10)

Hot around the grill makes me very happy (07/09/10)

Reflect on our many freedoms and the patriots who made it possible (07/02/10) 4

Great-grandson looking for photos of Switz City founder (06/25/10) 2

Make sure to give your Dad a hug on Father's Day (06/18/10) 1

Don't forget to give your Dad a hug (06/18/10)

Could you pass a simple driver's test? Many people can't do it (06/11/10) 4

Losing a special friend brings back so many good memories (06/07/10) 5

Stray animal problem won't go away on its own (06/04/10) 10

The 'real Heloise' gives us a call (06/02/10) 2

Festival weekend benefits our county's students (05/21/10) 1

New NJROTC head is a straight-talking Marine (05/14/10)

New NJROTC head is a straight-talking Marine (05/14/10)

Bloomfield police officer lauded for his 'extra' efforts to serve the public (05/07/10) 3

It's important to learn about candidates before you vote (04/30/10) 10

Trying to make sense of the 'corn road' and school board bid snafu (04/29/10) 10

Bridge delay: A test of my patience (04/16/10) 5

Complain, complain, complain (04/09/10) 6

Let's stop the political bleeding (04/02/10) 14

What's wrong when a college basketball coach makes more than the governor in a state? (03/26/10) 5

Ward hopes to find help for families with autistic child (03/19/10)

County can build on success of Marsh Madness (03/12/10) 15

Dead skunks on the road sure sign spring is near (03/05/10) 6

Former Linton classmates hope to raise money for sign (02/26/10) 2

What will it hurt to slow down on Lone Tree Road? (02/19/10) 25

Greene County lost a good friend and a nice guy (02/12/10) 2

Manning, Brees both do a lot to help off the field (02/05/10) 1

What are the little things that make you happy? (02/05/10) 11

Bloomfield teen gets life lesson in honesty (01/23/10) 3

The 2010 Census does matter (01/15/10) 2

Solitude following surgery has opened new doors (01/08/10) 1

Reflect on how the new year can be a very good one (01/04/10) 1

'Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas.' (12/23/09) 6

Going under the knife again (12/04/09) 8

Do you need a special Christmas gift? Try this (11/30/09) 1

There are many reasons to be thankful (11/20/09) 3

Litter bugs really bug me (11/13/09) 6

Thank a veteran (11/11/09) 4

UPDATED: What in the world is persimmon pulp? Now I know (11/08/09) 10

Goose Pond photo calendars would make good holiday gifts (10/30/09) 2

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Obama administration needs to quit worrying about Fox News (10/28/09)

'Scalded Cat' pits Linton against Lyons golfers for the past 25 years (10/23/09) 1

Greene County community comes through for Deckard family (10/17/09)

I'm now a cat owner; I can't believe it (10/13/09) 11

Hobbled, but repaired and back in the loop somewhat (10/03/09) 6

Busy 'bad' news weeks; be respectful in web comments (08/29/09) 52

Statue has turned into a patriotic conversation piece (08/21/09) 2

Lawmakers should be open to town hall meetings regardless of the potential for some heat (08/14/09) 6

Final farewell to Billy Ed (08/07/09) 4

Community lost a real friend with the passing of Billy Ed (08/05/09) 2

Kid's data leaves some questions; Stewy's kidney donor surgery goes well (07/31/09)

Stewy's gift is pretty remarkable (07/26/09) 2

Bloomfield grad to be part of reality TV series (07/17/09) 2

It's fair time (07/10/09)

New regulations touch teens, bus drivers and puppy mills (06/30/09) 5

Gov. Daniels: Community newspapers are important (06/26/09)

My how things have changed (06/15/09) 8

A tragic week; hopefully next week will be better (06/06/09)

We all need to pray for the Risher family during this ordeal (05/29/09)

National Guard recruiter fighting a new battle (05/15/09) 4

Racer brothers fare well at area speedway (05/08/09) 2

Volunteer firefighters come to the rescue (05/01/09) 3

Eastern art teacher to enjoy summer learning opportunity (04/24/09) 5

Don't believe a Columbine kind of tragedy couldn't happen here (04/17/09) 2

Nobody was tougher than Calvertville native (04/10/09)

Greene County a vacation destination? Work underway to attract visitors (04/03/09) 14

UPDATED: Bald eagle's death may impact others (03/28/09) 5

Reality: I'm fat and need to drop some weight (03/20/09) 8

Indiana is a better place because of Dungy (03/13/09) 2

It will soon be time to celebrate 30 years of helping Greene County students (03/06/09)

Thanks to the National Guard; Purple Heart search 64 years later (02/27/09) 5

Basketball sectional isn't what it used to be ... thanks to the class system (02/20/09) 19

Greene County, area could use some stimulating (02/13/09) 27

Spec. Ortega proud to serve his county in the National Guard (02/06/09) 1

Bills worth watching now moving in the state legislature (01/30/09) 9

Good job Mitch, but don't change our clocks (01/16/09) 11

'I, me, my' ... how many this time Red? (01/09/09) 2

New Year's resolutions aren't easy to keep (01/02/09) 2

I'm on schedule to start my Christmas shopping frenzy (12/19/08) 4

Recount proves every vote is important (12/12/08)

Daddy's coming home tonight (12/05/08) 4

There is much to be thankful for (11/28/08) 1

What happened in the county jail has not been a joke (11/21/08) 16

Eastern School Board faces tough decision in how to replace 'Jim the Janitor' (11/14/08) 8

The morning after a historic Election Day (11/05/08) 44

Word of the day -- heavy voting (11/04/08) 2

Polls open with no major problems (11/04/08)

Exercise your right to vote on Tuesday (10/31/08) 1

Don't forget about the local elections (10/24/08) 3

Fire them all (10/17/08) 112

High-Lift Jack/MLE proposal for Army in the running (10/10/08) -1

The sting of death always hurts (10/03/08) 22

Drive down and see what is happening at WestGate Tech Park (09/29/08) 1

An open letter to anyone on the election ballot (09/19/08) 9

Let's quit bashing our police -- they did a great job nabbing the robbery suspect (09/11/08) 22

Palin ignites plenty of excitement; and media busy digging the dirt (09/05/08) 63

Please be respectful with Web comments (08/29/08) 40

There's hope for courthouse clock, maybe (08/22/08) 21

Big things at WestGate; thoughts on the VP selection (08/15/08) 7

We're so close but yet so far away (08/08/08) 10

It's not OK to air some issues in public (07/18/08) 6

Community rallies to help 4-H family (07/11/08) 2

Waterman needs signatures; web stats up; fair on the horizon (07/07/08)

Major Moves is providing major bucks for Indiana (06/27/08) 10

Pesky gnat and biting midge problem abuzz in the area (06/22/08) 7

The old Linton library building is worth saving (06/20/08) 4

Disasters bring out the best in people (06/13/08) 1

Believe it or not, local tornadoes are pretty rare (06/06/08) 1

Bless you, Gesundheit, and God bless you (05/30/08) 1

Pause to honor our fallen heroes (05/23/08) 1

Greene County blessed to have big weekend (05/16/08) 2

All the campaign bucks could be put to a 'better' use (05/09/08) 4

Please send your Mom a special wish right here; Mother's Day is Sunday (05/06/08) 1

Vote Tuesday for all the right reasons (05/04/08) 2

Guardsmen participate in mini-marathon event (05/03/08)

Turning 55 sure beats the alternative (04/25/08) 4

Smoke shack draws a lot of discussion (04/18/08) 9

Cageless chicken eggs? Are you serious? (04/11/08) 58

'Night crew' receives some interesting calls (03/28/08)

Change difficult, but necessary for this county (03/21/08) 3

The boom and shaking wasn't an earthquake (03/14/08) 4

Pray for the Todd family (03/11/08) 1

Indiana stuck in another Primary Election rut (03/06/08) 15

Cookies: A delicious way to get people to a public meeting (03/01/08)

Our flag and nation deserve our allegiance (02/27/08) 30

If spring is around the corner ... hurry up (02/22/08)

The world would be better if ... (02/01/08) 8

Roe v. Wade hits home with me (01/18/08) 26

Resolutions and unwanted e-mails (01/11/08) 1

Pause to remember Jimmie K. (12/30/07) 3

Holly Lynn to sing at Pacer's game; looking forward to 2008 (12/28/07) 2

Breaking away from holiday tradition (12/20/07) 3

Rambling thoughts and observations (12/14/07) 1

Global war will hit close to home again (12/07/07)

Every kid needs a spanking or two (11/30/07) 8

Hostettler to release book on Iraq war; Ellsworth's record speaks for itself (11/23/07) 9

Christmas season starts way too early (11/16/07) 5

Tourism can help us now, in the future (11/02/07) 6

What would your 'last supper' be? (10/25/07) 8

Smoking, cell phone bans in vehicles sounds like a good thing (10/05/07) 43

Patience pays off for Hudson (09/21/07) 8

Posting on this site is a privilege; don't abuse it (09/09/07) 23

Bloomfield double dribbles on filling AD job (08/30/07) 23

Great art work spruces up welcome to Bloomfield (08/24/07) 4

Change is tough to swallow, but necessary to progress (08/17/07) 10

Fewer Greene County school districts might be worth some discussion (08/03/07) 25

Harrah, Franklin did a lot for Bloomfield (07/19/07) 10

All the stink about hog wrestling is nothing but hogwash (07/10/07) 4

Angel finds a new home (06/25/07)

The Davis clan is smiling (06/24/07)

Balmy outside and indoors (06/21/07)

Newspaper loses a good friend (06/18/07) 1

'Democrat dog' gets frisky with the governor (06/08/07) 1

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