White River Valley Middle School Field Day 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018
Submitted photos

White River Valley Middle School held an end-of-the-year field day in May with several outdoor games and activities as well as indoor math and science games for students. Students enjoyed an active day competing and collaborating with one another as well as with teachers to celebrate the end of the school year. "The Parent-Teacher organization found the travel version of the American Ninja Warrior to come and set up a course for us here at the middle school," said WRV Middle School Principal Jason Walton. " We did not let the kids know until that day that they would be able to run through the courses. The PTO wanted to keep it a surprise. I think they all really enjoyed this and they all had a lot of fun with the surprise we had planned for them. We also had several games and activities created by the teachers and assistants that made a very nice transition to the American Ninja Warrior stations. It was a very nice end of year activity for all."