GCHS to sponsor room at Hebron Home for Boys in Lyons

Monday, January 20, 2020
By Patti Danner, Assistant Editor

Open Arms Christian Ministries held their “Join the Journey” fundraiser dinner on Monday, Jan. 20 at HEbron Home for Boys, located in Lyons. Among many guests present for the dinner and facility tours offered by Open Arms were several members of the Board of Directors for the Greene County Humane Society (GCHS). The GCHS had come prepared, bearing a check in the amount of $6,700, the cost to sponsor a room at the facility. “The community is good to us, and we wanted to give back.” said GCHS Board President Kathy Crouch. “Sharing your blessings with other community entities is important.” GCHS will sponsor a room in the emergency wing of the boys home and will decorate it with a domestic pet theme, in keeping with their values of dog and cat adoption. “We hope the pet theme will provide the boys comfort and a feeling of companionship during what may be a stressful time for them.” Crouch said.