Meee-YOWZA! Nine kitties compete at 4-H Cat Show

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
By Kristen Inman, Staff Writer

Nine cats competed in the 4-H Cat Show at Heshey Hall Tuesday night. "There were so many sweet kitties here tonight and I'm so glad you let me meet them," said one of the judges, Dr. Katy Harris of Heal Pet Care in Bloomfield prior to announcing the division winners. In the shorthair division, Socks, handled by Addison Stahl, won the title of Reserve Champion while Sox, handled by Geneviev Grav, was the shorthair Champion. Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion, respectively, were Kailyn Cooksey with Simba and Hannah Crowe with Charlotte. Both cats were also champions in the longhair division. While the thought of a cat show might conjure images of cats jumping through hoops, judge and 4-H Cat Club leader Susan Isenogle explained that it was more about judging the 4-H Cat club members' ability to care for and socialize their cats. All nine cats competing received blue ribbons and were judged by Harris and Isenogle on health, appearance, personality and disposition among other factors. Other competitors included Corinna Brown's Blackjack, William Isenogle with Simone, Bethany Nickless with LeeRoy and Kate Gibson with her longhair kitty Maria.