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Friday, Nov. 28, 2014
Thinking of the Loogootee community's loss (11/17/14)
The newsroom was keeping an eye on the reports coming out of Loogootee Wednesday as a blazing fire swept through several buildings in Loogootee's downtown area. Pictures from the scene posted by the Loogootee Tribune told the story of Loogootee firefighters battling monster raging flames, then help from several other fire departments arrived on the scene...
Your vote does count (10/30/14)
As the midterm elections draw closer, citizens from all over the United States will cast their vote on November 4 for their candidates of choice. Over the last couple of months, local candidates have been vigorously campaigning for votes across the greater Greene County area and whether it be advertising, signs, literature, or attending dinners and events, the candidates have been sending their message to the voters about what they wish to achieve if they are elected or reelected to political office.. ...