Letter to the Editor

Woman upset with Greene County Humane Society

Thursday, June 21, 2007

To the Editor:

I too have had a similar experience with the Greene County Humane Society. About three months ago a stray dog showed up in my neighborhood. I contacted the shelter regarding the animal several times due to the animal starving and being full of fleas and ticks.

We were treated rudely and made to feel like we were wasting their time. My neighbor had also called the shelter as well and at one point was told to catch the dog ourselves if it was such a problem. Later that week on a Saturday an employee showed up to attempt to catch the animal after I called both the county and city police to complain. I was told that he would try to live catch him so that he did not have to tranquilize him.

After 45 minutes or so the employee left and left a cage behind. On the next Monday the employee darted in, picked up the cage and left. The stray was on our porch in plain sight to be caught. What  happened to the tranquilizer? After that me and my husband started feeding the dog because it was clear that the Greene County Humane Society had abandoned him and I could not let the poor animal starve to death on my front porch. We also treated him for fleas and ticks.

I started researching and contacting rescue shelters that I found online in our area regarding the animal in hopes of finding a rescuer who may be able to help the dog. It took several weeks but a rescuer did come and save the poor dog and he is now being fostered. The dog ended up living on my porch for a month. I guess I should be saying thank you to the Greene County Humane Society for not doing their job. The stray's life was spared and he has now gotten a second chance. He will not be a statistic in the paper as "only a total of 56 euthanased."

It makes my heart feel good and all it took was two weeks of compassion and a little personal time. I do understand that shelters get full but this dog had been completely abandoned by the very people who's job it is to handle abandoned animals.

They are called the "Humane" Society even though I do not feel that humane is the word for how this dog had been left to starve and suffer. Catching this and other strays is what the shelter is for and in my opinion if you are so unhappy with your job that animals are left to suffer and people are treated rudely then it is time to find a new job and let someone in who really cares about the animals take your place.

I say the public needs to donate money to local rescuers who seem to be picking up the Humane Society's slack. Where is all the money going if they are knowingly letting animals suffer in the streets?

Kelli Rickelman