Letter to the Editor

Daniels has made some impressive moves in first term

Monday, June 25, 2007

To the editor:

On Saturday, June 16, Gov. Mitch Daniels announced he is running for a second term as governor of Indiana. Many have commented that he had stated he was a "one term governor".

While he has governed like he was not worried about running for a second term, taking chances and pushing through needed changes, he has never said he was not going to run for the second term. That was a "nasty rumor." He stated in his first campaign that he was running as an agent of change. He had seen the free spending policies of his predecessors, and was determined to change to one of responsibility. He has done just that. And, the results are great and positive for Indiana.

He has pushed through budgets, which were balanced so that Indiana could get out of debt. He has worked diligently to bring new, much-needed jobs to Indiana. The many new jobs, including the three major automobile manufacturing operations, are examples of his teams' success.

For our veterans, he pushed through new tax benefits for the active duty service members, which will assist them economically.

Yes, he championed and pushed through "daylight savings time" in Indiana. Many of us do not like that, but the economic gains from making that move have quickly shown themselves in companies staying here in Indiana and new firms moving into Indiana.

He pushed through the leasing of the Indiana Toll Road. Many misstate that he sold it. Indiana still owns the toll road. It is just now operated by a private firm that is obligated to upgrade it and to pay regular payments to the state and the several counties around the road.

The cash we received from this lease has permitted the state to immediately fund a 10-year transportation plan with the investments earning an estimated $175 million per year to be used for needed state operations.

In addition, while balancing the state budget and paying off the $2 billion debt, the governor paid down the debt to the teacher's retirement fund, which the past governors had chosen to "borrow" to use for current expenses.

Not bad for the first term. Just imagine what he can do in his second term where he is already has momentum and is moving forward before he is re-elected. Let's see just what he can do by giving him our support in 2008.

Bob Smiley