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Greene Superior Court Traffic Infractions

Friday, July 6, 2007

Adiki, Akoussoum, speeding

Arjon, Aaron I., no federal dot inspection

Arnett, Gary D., speeding

Arthur, Robert J., expired driver's license

Arthur, Roy M., speeding

Blainey, Ryan C., expired license plate

Blair, Preston, J., expired license plate

Blanton, Tara C., false or fictitious plates

Blanton, Tara C., speeding

Braun, Amanda K., speeding

Brett, Jennifer Jo, speeding

Brewer, Donald F., speeding

Broxton, Gary L., speeding

Bryant, Todd E., oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Buskirk, Jordan W., speeding

Butcher, Dustin M., financial responsibility

Caddell, Joshua S., speeding

Calvert, Elizabeth A., false or fictious plates

Carmichael, Jerry D., throwing burning material from vehicle

Cassel, Scott D., speeding

Cathey, Michael J., speeding

Cathey, Michael J., driving while suspended - infraction

Chambers, Charity N., speeding

Chambers, Kyle A., speeding

Church, Taneal C., no seat belt fastened

Cinamon, William W., speeding

Cockerman, Robert D., speeding

Collier, John D., disobedience to official traffic device

Conklin, Bailey D., no seat belt fastened

Conklin, Shannon K., no seat belt fastened

Conley, John R., speeding

Corbin, Eddie, oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Cory, Kenneth D., speeding

Crohn, Paul E., no seat belt fastened

Crouch, J. Andrew, speeding

Dawbenspeck, Darren R., speeding

Delaney, Bryan T., expired driver's license

Demoss, Scott A., speeding

Droste, Tyler B., speeding

Eads, Brandy J., knowingly perm. unauth. driver to drive

Eldin, Cheyenne N., possession of tobacco

Elliott, Randall S., driving on wrong side of road

Emery, M.K., speeding

Esparza, Daniel H., speeding

Espitallier, Richard R., driving while suspended-infraction

Fink, Albert H., speeding

Fish, James D., no seat belt fastened

Fitzgerald, Daniel P., speeding

Fleming, Lisa M., no seat belt fastened

Franklin, Brittney J., no seat belt fastened

Fuller, Alice, speeding

Gerkin, Scott E., speeding

Glenn, Melvin L., speeding

Gormong, Jason C., speeding

Gouckenour, Marilyn K., no seat belt fastened

Grabbe, Amanda L., speeding

Graber, Kevin D., no federal dot inspection

Hale, Aaron, expired license plate

Hale, Aaron, chile passenger restraint

Hall, Stacey D., speeding

Hall, Stacey D., false or fictious plates

Hallen, Lincoln, speeding

Hanson, Michael W., no seat belt fastened

Harden, Lesa R., no seat belt fastened

Harman, Timothy W., speeding

Hasler, James R., speeding

Hatton, William B., speeding

Hill, David G., speeding

Jaskson, Ashley J., speeding

Johnson, Marc C., speeding

Justak, Anthony P., speeding

Kail, Dawn R., disregarding automatic signal

Kiser, Howard L., speeding

Lamkin, Laura L., speeding

Leslie, Thomas A., speeding

Logsdon, Judy R., speeding

Lyons, Michael D., speeding

Maegerlein, Joe M., obeyance of markings or signs

Mathies, Nicholas A., speeding

McCammon, Gregory W., speeding

McCauley, Cynthia M., speeding

Miller, Brittany E., speeding

Morales, Miguel A., speeding

Morphew, Jacob A., driving while suspended-infraction

Murphy, Daniel W., speeding

Nickle, Randy J., no seat belt fastened

Nickle, Randy J., speeding

Noel, Staci N., following too closely

Page, Amanda C., no seat belt fastened

Pearson, Holly C., driving while suspended-infraction

Pearson, Steven B., failure to yield right of way hway inter

Pepmeier, Elaine S., speeding

Perez, Juan J., expired driver's license

Petosky, Regonel L., speeding

Phelps, James W., oper un-authorized area on orv

Pine, Terry W., driving while suspended-infraction

Pine, Terry W., child restraint violation

Pirtle, Deanna L., violation of license plate transfer

Pirtle, Kayla J., no seat belt fastened

Pitcher, Stephanie J., disobedience to official traffic device

Plitt, Michelle I., speeding

Porras, Jose V., speeding

Rambis, Katherine I., expired license plate

Rath, Randall R., speeding

Ray, Shaun D., expired driver's license

Rector, Laura A., speeding

Riker, Brian L., no seat belt fastened

Riker, Brian L., speeding

Roberts, Allen R ., speeding

Rollins, Brandon D., possession of tobacco

Romero, Carmen R., speeding

Rush, Jared M., speeding

Rush, Jared M., failure to use headlights when required

Sanchez, Fernando, driving while suspended-infraction

Sanders, Chad A., expired license plate

Scales, Amber L., expired driver's license

Sears, Timothy R., no seat belt fastened

Sheldon, Christopher E., speeding

Sheridan, William M., speeding

Shirley, Michael J., speeding

Sims, Douglas E., false or fictious plates

Sims, Douglae E., speeding

Singleton, Benjamin T., speeding

Sisler, Thomas C., speeding

Smith-Riker, Andrea L., no seat belt fastened

Smith, Tina R., no seat belt fastened

Smock, Richard T., disregarding automatic signal

Sparks, Brandon, D., financial responsibility

Sparks, Brandon, D., expired driver's license

Stinebaugh, Seth R., no registration plate or license

Stinebaugh, Seth R., financial responsibility

Stork, Bethany J., stop signs at intersections

Sumners, Robert M., speeding

Swanson, Dwight R., speeding

Targett, Beverly S., failure to signal when signal required

Thomas, Terra R., no seat belt fastened

Thomas, Terra R ., no license in possession

Thompson, Michael S., no seat belt fastened

Tilford, Leann E., speeding

Tinsley, Patricia J., speeding

Toothman, Matthew O., speeding

Townsend, Philllip D., failure t register motorboat

Tucker, Clarence D., speeding

Tucker, Jerry D., speeding

Upp, James L II, speeding

Wainman, Samuel N., speeding

Wall, Ronald G., speeding

Wallace, Jason, no license in possession

Wallace, Jason, speeding

Wallace, Jason, failure to use headlights when required

Wallisa, Terri J., no or improper taillight

Warren, Michelle L., slowing down, turning from direct course

Warren, Michelle L., probationary license violation

Welch, Paula L., speeding

White, Sheldon A., expired license plate

White, Sheldon A., expired license plate

Wiggins, David K., financial responsibility

Williamson, Alexander W., no federal dot inspection

Wininger, Arthur L., speeding

Wspitallier, Richard R., financial responsibility

Zintmaster, David L., speeding

Zuber, Larry J., speeding