Letter to the Editor

Did Bear the dog really have to be put to sleep?

Friday, August 3, 2007

o the editor:

On July 23, 2007 we discovered our dog and tie out were both missing. We began looking for Bear, but didn't find him. We then contacted the town garage to report our missing pet. We then received a visit from Kenny Tharp telling us that Bear had been taken to Greene County Humane Society because he was aggressive.

Bear might have looked scary because he had what the vet called cherry eye. He has played with our children and grandchildren, as well as adults. Bear has never exhibited any sign of aggression. We called the Humane Society only to learn our dog had already been put to death.

Bear didn't bite anyone, so where is the aggression? What happened to the two- bite law? Bear might have scared someone, but he didn't hurt anyone. We also received a ticket for Bear running at-large (which this would have been his first offense) at running at-large. Later, we received a phone call from Officer Tharp telling us to ignore the ticket, that he was going to tear it up.

There was a lot of discrepancy on the stories told between the Greene County Humane Society and Officer Tharp. One of the town employees we spoke to said Bear wasn't aggressive as we were told.

My point for this letter is this was definitely a needless death. If Bear was so aggressive, why wasn't he sedated when he was transported to GCHS? Who gave them the right to take his life when he did nothing wrong? If Bear did bite someone, we would have had 10 days to fight to get him back. Instead, we have to explain to our children and grandchildren what has happened to our family's beloved pet.

This makes two needless deaths in two months. Another dog, Samson, was loved by our whole neighborhood yet someone shot him several times. Remember the St. Bernard's that were shot several times!

What's next, poodles? Poor judgment was definitely used in Bear's situation. We can't bring our beloved pet back, but at least we can warn people how the Bloomfield police or Greene County Humane Society is not very humane. Officer Tharp should make better judgment calls -- after all he is our new town marshal.

Becky and Jerry Pate