Greene County Court News

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Greene Civil

Circuit Cases

United States of America v. Bonnie L. Jeffrey, et. al., mortgage foreclosure

HSBC Mortgage Services, INC v. Robert D. Rush, Deda L. Rush, mortgage foreclosure

Greene Superior

Criminal Cases

State v. Russell L. Alsman, theft

State v. Samantha Walton, theft

State v. Billy J. Utt, battery resulting in bodily injury

State v. Adam J. Couch, failure to stop after an accident

State v. William Shane Keller, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner that endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .08 grams but less than .15 grams of alcohol in blood or breath

State v. Brandon Hubbard, possession of marijuana

State v. James Leone, illegal possession

State v. Eric V. Peterson, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, intimidation, pointing a firearm

Traffic Infractions

Abel, Dustin F., operating ORV without registration

Alsman, Russell L., expired driver's license

Baldwin, Mary J., speeding

Capperucci, Daniele, speeding

Conway, Joseph A., possession of paraphernalia

Conway, Joseph A., speeding

Cox, Matthew L., speeding

Creech, William B., no seat belt fastened

Crouse, Charles T., speeding

Dilpone, Lawrence, speeding

Doris, Vickie K., speeding

Duncan, Rustan K., expired driver's license

Eastin, Jamie N., speeding

Edmonson, Michael O., oper un-reg ORV on public hwy

Fields, Amanda D., speeding

Fields, Amanda D., financial responsibility

Fields, Michael R., speeding

Fonseca, Jeffrey A., speeding

Fox, Brandton J., no seat belt fastened

Franklin, David L., speeding

Frayser, Rebecca L., no seat belt fastened

Ganser, George T., speeding

Garmin, Jennifer A., failute to yield right of way hway inter

Gillespie, Michael L., speeding

Hentschel, April, expired license plate

Hentschel, April A., speeding

Ikerd, Stacy J., expired driver's license

Ikred, Stacy J., false or fictitious plates

Jerrell, Nancy L., no seat belt fastened

Johnson, Johnathan C., no registration for ORV

Kaelber, Billy J., no seat belt fastened

Kaiser, Stacey N., speeding

Korsner, Louis H., speeding

Martin, Donna M., speeding

Maxwell, Floyd K., no seat belt fastened

McDaniel, Ricky D., speeding

Meadors, Jessica A., speeding

Melton, Kathryn C., speeding

Misner, Luke A., no seat belt fastened

Morgan, Dustin R., no seat belt fastened

Morin, Linda T., no seat belt fastened

Mumma, Melodye A., no seat belt fastened

Norris, Caleb A., speeding

Osman, Lynsey J., no seat belt fastened

Pavey, Cody A., false or fictitious plates

Perry, Ralph W., speeding

Pierson, Billy P., speeding

Poe, Caitlin W., speeding

Rapp, Devon J., speeding

Ring, Donald L., driving while suspended-infraction

Sevilla, Jose G., speeding

Simmerman, Kathleen, child passenger restraint

Simmerman, Kathleen, no seat belt fastened

Singleton, Roger D., no seat belt fastened

Smith, Jason A., no seat belt fastened

Snow, Sarah J., child passenger restraint

Snow, Sarah J., financial responsibility

Staten, David B., speeding

Steves, Sarah, disobedience to official traffic device

Walls, Diana H., speeding

Waltman, J. William Jr., speeding

Welty, Cheryl D., no seat belt fastened

Wildin, Dustin R ., no seat belt fastened

Wilkes, Sarah D., child passenger restraint

Willmott, David M., speeding

Wise, Nathan S., speeding

Witsman, Linda L., speeding

Young, Todd V., speeding

Allender, Paul M., expired driver's license

Anglin, James R., disobedience to official traffic device

Choate, James, speeding

Crichfield, Matthew B., speeding

Dawley, Tyler R., speeding

Dawley, Tyler R., speeding

Hubbard, Brandon N., expired license plate

Lewis, Tambra A., speeding

Love, Cordaryl, speeding

Marshall, Garry R., speeding

Terrell, Johathan, no seat belt fastened

Tord, Bernado M., speeding

Wallace, Wade V., no federal DOT inspection

Watters, Larry L., disobedience to official traffic device

Wise, Kevin E., disobedience to official traffic device

Witsman, Linda L., speeding

Property transfers

Brian W. Pohlman to Robert Lee Rose Jr. and Shea M. Cunningham, property in Greene County

Larry L. and Helen Jean Shute to Laurel M. and Marjorie Ann Hardisty, property in Greene County

Randall D. and Nancy J. Sapp to Kevin K. and Mary L. Molz, property in Greene County