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Greene County Court News

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



State v. Terry J. House, theft



State v. Zachariah Joseph Lucas, criminal deviate conduct, sexual battery


Beneficial Indiana Inc. v. William E. Mathers, collection

Kari J. Ladson v. Michael D. Ladson, dissolution


Hill Side Mobile Home Park v. George Jamison and Nicole Maynard, claim for possession

Bloomfield State Bank v. Marvin L. Robinson, account

Marcella McDaniel v. Anthony Lee Minks, note


Eric J. Frisbie, Owensburg, and Lyndsey L. Bailey, Bloomfield


Gordon J. Mouras and Mechelle L. Mouras to John B. Skirvin, property in Greene County

Sandridge Builders Inc. to Jack L. Hayes, property in Greene County

Claude Leon Holtsclaw to Howard R. and Margaret L. English, property in Greene County


Robert A. Abel, stop signs at intersections

Scott L. Atwood, speeding

Betty J. Beard, speeding

Kenneth R. Berry, speeding

Darlene Branigin, speeding

Jack C. Brinson, speeding

Jason L. Britton, speeding

Alex L. Butler, no seat belt fastened

Matthew Camden, expired driver's license

Matthew Camden, financial reponsibility

Matthew Camden, false or fictitious plates

Jackie L. Cazee, oper un-reg orv on public hwy

Stephen L. Combs, financial responsibility

Stephen L. Combs, expired driver's license

Stephen L. Combs, false or fictitious plates

Neilly J. Constable, speeding

William T. Dallmier, speeding

Jennifer N. Damron, no seat belt fastened

Robert E. Davis, no seat belt fastened

William R. Dickerson, expired license plate

Ryan M. Dotson, driving while suspended-infraction

Keith E. Duchemin, speeding

Cristin A. Duncan, no seat belt fastened

Terence L. Easton, speeding

Joshua P. Fish, expired license plate

Sherry L. Gaither, expired license plate

Judith R. Gearhart, speeding

Michael L. Geatches, speeding

Isaac C. Hale, no seat belt fastened

Travis J. Hale, no seat belt fastened

Andrew L. Hall, no seat belt fastened

Daniel P. Hamlin, speeding

Kathy M. Hampton, speeding

Marlin E. Harker, speeding

Jeanette F. Heaton, speeding

George A. Heid, no federal DOT inspection

Marisa N. Herrington, driving while suspended-infraction

Marisa N. Herrington, financial responsibility

Marisa N. Herrington, false or fictitious plates

Gary D. Higgins, speeding

Jennifer A. Hoffeditz, expired license plate

Elizabeth A. House, no seat belt fastened

James N. Jarman, expired license plate

Kevin J. Jerrell, no seat belt fastened

Kevin J. Jerrell, child passenger restraint

Corey J. Joyce, speeding

Sharon Kemp, speeding

Kent D. Kramer, no seat belt fastened

Tody E. Laney, speeding

David L. Laughlin, speeding

Larry S. Layne, no seat belt fastened

Jimmy L. Lemons, speeding

James C. Lile Jr., speeding

Natosha L. Livingston, speeding

Marlene McAtee, speeding

Jason J. McDonald, speeding

Justin M. McDonald, expired driver's license

Justin M. McDonald, financial responsibility

Mickey J. McGuinn, no federal DOT inspection

Mickey J. McGuinn, no federal DOT inspection

Josheana D. Meurer, no seat belt fastened

Lance C. Mitchell, no federal DOT inspection

Levi K. Moore, no seat belt fastened

Jennifer N. Mullen, speeding

Dustin L. Mullis, no seat belt fastened

Carole A. Myers, financial responsibility

Anne M. Nenno, speeding

Michael A. Peterson, no seat belt fastened

Michael A. Peterson, expired driver's license

Clint A. Pfaff, no seat belt fastened

Kayla J. Pirtle, driving while suspended

Joshua E. Pope, no seat belt fastened

Sherry L. Purcell, no seat belt fastened

Jerome P. Quigley, speeding

Robert D. Ream, expired driver's license

Donald F. Reed, lights

Timothy J. Rodman, driving while suspended-infraction

Jeannie L. Rosenbaum, no seat belt fastened

William L. Sherman, no seat belt fastened

Joshua D. Smith, speeding

Susan E. Smock, speeding

Michael W. Snyder, speeding

Nicole M. Southgate, speeding

Kevin Spangenberg, no seat belt fastened

Anthony J. Sparks, no seat belt fastened

Geoffrey J. Sullivan, speeding

Patrick L. Switzer, no seat belt fastened

Fredrick R. Tally, no seat belt fastened

Garry L. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

Johnny L. Turpin, no seat belt fastened

Amanda S. Vester, speeding

Bruce A. Walters, no seat belt fastened

Shane M. Wasnidge, driving while suspended-infraction

James D. Welch, driving on wrong side of road

Jeanette S. Williams, open container

Robert M. Wollam, no seat belt fastened