Letter to the Editor

Tired of dogs getting in her trash

Monday, October 8, 2007

To the Editor:

I live in Dugger and I abide by all of Duggers rules. I am personally fed up with rebagging my trash every single mother loving day because people of Dugger are responsible enough to get dogs , but not responsible enough to keep them off of everyone elses property.

Do you wanna buy my trash bags?

Do you want to go out in my yard and rebag it every single day?

I have one dog which stays on its leash at all times .My dog is my responsibility and I keep it that way.I put alot of time and effort into keeping my property decent and respectable you should be responsible and keep your dog off my property .I live close to senior apartments and i watch these senior citizens have to go out and rebag their trash as well.There has been town meetings telling you to keep your dogs put up or they would be taken care of.If you dont care enough about them to keep them put up so they dont get put under then you shouldnt have a pet.My daughter whom is also a cheerleader had practice the other night and the girls could not even have cheerleading practice for a stray dof theat kept bothering the girls.This has gotten to the point of being bull crap.Do what is right keep your dog,your resposibility on your property not mine..

Stephanie Murphy