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Greene County Court News

Wednesday, October 10, 2007



State v. Jeffrey Meier, resisting law enforcement

State v. Chad Sturgis, burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, attempted theft

State v. James Randal Kaiser, auto theft, auto theft with a previous conviction, auto theft, auto theft with a previous conviction, auto theft, auto theft with a previous conviction, theft


Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, FKA Centex Home Equity Company v. David L. Flynn and Michelle R. Flynn, mortgage foreclosure

Cach, LLC v. Rosalinda Patton, collection

Tanya Finley v. Carl Finley, dissolution

Chase Bank, USA, NA v. Ramon A. Gillespie, collection



State v. Judith M. Clark, public intoxication

State v. Ramse T. Agee, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner that endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement, operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license

State v. Ryan C. Wilson, illegal possession

State v. Forrest D. Bodine, invasion of privacy

State v. Clint E. Aaron, driving while suspended

State v. Tace C. Sparks, illegal possession

State V. Carol D. Graves, check deception


HSBC Bank Nevada v. Mark A. Dorman, collection


Timothy L. Abbott, speeding

Rigoberto Almaraz, speeding

George E. Anderson Jr., no seat belt fastened

Jarred P. Anthony, finanacial responsibility

Melody F. Archer, no seat belt fastened

George K. Arthur, no seat belt fastened

Tyler J. Blakely, unsage start from parked position

Carl F. Borgmeier, no seat belt fastened

Mark A. Brochin, speeding

Bobby J. Byrer, no seat belt fastened

Brandon T. Cantrell, speeding

Deepak Chaudhry, speeding

Joshua M. Chestnut, speeding

Scott A . Combess, speeding

Tyler L. Crow, speeding

John A. Dale, speeding

Christopher A. Danser, no registration plate

Christopher A. Danser, financial responsibility

Jeremy H. Demoss, expired driver's license

Jeremy H. Demoss, speeding

Amanda D. Donovan, speeding

Nathan G. Dove, no seat belt fastened

Judith E. Dudley, child passenger restraint

Judith E. Dudley, no seat belt fastened

Janet I. Dunn, speeding

Alison A. Eaton, speeding

Shantel N. Elkins, speeding

Brenda L. Englan, speeding

Jesus R. Esobar, speeding

Brad J. Farmer, no seat belt fastened

Nikki M. Fobes, speeding

Rachel E. Gilbert, child passenger restraint

Rachel E. Gilbert, no seat belt fastened

Larry W. Graber, speeding

Britany C. Greene, no seat belt fastened

Zachary K. Gurtz, speeding

Steven T. Hall, no seat belt fastened

Angella T. Hammock, no seat belt fastened

Eli T. Hawood, speeding

Clayetta R. Heacox, no seat belt fastened

Heather L. Horndasch, following too closely

Christopher A. Hubbard, no license in possession

Jason D . Inhofer, false or fictitious plates

Robert N. Isenogle, driving while suspeneded-infraction

John David Jerrell, speeding

Carly Jo Johnson, speeding

Ted R. Kalkhoff, failure to register motorboat

Mary A. Key, no seat belt fastened

Michael S. Knapp, speeding

Zachary R . Kuehner, speeding

Nickalaus A. Lacocq, no seat belt fastened

Anthony M. Leoncini, speeding

Melinda J. Lewis, speeding

J.T. Liles, speeding

Paul W. Lincoln, no seat belt fastened

Babette J. Lloyd, speeding

Jason A. Lundy, speeding

Ryan A. Magnuson, speeding

Jordan K. Mason, speeding

Heather J. May, no seat belt fastened

John W. McClain, speeding

Jason O. McDonald, no seat belt fastened

Jonathan S. McGuire, speeding

Amber M. Mollett, expiration and renewal of driver's license

Amber M. Mollett, no seat belt fastened

Brandon S. Moore, expired driver's license

Omar Moron, expired license plate

Omar Moron, speeding

Larry L. Newton, no seat belt fastened

Katie M. Ohanian, speeding

Austin T. Osborne, no seat belt fastened

James R. Page, stop signs at intersections

James M. Palmer, driving while suspended

Jude L. Pearson, no seat belt fastened

Steven A. Peeden, no seat belt fastened

Hernan Ponte, speeding

Steven E. Reed, speeding

Jerry D. Reynolds, child passenger restraint

Bobby J. Richardson, no seat belt fastened

Matthew W. Riggins, speeding

Douglas R. Rollins, speeding

Robert Sample Jr., speeding

Lance R. Shearer, speeding

Scott A. Shelton, expired driver's license

Bruce A . Shonk, disregarding automatic signal

Robert J. Siebenmorgen, no seat belt fastened

Ethan R . Smith, no seat belt fastened

Melissa K. Snead, no seat belt fastened

Donald L. Snow, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey K. Stafford, speeding

Cindy L. Stolz, speeding

Charles M. Strickland, speeding

Michelle E. Stubblefield, speeding

Chad Sylvester, possession of tobacco

Sara H. Tolbert, speeding

Shirlyn M. Trimble, speeding

Susan M. Wagner, speeding

Fowler M. Walters, speeding

Darrell R. White, speeding

Cynthia F. Wiley, no seat belt fastened

Timothy D. Wyatt, no seat belt fastened


Mark R. and Sharla D. Buckley to Billy G. and Paula J. Ringo, property in Greene County

Everhome Mortgage Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on Route 4, Bloomfield

James T. O'Brien to Denise M. Teeters, property in Greene County

Zaldy and Claudia Advincula to James L. Craig and JD Craig Investments LLC, property in Greene County

Harold E. Harrison to Jerry L. May, property in Sills Addition in Linton