Letter to the Editor

We must return to the rule of law, both civil and moral

Friday, November 9, 2007

To the Editor:

A "coffee mate" and I were discussing religion the other morning and as usual, he lined me out on a couple of points.

Since he is a man of the cloth, I gave some consideration to his viewpoint. He ascribes to the doctrine that says. "There are no absolutes." Do what's right in your own eyes.

I pondered on this idea for a while and even studied in the New Testament. I learned that, doctrine is wrong. That doctrine worships the creature instead of the Creator.

I pay a lot of attention to the news, both local and global. I can see where that doctrine permeates, not only our religions, but also our social entities. This attitude is universally accepted as the yardstick to measure by.

A thorough scrutiny of this theory exposes, not only the error of this doctrine, but also the damage it has done and will continue to do in our society. A casual attitude about rules and laws makes it easy to break these rules and laws. Without law, there is chaos. The events of our times, suggests that chaos is the rule.

We find this damaging doctrine is being taught in our establishments of learning, as well as in some of our churches.

Shouldn't we be more careful of the doctrines that we espouse?

All I need to do is review my life and I can see how wrong this doctrine is. It seems to be the doctrine I have lived by. I learned, I have met the enemy and it is me.

If we ever hope to save our great nation, we will return to the rule of law. The guidelines, both civil and moral have value. We can enjoy life more, by living by the rules. Why doesn't everyone try it for awhile? We can be surprised by the results.

Thanks for listening.


Robert M. Weyer