Letter to the Editor

Greene County Humane Society thankful for support

Friday, November 9, 2007

To the Editor:

I'd like to thank Anna Rochelle for a terrific story on the White River Valley seventh-graders who raised so much dog food for the animal shelter. The enthusiasm and hard work certainly deserves recognition.

I'm extremely excited that WRV got involved to help the shelter animals, and I hope they'll continue to help out. Altogether, the junior/senior high school raised an astounding 1,425.25 pounds of food and treats for the many abandoned canines that end up at the shelter. This is a tremendous community service.

I'd like to add that WRV was not the only school involved. Bloomfield High School was the first to jump on the bandwagon for my "Feed Fido" campaign, and Bloomfield students of all ages have supported the Greene County Animal Shelter for some time. For this campaign, they'll be donating $50 for the shelter manager to buy dog and puppy food.

I hope all the students understand the reason behind the need for the donated food: People who don't spay and neuter their pets contribute to the unwanted pet population, and those unwanted animals more often than not find their way to the animal shelter, which is a nonprofit entity that runs primarily on donations and fundraisers.

There's almost always assistance for spay and neuter procedures. Check with the animal shelter or look online ... just spay and neuter your pets so we can someday eliminate the need for dog-food drives like "Feed Fido."

Many thanks to WRV and Bloomfield students and their friends, family and educators who helped them raise food and money during the "Feed Fido" drive.

Andrea McCann

Greene County Humane

Society member & Feed Fido chair