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Greene County Court News

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



State v. Jeremiah E. Damron, intimidation


LVNV Funding LLC v. Teresa A. Wilerson, collection



State v. Kyle G. Minet, burglary, theft

State v. Travis L. Harding, burglary, theft

State v. Kenneth D. Marles, driving while suspended

State v. Dale E. McCutcheon, trespass

State v. Jeremy L. Mitchell, trespass

State v. Thomas W. Cody, illegal possession of a deer


Terry L. Hall to Kelvin McPheeters and Juanita Copple, property in Kaufman's Third Addition in Lyons

Joretta A. Dixon to Monty and Stephanie McKim, property in Island Coal Company's First Addition in Linton

Sherald and Diana Sisil to Sherald D. and Cheryl Diana Sisil as co-trustees under the Sisal Family Trust, property in Greene CountyClaire M. Abel, speeding


Debra L. Baird, speeding

Maureen B. Braun, stop signs at intersections

Evan M. Brothers, speeding

Evan M. Brothers, obeyance of markings or signs

Rhonda G. Brown, speeding

Jackie L. Busenburg, speeding

Sandra S. Clark, no license in possession

Brittany M. Cobb, expired driver's license

Brittany M. Cobb, financial responsibility

Ernest C. Cullison, no seat belt fastened

Clifford J. Doane, no seat belt fastened

Shepard N. Dunn, speeding

Daniel J. Edwards, speeding

Robert L. Flynn, expired driver's license

Manuel Gil, speeding

Alfie L. Griffin, speeding

Maurice K. Grubbs, no registration plate

Maurice K. Grubbs, no or improper taillight

John A. Haarlow, speeding

Andrew W. Hall, no seat belt fastened

Anne M. Harvey, speeding

Jody L. Jerrell, speeding

Garrett W. Kaho, disobedience to official traffic device

Garrett W. Kaho, expired driver's license

John T. Laughlin, overweight gross

Patrick R. Linderman, expired license plate

James R. Lyon Jr., speeding

Steven B. Maddox, possession of tobacco

Dennis R. Marlowe, expired license plate

Joshua P. McGall, speeding

Tangela D. Miller, no seat belt fastened

Amanda D. Moore, following too closely

Steven M. Morrow, Jr., no seat belt fastened

Cindra S. Mullis, child passenger restraint

Tony L. Myers, speeding

Zachary E. Nardine, no license in possession

Bryan K. Owen, no seat belt fastened

John A. Penick, financial responsibility

John A. Penick, speeding

John A. Penick, false or fictitous plates

JanMichael, Pfaff, speeding

Terry J. Pigg, speeding

Tracie D. Purcell, no seat belt fastened

Nicholas W. Raber, no federal dot inspection

Joshua E. Roberts, speeding

Allen Rutkowski, no federal dot inspection

Amanda C. Sage, no seat belt fastened

Gary L. Sears, possession of tobacco

Siler J. Sexton, speeding

Jeff L. Sherman, expired driver's license

Christopher L. Sherrow, expired license plate

Angela D. Stevens, expired license plate

William C. Thompson, driving while suspended

William C. Thompson, financial responsibility

William C. Thompson, false or fictitous plates

William C. Thompson, no registration plate or license

William C. Thompson, no license in possession

Eric L. Toon, speeding

John M. Viellieux, financial responsibility

John M. Viellieus, expired license plate

Jessica Wilson, no registration plate

Jessica Wilson, financial responsibility

Robert J. Wolfe, speeding

Robert J. Wolfe, no motor fuel tax permit

Robert B. Wright, disobedience to official traffic device

Melissa A. Enningfield, speeding

Jamie A. Asher, speeding

Norman E. Ayers, no seat belt fastened

Cory B. Baker, no seat belt fastened

Paul Balder, no seat belt fastened

Ashley L. Baughman, no seat belt fastened

Kent E. Benjamin, speeding

Naomi R. Birch, speeding

Roma B. Bogard, obeyance of markings or signs

Danny L. Bowman, speeding

John A. Brandt, speeding

Alice J. Brennan, speeding

Brock A. Brochin, no seat belt fastened

Andrea A. Buescher, speeding

Sheryl L. Carpenter, speeding

Russell G. Christy, speeding

Paul R. Clapp, speeding

Justin T. Clark, no seat belt fastened

Ava M. Cohoon, speeding

Tasha L. Collenbaugh, obeyance of markings or signs

Stacy L. Craft, speeding

Ernest C. Cullison, no seat belt fastened

Cheryl A. Deem, speeding

Jacqueline M. Dixon, stop signs at intersections

Melissa Dixon, no seat belt fastened

Tammy Donaldson, no seat belt fastened

Paul C. Dove, speeding

Douglas K. Duncan, no seat belt fastened

Eldon L. Dunford, speeding

Kenneth I. Dunning, speeding

Shirley K. Duren, speeding

James A. Earls, speeding

Timothy M. Edelman, no seat belt fastened

William L. England, no seat belt fastened

Tyler Fields, no seat belt fastened

Eric S. Floyd, aiding minor to possess alcohol

Eric S. Floyd, aiding minor to possess alcohol

Phillip Gallagher, Jr., no seat belt fastened

Nicholas J. Galloway, no seat belt fastened

Amanda N. Giles, child passenger restraint

Kathryan L. Goodson, no seat belt fastened

Robert L. Grantham, expired license plate

James M. Griesse, speeding

Elese Y. Haldeman, no seat belt fastened

Michael L. Haldeman, driving while suspended-infraction

Anthony L. Hall, speeding

Cathy J. Hamilton, speeding

Eric S. Hammes, speeding

Edward A. Harris, no seat belt fastened

Deborah A. Hayes, speeding

Matthew S. Hayes, speeding

Wesley R. Hickle, speeding

Brian G. Hise, throwing burning material from vehicle

Kevin D. Hopkins, speeding

Ross P. Hughes, speeding

Britani D. Hutchinson, speeding

Christopoher P. Jennings, no seat belt fastened

Bruce G. Johnson, speeding

Pam S. Kirschner, no seat belt fastened

Emery Knepp, no seat belt fastened

Mitchell V. Kottarski, speeding

Benny C. Lackey, speeding

Thomas C. Lawrence, Jr., speeding

Gary A. Lemon, speeding

Michael Manning, no seat belt fastened

Gloria L. Marlowe, no seat belt fastened

Richard D. Martin, speeding

Thomas E. Martin, speeding

Dale G. McCuthean, driving on wrong side of road

Jana M. Meade, speeding

Steven W . Meurer, no license in possession

Scott D. Mifflin, speeding

Tamara K. Miller, speeding

Linda G. Minnis, speeding

James W. Montgomery, obeyance of markings or signs

Michael E. Moore, speeding

Brenda K. Morrison, child passenger restraint

Steven J. New, speeding

Steven J. New, no seat belt fastened

James W. Newman, speeding

McKinley Owens, speeding

Jon R. Papp, speeding

Jessica A. Parrish, speeding

Linda K. Pearson, speeding

Janel D. Pierce, speeding

Joshua D. Pittman, no seat belt fastened

Tammy D. Plann, child passenger restraint

Tammy D. Plann, no seat belt fastened

Tammy D. Plann, expired license plate

Brandon M. Plonk, registration and license plate

Glendolene K. Poole, speeding

Eric S. Reed, child passenger restraint

Chad A. Richardson, speeding

Donald R. Robinson, speeding

Nicholas G. Rockwell, speeding

Katie D. Rodgers, child restraint violation

Lydza R. Rodgers, speeding

Brian K. Roth, speeding

Byron D. Royal, speeding

Gary D. Sample, no federal dot inspection

Luis Sanchez, expired driver's license

Tonya E. Secrest, no set belt fastened

Michael L. Segal, speeding

Lisa D. Seymour, following too closely

Stacey M. Siemantel, speeding

Linda L. Simmons, speeding

Vanita J. Smart, speeding

Vanita J. Smart, no registration plate or license

Bethany M. Soriano, speeding

John D. St. Clair, Jr., speeding

Jeremy A. Stephens, obeyance of markings or signs

Dean V. Stuckey, speeding

Ronald P. Tanglao, speeding

Julia C. Thomas, speeding

Danielle J. Tucker, speeding

Johnny L. Turpin, no seat belt fastened

James D. Vestal, no seat belt fastened

David E. White, speeding

Jacinda D. Wilcox, expired license plate

Jacinda D. Wilcox, no license in possession

Jamie D. Wilkerson, speeding

Jason P. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Jonathon E. Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Melinda Wilson, no seat belt fastened

Steven L. Wiswell, speeding

Jordan S. Wolfe, no seat belt fastened

De Long Zhu, no federal dot inspection