Letter to the Editor

Man asks: What is the reason for the season?

Monday, December 3, 2007

To the Editor:

The season is here again. The stores are decorated, the people run all over each other to get ahead of the line for the "Holiday Specials." This is the "make-or-break" season for many merchandisers. People are greeting each other by saying "Happy Holidays." Credit cards are being "maxed out," budgets are being destroyed, debt and financial insecurity is rife. Why? "What is the reason for the season?"

What is so important about the month of December, to make people behave the way they do?

Is it the Winter Solstice, that inspires the anticipation for the climax? Are we celebrating the snow, cold and rising heat costs? Are we anticipating driving on slippery surfaces? Or walking on them at the risk of a bad fall and possible injuries?

Since the secularists have removed "Christ" from our lives, what is the reason for all the celebration? I see no reason for all this fuss in December. Couldn't we do all of this in warm weather? Many people go south for the winter. That eliminates snow as the reason. The colors of red and green are more vivid in the spring, than they are in December.

The spirit of love and consideration should be a year-round event. It just isn't clear why we should celebrate, like we do in December. It makes no sense to me to blow the budget and the savings for such an obscure reason. I for one, have no enthusiasm, to fill the coffers of big business so they can show a profit for the year.

Although I like snow, I don't think winter weather is a good reason for such an extravagant celebration.


Thanks for listening,

Robert M. Weyer