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Greene County Court News

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



William L. Akard, speeding

Katherine D. Allen, speeding

Larry L. Allen, no seat belt fastened

Michael J. Alsman, open container

John S. Anderson, no seat belt fastened

Shasta R. Anderson, no seat belt fastened

Frette M. Annette, speeding

Connie S. Baker, speeding

Dawn N. Baker, no seat belt fastened

Shane K. Barnes, no seat belt fastened

Robert J. Berube, Jr., expired driver's license

Elizabeth C. Boothby, speeding

Teresa P. Boyd, speeding

Charles R. Buescher, speeding

Jeremy A. Callison, no seat belt fastened

Ryan A. Campbell, no seat belt fastened

Shannon C. Carter, financial responsibility

Shannon C. Carter, speeding

Shannon C. Carter, no registration plate or license

Shannon C. Carter, false or fictitous plates

Joan C. Chappell, speeding

Zhong Yuan Cheng, speeding

Zhong Yuan Cheng, expired license plate

Kenneth B. Clark, speeding

Terry L. Clark, false or fictitous plates

Terry L. Clark, financial responsibility

Amber R. Clayton, speeding

Amber R. Clayton, speeding

Jason S. Coker, speeding

Roy P. Collier, speeding

Douglas R. Cothron, speeding

Gregory R. Cragun, child passenger restraint

Gregory R. Cragun, child passenger restraint

Gregory R. Cragun, speeding

Darren S. Cromer, speeding

Patricia L. Sims Culley, speeding

Braylin L. Cullison, no seat belt fastened

Julie M. Dant, speeding

Robert Davis, possession of tobacco

Robert A. Deckard, expired license plate

Steve A. Deem, no seat belt fastened

Richard D. Donaldson, speeding

William E. Dunn, speeding

Richard G. Dyer, no seat belt fastened

Wendi Elliott, possession of tobacco

Sarah S. Estes, speeding

Cheryl D. Evans, speeding

Cheryl D. Evans, imp. passing another veh. in opp. dir

Gary W. Fagg, speeding

Isaac W. Fields, possession of tobacco

David L. Friedel, speeding

Michelle L. Gabbard, false or fictitous plates

Christopher R. Gambill, seat belt violation

Denise N. Gibbs, speeding

Robert J. Gray, speeding

Drew P. Grimm, speeding

James E. Grizzell, obeyance of markings or signs

James E. Grizzell, speeding

Rachael R. Hall, possession of tobacco

Jesse W. Hamilton, financial responsibility

Jesse W. Hamilton, false or fictitous plates

Russ D. Hash, no seat belt fastened

Ashley K. Hibbard, driving while suspended-infraction

Ashley K. Hibbard, financial responsibility

Shayne L. Hill, false or fictitous plates

Lee J. Hoefling, speeding

Tommy C. Humphries, speeding

Ivaylo Z. Ivanov, no federal DOT inspection

Jennifer L. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Robert D. Jones, obeyance of markings or signs

Nicholas P. Kelp, speeding

Doyle G. Kifer, speeding

Shane Kirk, possession of tobacco

Oleg V. Kotlyarov, speeding

Scott A. Lagle, speeding

Keith P. Landry, speeding

Patricia L. Later, speeding

Chad W. Leighty, no federal DOT inspection

Allison M. Lundy, speeding

Samuel A. Lute, no registration plate

Terrence W. Major, speeding

James N. McCullough, false or fictitous plates

James N. McCullough, no registration plate or license

Lacey M. McQuinn, speeding

James A. Mejean, no seat belt fastened

Courtney J. Merkel, speeding

Timothy L. Merry, expiration and renewal of driver's license

Christopher S. Middleton, speeding

David Millem, speeding

David L. Millem, driving while suspended-infraction

Kasey B. Miller, speeding

Eric Thomas Mishler, speeding

Dennis L. Mitchell, speeding

Lester E. Mobley, speeding

Andrew C. Moore, speeding

Ethan J. Neff, speeding

Brandon E. Newmann, speeding

Anthony L. Nichols, speeding

Monte L. Nickless, no seat belt fastened

Heath M. Padgett, no federal DOT inspection

Bradley Park, possession of tobacco

Jesse G. Patton, unsafe start from parked position

Frederick R. Peterson, no seat belt fastened

James D. Phegley, no seat belt fastened

Jack L. Powless, speeding

Daniel R. Purdue, speeding

Darrell W. Raber, speeding

Acacia L. Ramage, failure to yield right of hway inter

Al W. Rees, speeding

Kyler Reynolds, obeyance of markings or signs

James L. Ringo, speeding

Irvan D. Robbins, no federal DOT inspection

Robert Armondo Rodriguez, speeding

Marc A. Royal, no seat belt fastened

Marc A. Royal, driving while suspended-infraction

Clinton A. Rumble, speeding

Brittany A. Sarver, speeding

Becky A. Schonberger, speeding

Lynford A. Schrock, speeding

Jeremy J. Seal, speeding

Troy M. Sergesketter, speeding

John R. Sexton, speeding

Joshua CA Shipley, no seat belt fastened

Joshua CA Shipley, speeding

David M. Skinner, slowing down, turning from direct course

David M. Skinner, open container

Lawrence E. Smith, speeding

Tommy C. Smith, stopping at railroad crossings

Scott Sozzi, following too closely

Melissa R. Stanifer, no seat belt fastened

Justin E. Stanley, no seat belt fastened

Justin E. Stanley, speeding

Jeffrey J. Stevenson, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey J. Stevenson, expired license plate

Jonathan L. Stewart, expired license plate

Cory D. Stinson, speeding

Amanda D. Thompson, disobedience to official traffic device

Phillip Tom, speeding

D.J. Trout, speeding

Larry J. Tucker, disobedience to official traffic device

Sandra E. Vaughn, speeding

Dennis R. Vuichard, failure to have right of way at unmarked

Andrew J. Wallace, speeding

David L. Wallace, driving while suspended-infraction

Garrie J. Ward, speeding

Michael S. Wells, speeding

Jane M. Wolsiffer, speeding

Kristin A. Workman, expired driver's license

Christopher Worthington, expired license plate

Gail W. Zimmerman, no seat belt fastened

Gail W. Zimmerman, expired license plate