Good luck to new council members

Friday, January 4, 2008

With the recent swearing in of newly elected officials throughout Greene County comes differing opinions and many questions.

The face of the Bloomfield Town Council has completely changed as three new board members met for the first time this week. Changes have also been made on the Linton and Jasonville City Councils as well as the Lyons Town Councils.

Being new to a council requires getting one's feet wet -- so to speak. Many questions will be asked and much will be learned.

As a news writer, I realize the more one attends public meetings the more one understands the functions of local government. But it is a continual learning process.

Public officials can't please everyone. No matter what, someone somewhere has a problem with something. So, being in the public eye leads to scrutiny and compliments don't come around as often as complaints.

Good luck.