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Greene County Court News

Friday, January 18, 2008



Amber Posey Allen v. Miranda Todd, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, civil tort

HSBC Bank USA NA v. Joshua Dillery, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Moore Financial Enterprise Inc. DBA Lenders Diversified, mortgage foreclosure

LVNV Funding LLC v. Marsha A. McClanahan, collection



Jeff Allen Sylvester, domestic battery

James A. Bowlen, domestic battery

Anthony Wayne Sowders, possession of controlled substance, theft, public intoxication


Emily A. Abaray, speeding

Emily A. Abaray, expiration and renewal of drivers' license

Timothy J. Abbott, speeding

Timothy J. Abbott, speeding

Ellen Anderson, financial responsibility

Ellen Anderson, false or ficitious plates

Rodney Bailey, expired driver's license

Laura S. Bair, speeding

Bradley W. Barnes, speeding

Gary L. Beckman, speeding

Scott A. Bell, speeding

James E. Bennett, expired license plate

Edward E. Bentley, no federal DOT inspection

Fintan S. Blessinger, speeding

Joshua A. Bohnert, speeding

Megan L. Boulanger, speeding

Brody N. Boyd, financial responsibility

Paul R. Brewer, no seat belt fastened

Jacob D. Brodie, expired license plate

Amanda J. Brown, speeding

James D. Brown, no seat belt fastened

Brandi J. Burgess, no seat belt fastened

Chad M. Burnett, no seat belt fastened

Clint M. Burris, following too closely

Byron B. Byers, speeding

Russell L. Byers, expired driver's license

Russell L. Byers, driving on wrong side of road

Eric S. Casad, speeding

Derrick L. Combs, slowing down, turning from direct course

Derrick L. Combs, expired driver's license

Mitchell W. Corbin, speeding

Matthew B. Crichfield, no license in possession

Kevin A. Croft, no seat belt fastened

Debra J. Cropp, speeding

Debra J. Cropp, child passenger restraint

Debra J. Cropp, child passenger restraint

Ritchie L. Curry, no seat belt fastened

Christopher T. Dona, speeding

Paul C. Dove, no seat belt fastened

Delight D. Engel, speeding

Paulin M. Flores, possession of paraphernalia

Jeffrey S. Foster, speeding

Jim A. Fulford, no seat belt fastened

Rebecca L. Fuller, disregarding automatic signal

Kippy J. Gardner, no seat belt fastened

Joshua E. Gephart, improperly passing to the left

Gina M. Giles, speeding

Michael J. Goedde, imp. passing another veh. in opp. dir

Richard H. Goren, speeding

Eric J. Graves, height violations

Danille P. Hayden, speeding

Thomas B. Hayes, speeding

Richard A. House, speeding

Brock D. Howell, speeding

Jessica R. Huffman, obeyance of markings or signs

Doris J. Hughes, driving while suspended-infraction

Doris J. Hughes, false or ficitious plates

Traci L. Inman, registration and license plates

Kelsey L. Ison, possession of paraphernalia

Danny R. Ivers, speeding

Noel A. Jackson, no seat belt fastened

Ashley D. Jochum, speeding

Ryann A. Johannes, speeding

Thomas Jones, driving while suspended-infraction

George B. Jordan, speeding

Kyle A. Kamman, speeding

Russell R. Keene, no seat belt fastened

Norman E. Kempf, speeding

Garrett R. Kerr, speeding

Aaron J. Kissell, no seat belt fastened

Tyler R. Kumpf, speeding

Jarod A. Lee, no seat belt fastened

Jonathon S. Loya, speeding

Martin F. Marquez, driving while suspended-infraction

Eric M. Martinez, speeding

Dennis L. Mehringer, speeding

Jerick. T. Mills, imp. pass another veh on left

Timothy S. Morrow, speeding

Lynda E. Moses, speeding

Freddie J. Neidigh, speeding

Jon D. Neiswanger, speeding

Victor A. Overman, no seat belt fastened

Rebecca J. Padgett, no seat belt fastened

Kent L. Parisien, speeding

Jacob N. Parrott, no seat belt fastened

Christopher R. Pashley, no seat belt fastened

Andrew J. Pieper, speeding

Nathan A. Pitt, speeding

Nathan A. Pitt, following too closely

Rachael A. Ponton, speeding

Matthew A. Porter, speeding

Albert A. Pozzi, no seat belt fastened

David W. Reed, speeding

Brandon R. Roberts, speeding

Ronda L. Roberts, speeding

Trudi L. Robertson, expired license plate

Dustin E. Shepard, speeding

David J. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Misty D. Sowders, driving while suspended-infraction

Thomas W. Sparks, no seat belt fastened

Christina D. Stantz, no seat belt fastened

Vickie D. Stantz, no seat belt fastened

Danny K. Stewart, no seat belt fastened

Greg L. Strain, speeding

Daniel W. Terrell, speeding

Trent M. Thomas, speeding

Gerald L. Thompson Jr., speeding

Kathy S. Thompson, littering

Chris L. Turley, speeding

Darla S. Vaughn, driving on wrong side of road

Solomon J. Vester, no federal DOT inspection

Brian K. Wall, speeding

William W. Ward, no registration plate

Season D. Weddle, speeding

Jon D. Williams, no license in possession

Jon D. Williams, speeding

Cogan L. Wooley, speeding

Jacob D. Brodie, expired licence plate

Robert J. Clifft, disregarding official traffic cont. dev.

Robert J. Clifft, disregarding official traffic cont. dev.

Robert J. Clifft, speeding

Robert J. Clifft, disregarding official traffic cont. dev.

Scott T. Cooksey, unsafe start from parked position

Courtney M. Davis, speeding

Stephen A. Fagg, no seat belt fastened

Scott A. Lagle, no seat belt fastened

Tyler, Payne, possession of tobacco

Timothy A. McCutchean, driving while suspended-infraction

John S. Payne, obeyance of markings or signs

John S. Payne, driving while suspended-infraction

Marcus G. Pulis, no seat belt fastened

Russell W. Vandiver, oper un-authorized area on orv

Ryan J. Walls, speeding


Chad and Shawnna Christian to Ronald L. Yoder, property in Greene County

Ron E. and Jerilyn P. Evans to Everett Honchell, property in Jasonville