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Greene County Court News

Thursday, January 31, 2008



Capital One Bank v. Lance Keene, collection

Anthony M. Dilorenzo v. State of Indiana by its Prosecuting Attorney, Jared Holtsclaw, State of Indiana, civil miscellaneous

Arrow Financial Services LLC v. Joe Morrow, Janet Morrow, collection

Bank of America NA v. Linda S. Crynes, collection

American Acceptance Company LLC v. Lynzie T. Souders, collection

Cynthia K. Graves v. John H. Graves, dissolution


Eric S. Kirkman, Linton, and Kari J. Drew, Linton

Aaron Wayne Evans, Jasonville, and Heather Nichole Vanhorn, Jasonville

Alvin Marlhey Diaz Hernandez, Newberry, and Monica Mae Koosman, Newberry

Randall S. Jones Jr., Springville, and Ashley Nicole McCullough, Springville


Bradley J. Abrams, obeyance of markings or signs

Hussain W. Abulfaraj, speeding

Bradley A. Atwood, no seat belt fastened

Bernard H. Audette, speeding

James R. Baker, no federal DOT inspection

Victoria A. Baker, speeding

Marcus M. Bartley, no seat belt fastened

Kevin Bedwell, no seat belt fastened

Sharon S. Bond, no seat belt fastened

Michael E. Bonham, no seat belt fastened

Bobby D. Bowersock, overweight gross

Freida L. Boyd, no seat belt fastened

Baron L. Brocksmith, expired license plate

Derek L. Brown, speeding

Jeffrey D. Bryan, speeding

Daniel L. Burgei, speeding

Mark A. Burkhart, no seat belt fastened

Ronda L. Burns, no seat belt fastened

Gordon M. Cantrell, speeding

Nolen L. Caudell, speeding

Jordan M. Chubb, no seat belt fastened

Robert A. Danner, Jr., no seat belt fastened

Amanda D. Donovan, false or ficitious plates

Anton B. Eckerle, speeding

Joey L. Edmonson, no seat belt fastened

Jackie G. Flater, no seat belt fastened

Andria E. Fleener Hall, speeding

Christopher J. Flynn, obeyance of markings or signs

Daniel French, no seat belt fastened

Donald C. Gonterman, speeding

Jerry A. Goodman, speeding

Melanie A. Goodman, speeding

Brandon J. Graber, no seat belt fastened

Cody D. Greathouse, no seat belt fastened

Pamela J. Grimes, speeding

Patrick R. Guilfoyle, following too closely

Michael Guimaraes, speeding

Ronnie H. Hadley, disobedience to official traffic device

Zachary J. Hagan, speeding

James D. Haines, no seat belt fastened

Tra R. Hibbard, driving while suspended-infraction

Tra R. Hibbard, no seat belt fastened

Matthew S. Hilton, speeding

Ryan P. Hubble, no seat belt fastened

Andrew J. Igel, speeding

John L. Irons, no seat belt fastened

Brett T. Ivers, speeding

Reuben T. Jones, speeding

Benny C. Lackey, stop signs at intersections

Thomas J. Lawson, no federal DOT inspection

Joseph J. Lengacher, expiration and renewal of drivers' license

Joseph J. Lengacher, driving while suspended-infraction

Babette J. Llyod, stop signs at intersection

Danel J. Lux, no seat belt fastened

Kevin W. Marquis, speeding

Tony E. Massey, expired license plate

Tony E. Massey, no seat belt fastened

Robin D. Matsell, speeding

Jason S. McCammon, no seat belt fastened

Luke A. Misner, no seat belt fastened

Dustin E. Moore, no seat belt fastened

Nathan D. Moore, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey A. Murray, no seat belt fastened

Tim M. O Rourke, speeding

Leisa D. Payne, no license in possession

Eugene J. Pirozek, speeding

Brandon J. Reed, no seat belt fastened

Jonathan Resler, false or ficitious plates

Travis L. Scales, speeding

John W. Scarber, obeyance of markings or signs

Bill R. Scott, no federal DOT inspection

Michael J. Shirley, speeding

Joshua P. Shonk, no seat belt fastened

Ellen E. Sichting, speeding

Eric R. Stewart, no motor fuel tax permit

Ronnie E. Strain, overweight gross

Jesha J. Sumbry, speeding

James W. Taylor, no seat belt fastened

Guy R. Thompson, no seat belt fastened

Christopher G. Urban, speeding

Mary J. Vandeventer, speeding

Fred W. Webster, speeding

Wendy R. White, speeding

Jacob W. Wilkes, no seat belt fastened

Jason M. Williams, no seat belt fastened

Astar S. Wright, failure to dim headlights

Nicolas B. Yongling, no seat belt fastened


MLB Linton Health Facilities Inc. to FAL-Linton Inc., property in Greene County

Ned M. Skinner to John M. and Catherine M. Matthews, property in Aden G. Cavens' Addition in Bloomfield

Bobby Wilson to Bob Wilson and John Ridinger, property in Greene County

Bank of New York to Hans D. Miller, property in Greene County

Household Finance Corporation III to Jason D. and Lea Anne Lee, property in Greene County

John and Betty Laughlin to Allen and Tonjua Toon, property in Greene County