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Greene County Court News

Tuesday, April 8, 2008



CACH, LLC c/o TransAtlantic Collections v. Jeffrey Ball, collection

Mellisa Ann Sheffler v. Kip Allen Sheffler, dissolution

National Credit Corporation, assignee of Mr. Dillon's Black Angus Steak Company v. Toby R. Legg, Teresa L. Legg, collection



State v. Robert M. Buskirk, driving while suspended

State v. Jarrad Preston Anthony, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person, operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner which endangered a person with a previous conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a previous conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of marijuana

State v. Regonel L. Petoskey II, disorderly conduct (noise), public intoxication


Dennis L. Alsman, no registration plate or license

Jerry L. Anderson, false or ficitious plates

Jerry L. Anderson, financial responsibility

April D. Araiza, no seat belt fastened

Carla J. Araiza, no seat belt fastened

Gregory D. Atkinson, speeding

Gregory D. Atkinson, no seat belt fastened

Malinda L. Bailey, disobedience to official traffic device

James E. Baumgart, speeding

S J Bolinger, no registration plate

Stacy W. Brown, speeding

Joseph M. Burgess, no seat belt fastened

Roger A. Burris, oper un-authorized area on orv

Florence E. Campbell, no seat belt fastened

Richard W. Campbell, no seat belt fastened

Mark A. Castle, no seat belt fastened

Emily D. Chambers, speeding

Jason S. Coker, expired license plate

Mary A. Coleson, speeding

Roy D. Cook, no seat belt fastened

Roy D. Cook, throwing burning material from vehicle

Donna K. Cooksey, child passenger restraint

Traci L. Couch, expired license plate

Brian W. Cox, no seat belt fastened

Lawrence A. Cox, no seat belt fastened

David Denman, no seat belt fastened

Kristina R. Denton, speeding

Michael O. Edmonson, no seat belt fastened

Phillip D. Fairbanks, speeding

Carrie M. Felton, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Bradley R. Fiscus, speeding

Todd A. Flinn, no seat belt fastened

Terri L. Fry, speeding

Traci L. Fry, speeding

Ryan W. Garrison, speeding

Mark Gennicks, no seat belt fastened

Robert L. Goebel, no federal DOT inspection

Mackenzie E. Goebel, speeding

Ryan D. Gourley, speeding

Fred A. Graber, speeding

Douglas R. Graves, speeding

Elizabeth N. Gray, speeding

Catherine M. Green, speeding

Randal E. Griffith, no seat belt fastened

Tammy E. Griffith, speeding

Owen M. Groves, speeding

Robert J. Hammer, failure to yield to emergency vehicle

James M. Hanna, speeding

Jordan L. Harbaugh, no seat belt fastened

Sharon Harbaugh, speeding

Sharon Harbaugh, speeding

Malcolm J. Harmon, speeding

Malcolm J. Harmon, driving while suspended-infraction

Michael W. Herman, operating while consuming alcohol

Michelle R. Howell, speeding

Ryan W. Howell, speeding

Dylan K. Hulett, failure to signal when signal required

Dylan K. Hulett, failure to signal when signal required

Dylan K. Hulett, slowing down, turning from direct course

Cody D. Hyde, violation of load limitation

Randy G. Jackson, no seat belt fastened

Jeffrey W. Jenkins, expired license plate

David B. Kaelin, speeding

Daniel A. Keene, no seat belt fastened

William P. Kress, speeding

Zachary J. Kutlich, speeding

E W Lebourveau, obeyance of markings or signs

Brent A. Love, speeding

Rebecca M. Martin, speeding

John R. Mason, speed too fast/unreasonable speed

Joshua M. Massop, obeyance or markings or signs

Joshua M. Massop, speeding

Roosevelt Mcgrone, speeding

Jill A. Merkel, speeding

John M. Mitchner, speeding

Colette E. Moricca, speeding

Andrew J. Musick, no seat belt fastened

Christena M. Myers, no seat belt fastened

Chasity M. Padgett, child passenger restraint

Chasity M. Padgett, no seat belt fastened

Cody A. Pavey, no license in possession

Cody A. Pavey, no seat belt fastened

Melinda Pena, no seat belt fastened

Doran A. Perdue, speeding

Jason S. Pitcher, no seat belt fastened

Jose A. Portillo, speeding

Lacey A. Puckett, no seat belt fastened

Michelle M. Pugh, no seat belt fastened

Jonathan L. Pyne, driving while suspended-infraction

Jonathan L. Pyne, driving while suspended-infraction

Robert A. Redden, no seat belt fastened

Robert A. Redden, speeding

James S. Reigel, speeding

C A Renschler, speeding

Patrick A. Reynolds, no seat belt fastened

Sarah L. Robbins, speeding

Kyle J. Rogers, speeding

Samuel E. Schen, speeding

Jana W. Seal, speeding

Patrick Shacklett, oper un -authorized area on orv

Eric L. Sherrill, no seat belt fastened

Chales D. Shoemaker, no federal DOT inspection

Randy G. Sisk, speeding

Kaleb M. Smith, no seat belt fastened

Jared J. Steckler, speeding

Tamara A. Steiner, speeding

Chad R. Stevenson, speeding

Seth R. Stinebaugh, driving while suspended-infraction

Seth R. Stinebaugh, no seat belt fastened

Brandon L. Stringer, no seat belt fastened

Amber M. Sullivan, no seat belt fastened

Ronald K. Swindle, speeding

Gregory M. Sykes, no seat belt fastened

Justin P. Toth, no federal DOT inspection

Joseph M. Trout, speeding

J S Waller, speeding

Wesley T. Yokem, speeding


Fannie Mae to Richie A. Hill, property in Greene County

Main Source Bank to James W. and Ardith A. Richardson, property in Greene County

Lori Holmes to Dane R. Bolin, property in Lyons

Brandy J. Tucker and Eric Edelman to Eric Edelman and Brandy J. Edelman, property in Greene County

Mark A. and Susan R. Eckerle to Eckerle Family Revocable Trust, property in Greene County

Mary L. Moore and Albert E. Dillon to Albert E. and Marjorie E. Dillon, property in Bloomfield

Southwestern Acceptance Corporation to Woodie G. Terrell, property in Greene County

Wendy Clensy to Mathew M. Clensy, property in Greene CountyGreen