Letter to the Editor

Moore daughters appreciate community support

Friday, April 18, 2008

To the Editor:

From the daughters of Michael Scot Moore:

We wish to express our loving gratitude, first and foremost, to all of our family whose love and faith have sustained us throughout many difficult days. Also, we want to offer a heartfelt thank you to every one who sent cards or flowers, and offered countless prayers.

The meals provided by the Linton-Stockton Junior High staff were greatly appreciated, and anticipated, as it also meant a visit from his friends from school, which brightened the last weeks of our father's life. The hospice staff, especially Jill Wright Phegley, was a true blessing to our father and to us, as well. We couldn't have done without them.

The third floor staff at the Greene County General Hospital was so kind to all of us, and especially Dad. Jill Hancock's care and concern was deeply appreciated.

The time Nick Moore spent with us brought us peace at a time we desperately needed it. Bob Warren, a long time friend of our father's, grieved with us both before and after Dad's death. Our father requested help planning his funeral services from Todd Walton, and his loving compassion was apparent during that difficult visit, those final difficult days, and even after.

We want to thank each person who came to the funeral home to embrace us and share memories of our dad. The music provided during the service by Patti Elliott and Mike Fonderhide provided sweet, sweet peace for us. After the services, the meal provided at the Linton First Christian Church, with food provided by both the LFCC and Latter-day Saint Churches was wonderful, and the length of time they allowed us to spend with family and friends was greatly appreciated.

If there is anyone or anything we've forgotten, we wish to thank you, also, for what ever joy you brought to our dad.

Dorothea Moore Keeling


Sarah Elizabeth Moore