Letter to the Editor

If you're in a rut, get out and visit our city

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To the Editor:

I watched Joel Osteen on TV Sunday evening. His message was about being in a rut. He really spoke right at me. How about your life, is it droll? Do you feel like you're in a rut? The thought of it set me to thinking.

Is our life a repetition of samo samo? Do we have the blahs? We need a change in perspective along with a change in routine. We need to seek new horizons, walk through new neighborhoods and smell other flowers.

Visit Triple H Gun Club on Monday night and hear a good hillbilly band. Or find out where Bella the Clown is performing and stop by and take in the act. Bella the Clown also works at Angell's Food Market.

A stroll through our local stores will get you acquainted with them and what they offer. You might find this diversion refreshing. A stroll through Fairview could bring back many pleasant memories. What a way to celebrate a life. A visit to a nursing home could bring some people cheer who really need it.

You'll experience a warm feeling when you see one of these people smile.

We have to remove our shoes in order to count the eating establishments in this town. The same goes for churches. Try attending Church on Sunday. This can be very uplifting if you do it in a receptive attitude.

Try sitting in the park, allowing your mind to run free. The imagination can bring a smile to your face. A walk around the park can be an exhilarating experience.

The bowling alley and the pool in the summertime can be a delightful diversion. There are plenty of areas where you can fish, hike, go biking, bird watch and in general enjoy nature.

Visit the public library, the hospital, even City Hall and say hello to the girls that work there. You might even get a glimpse of a very busy mayor.

Get to know your town, your neighbors and your local businesses. Be outgoing, talk to people. We like it. We like you. We Like Linton! Smile.

Thank you for listening.

Robert M. Weyer