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Letters to Editor

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you enjoy your property rights?

To the Editor:

To residents of Greene County, Indiana; reject government control of private property.

The Greene County Economic Development Corporation, contracted by elected officials, supported by tax dollars, is seeking to impose land use planning and controls/zoning in Greene County, and is now conducting a planning study which, if adopted, will become the legal foundation for ordinances that can take away your property rights forever.

Citizens for Property Rights, a non-profit group formed in response to this threat, invites you to join us. We are an issue-only interest group not affiliated with any political party or other organization and welcome all county citizens as members. We believe in the full, free use, and enjoyment of our property, and that such use should be free from interference, threat, or control from anyone especially, control in any form by the government. We reject all forms of land use controls as a government seizure of private property rights.

Our objective is to provide a unified voice of opposition, recommend candidates for election or defeat, and become a voting block too large to ignore. Only by uniting in opposition, working through the political process and by voting in great numbers for the right candidates, can we stop this assault on our freedoms. Join us, and for once, let the people govern, not misinformed or unresponsive elected officials who think they know better than the voters.

To our retired citizens who have lived your whole life free of government control; help save that freedom for your children and grandchildren. Bring your time, energy, and wisdom to our cause. Volunteers are needed from each city to organize new members. Also needed; legal services/advice, Web services, phone volunteers, and polling place volunteers. Remember, we should not be so busy enjoying our freedoms that we can't take a small amount of time to defend them, or one day when we look, they will be gone forever.

Please join us.

Donations may be made payable to: Otis J. Russell, Chairman, CFPR, R.R. 1 Box 140, Switz City, Ind., 47465.

Otis J. Russell

Switz City

Glenn family

says thank you

To the Editor:

The family of Cecil J. Glenn would like to say thank you to all who showed their love and support with their prayers, phone calls, food, flowers, cards, visits, and momentos we received in memory of Red, my husband, our dad, grandpa, brother, and uncle.

Words can never express the gratitude and love we feel as a result of your many acts of kindness and sympathy extended to our family during this difficult time.

A special thank you goes out to Jim Meng and the Anderson Poindexter Funeral Home, Jack Shelton, Rev. Goodman, the Masonic Lodge 560, Bob and Elizabeth White and the Lincoln Christian Church, Janice Slover, Dr. McDougal, Travis Carpenter and the staff of Greene County General Hospital, Carol Butler and the staff of the Linton Laundry Center, the pall bearers, and all who took time to show us how much you cared by sharing your time with us.

May God's love touch you and richly bless each one of you.

Adah Glenn


Lena Brinson


Melody Souders


Judy Mullis