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Letters to the Editor

Monday, August 4, 2008

Can someone help me with sonic air pollution

To the Editor:

Let's talk about air pollution. Al Gore and his disciples have mangled this issue beyond recognition, however, their tunnel vision prevents them from seeing the whole issue. Or, maybe the other dimension of air pollution has no value in the political agenda. They have made us aware, ad nausium of carbons, hydro carbons, fly ash, ash, soot, smog, green house gasses, etc. These things can be exploited politically.

I'm calling attention to another dimension of air pollution, sonic air pollution. Our cars are being assaulted, on a daily basis, by sonic pollution. Consider the "music" of today's' generation. Radios, TV boom boxes, of various kinds bombard us with this stuff at a decibel level reported to be harmful to the human ear. This noise, accompanied by loud mufflers from trucks, motorcycles, lawn equipment, chain saws, etc. fill the air with pollution.

Add that to the cacophony of loud voices in the public places, our ears are subjected to a damaging barrage.

The pollution isn't restricted to sound. Mix in profanity, vulgar words, and epithets, shrill voices nagging, and we have a very undesirable atmosphere. These sounds I just mentioned are reproduced in our movies and on TV. We face a constant calamity of noise on a daily basis. Surely, this is not what God meant when He said, "Peace on Earth."

In addition to all this noisy stuff, there is gossip. I suppose this form of pollution has been present on earth for a long time. I can remember my mother being visited by neighbor ladies or they met by the fence, either way, the gossip just flew, filling the air with verbal pollution.

Then we have oration, be they politicians or others raising their voices to assault our ears with whatever tripe they have to say, mostly promises they can't or won't keep. This form of pollution is very dangerous, because the sheeple are likely to believe it. This indictment holds true for pitchmen in the media.

The worst part of sonic pollution is the lie. This booger pops up in almost every phase of our life. Lies are told by professionals and amateurs alike. You can even hear misrepresentation of the truth in some churches. The lie, just like the Truth is an absolute. A lie is a lie and has no truth in it. There is no such thing as a little white lie, a small fib or whatever we call them. If it isn't the truth, then it's a lie. The Scriptures say that the liar will not be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

All these aforementioned things are sonic air pollution. Why isn't the environmental group concerned about sonic pollution as well as material pollution? Maybe Al Gore can answer that question?

Thanks for listening.

Robert M. Weyer


Haskett family

thankful for support

To the Editor:

The family of Martha Lou Haskett would like to thank everyone who sat and visited with her and the family, prayed, sent cards, flowers or food.

Harley Haskett (husband)

Switz City, IN

Gene Haskett (son)

Mooresville, N.C.

Kay Frye (daughter)

Indianapolis, IN

Marylin Clayton (daughter)


Friends help make tough time better

To the Editor:

Thank you to my friends who sent cards, made calls, or showed compassion and care during the illness and death of my brother, Alan Arnold.

This is a sad and difficult time, and you've helped me so much.

Barbara Arnold Lehman