Greene County Court News

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



State v. Lee Anthony Tackett, battery resulting in bodily injury


Mirisa Lower v. Steven Lower, dissolution

U.S. Bank National Association v. Johnny R. Houston, mortgage foreclosure

John F. Gentry v. Barbara C. Gentry, dissolution

Asset Acceptance LLC v. Charles E. Criss, collection


Jimmy Corlett v. Pam Westfall, claim for possession

Ray Kilzer v. Shannon Carter, Paul Burton, claim for possession

Farmers and Mechanics Federal Savings and Loan Association v. Jesse R. Swinney, account

Housing Authority Town of Bloomfield v. Dana Peters, claim for possession

J. Brian Steward, O.D. v. Robert Berube, account

J. Brian Steward, O.D. v. Robert Isenogle, account

J. Brian Steward, O.D. v. April Neff, account

Don A. Steward v. Lenora Bock, account

Don A. Steward v. Russel Giles, Nancy Giles, account

Don A. Steward v. Gary Myers, account

Don A. Steward v. Nicki Screen, account



Danielle M. Bash, speeding

Gary D. Blanton, overweight gross

Rebecca A. Brasseur, speeding

Sandra M. Burnette, speeding

Paula L. Buskirk, no seat belt fastened

Matthew C. Butler, speeding

Jessica L. Cantrell, financial responsibility

Jessica L. Cantrell, expired license plate

Thomas G. Clements, no seat belt fastened

Brian M. Coffey, no seat belt fastened

Jody A. Cordell, expired driver's license

Dale W. Cunnungham, no seat belt fastened

Kelsey Faris, child passenger restraint

Kelsey Farris, no seat belt fastened

Erin T. French, driving while suspended-infraction

Erin T. French, false or ficitious plates

Kyla R. Fulford, no seat belt fastened

Roswald C. Gonzales, speeding

Dustin L. Grissom, no seat belt fastened

Charles E. Hadley, no seat belt fastened

Charles E. Hadley, child passenger restraint

Scott D. Hansel, no seat belt fastened

Roxanna Humm, speeding

Michael W. Isenogle, no seat belt fastened

Tony R. Jerrell, speeding

Tony R. Jerrell, no seat belt fastened

Jeremiah J. Johnson, no seat belt fastened

Amber N. Jones, no seat belt fastened

Frederick J. Kelso, speeding

Johnny R. May, speeding

Kristianne A. May, expired license plate

Nicholas W. Nelson, no seat belt fastened

Whitney D. Neukam, speeding

Chad L. Nuckols, no federal DOT inspection

Keith A. Oberle, expired license plate

Paul G. Pierce, speeding

Aaron L. Purcell, littering

Michel D. Racey, no seat belt fastened

David W. Reed, driving while suspended

Candace N. Rickard, speeding

Jacqueline S. Roberson, no seat belt fastened

Jesse A. Roberts, no seat belt fastened

Paul W. Rode, speeding

Joshua W. Rogers, speeding

Emma W. Satterfield, speeding

Christy M. Shartzer, no license in possession

Kenneth R. Smith, speeding

Katherine E. Sobecki, speeding

Zachariah A. Sykes, no seat belt fastened

Gerald L. Thompson, financial responsibility

Gerald L. Thompson, no license in possession

Gerald L. Thomspon, false or ficitious plates

John M. Varner, speeding

Raymond A. Walters, speeding

Jerry D. Weaver, speeding

Layne R. West, no seat belt fastened

Fountain Wilson, speeding


Elijah Ray Haldeman, Linton, and Jessica L. Nelson, Bloomfield

Lawrence M. Moore, Solsberry, and LeeAnn Hupp, Solsberry

Frank G. Minton II, Bloomfield, and Lea Lynn Dyer, Bloomfield

Ryan D. Russell, Linton, and Nicol Azizi Leilani Gamboa, Avondale, Arizona